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Friday, October 2, 2020

Missing Mayor of Temósachic, Chihuahua, Was Killed in Execution-Style Murder

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Carlos Ignacio Beltrán Bencomo

Chihuahua state authorities confirmed earlier this week that the mayor of Temosachic municipality, Carlos Ignacio Beltran Bencomo (aged 57), was kidnapped outside his municipal offices and found dead days later.

According to investigators, the mayor was kidnapped on Monday by several "armed men" and forced into a vehicle. He was taken along with another man but this person was released shortly thereafter. The mayor was not seen until Wednesday when state authorities confirmed that a body matching his physical description had been found in the town's outskirts.

His body was wrapped in a blanket and his head was covered with a plastic bag. Investigators said that the mayor died from a coup de grâce gunshot wound, a common sign that the murder was likely cartel-related. The mayor's family filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office, who began a search in the surrounding region of this municipality, located northwest of the state of Chihuahua.

When the news was officially confirmed, the head of Mexico's Ministry of Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, lamented the murder and offered the collaboration of her agency in the investigation. Investigators were not able to confirm a possible motive for his murder by press time.

Borderland Beat analysis

This area of Chihuahua is a lucrative smuggling route for narcotics heading to the U.S. and a highly disputed corridor by rival drug cartels. The two criminal groups with influence in the area are Gente Nueva, a Sinaloa Cartel-affiliated group, and La Linea, once the armed wing of the old Juarez Cartel.

Since the start of Mexico's drug war, cartels have targeted and killed dozens politicians, mostly local officials (including mayors). Though the exact motives are often never officially determined, security experts agree that criminal groups sometimes seek to control local officials and/or influence local elections to expand their agendas. Mayors are usually responsible for appointing local police chiefs and deciding who wins government contracts and concessions at a municipal level.

In addition, the increase in narcomenudeo, or street-level drug sales, has compelled some drug cartels to seek government tolerance or collusion whenever possible in order to operate in a certain turf. Municipal police forces are more likely to be aware of local extortions and drug sale spots, known in Mexico as puntos. Some local police officers are involved in these activities themselves.

That is not to say that every public official killed in Mexico is corrupt. Political figures who pose an honest threat to a drug cartel and who refuse to collaborate with them are sometimes killed. Cartel members have also killed politicians in rival turfs to increase law enforcement crackdown. This is done to calentar la plaza ("heat up the turf") of the locally-based cartel.

Sources: Infobae; El Universal; Televisa; Codigo 13 Parral; Borderland Beat archives


  1. ATTE: La _________

  2. Just another Homicide, whats the big deal, if u catch them give them a big Abrazo

  3. Hi readers. I enjoy writing "Background" or "Analysis" sections whenever possible. I don't like to assume all of our readers know what's going on in Mexico all the time since we have people reading from all over the world. For this article in specific, I wanted to cover "why" local officials are/could be targeted by drug cartels. Constructive feedback is always welcomed so feel free to give me your thoughts below. Thanks for reading!

    1. Mil Gracias MX


    2. Thanks for the explanation. It sure makes the situation alot more clear. The Mexican system is quite different from the United States. Even when job titles are similiar, their roles can be quite different and while i have a vague idea of things, vagueness can bring wrong conclusions Kudos MX.

    3. We appreciate your input here. Moreover, the crisis this war on drugs has had for Mexico. Along with how cartels operates by eliminating those who defy territorial objectives (Plata o Plomo).
      Mexico's history for corruption is a revelation of its own demise.

    4. 8:59 on the US the robbing of taxpayers money, loans from foreigners and the selling of taxes waaay before they are collected OR DUE to support their friendly corporate welfare queens in exchange for political contributions is in the Billions and Billions of dollars...
      in Mexico it is all peisos and mayors get killed mostly for being fence jumping chapulines.

    5. The sources are one select bunch of frustrated bitter chayoteros hungry for AMLO MONEY.

  4. CDS are nothing but rapist and innocent killers!!!!!!!!

    1. CDS Stockers and baby killers and child molesters

    2. @9:46 Once and for all kid: ALL CARTELS ARE BABY KILLERS, CHILD MOLESTERS,EXTORTIONISTS,KIDNAPPERS,AND RAPISTS, etc. There are no good cartels and bad cartels.

  5. What ever happened to H100 of cds, is he helping gente nueva in sonora where he operates?

  6. Thanks MX, you're doing good.

  7. Off topic: does el nini own ranches in Ayune, Sinaloa? Who's the main operater there?

  8. Please continue with the Background and Analysis!! This is immensely helpful. I appreciate your work and please continue this type of background. Again, thank you!

  9. I was once told, what do you do if someone comes into your office with a gun and gives you "advice".
    You take the money and you get killed later.
    Or you refuse and get killed right away.

    If too many officials of a community are bribed, the infrastructure is poor, the distances are long, and there is no support from the state, what do you want to do?
    Who can still volunteer as mayor of a small community somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Who would be that crazy.
    I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of mayoral posts are occupied by the cartels. When power changes mayors fall. When power changes and they change sides too, they get killed from their old bosses or later from the new ones cause you cant trust them.

    Btw, i enjoy your writing too, as well of all the others.
    You all do a great job

    1. Political muscle have always been the issue in Mexico. Past history of deceased public officials clearly state your claim. For some however, corruption can sometimes be confused with self-preservation.
      Good input

  10. This is my hometown where i was born I live in az now I remember when this happened see you soon temosachic


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