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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Mexico City- 'El Lucas' would be the new leader of the 'Anti-Union de Tepito Force'

 Steve C Borderland Beat  Excelsior  

MEXICO CITY-  A subject who is nicknamed 'El Lucas' is considered by the authorities the current leader of the Anti-Union Force (FAU), and a link between members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and his criminal group.

Data from the journalist Carlos Jiménez indicate that intelligence reports from the capital government indicate that the subject of more than 40 years old is in charge of supplying arms and drugs to all members of the criminal group that is in direct confrontation with La Unión Tepito.

'El Lucas' claims to have on his payroll, and be protected by agents of the capital's police, the Investigative Police (PDI) and even the Federal Ministerial Police.

The authorities know that "El Lucas" lived for years in the Morelos. There he associated with different drug traffickers and also with Jorge Flores Concha, "El Tortas", noted as the founder of the FAU. Together, they recruited hitmen and drug dealers.

They were recruited with the support of members of the CJNG who provided them with weapons and drugs, in exchange for helping them to settle in Mexico City.

Thus, began the fight against "La Unión", who at that time was directed by "El Betito".

Reports indicate that, as the FAU gained strength, "El Lucas" acquired more economic resources, which is why it acquired luxury cars and other properties outside the Morelos neighborhood.

They detected a luxury apartment in the Narvarte neighborhood, specifically on Cumbres de Maltrata street. The authorities have discovered that he travels in Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW cars and trucks ... he is always escorted by hitmen who protect him.

At least until last year, he was protected by elements of the capital police and the Investigation Police, all in charge of guarding the streets of the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood.


  1. El Lucas has been named, exposed,
    (Exhibido, balconiado, put on the window), quemado, is a danger to his bosses and organization,

  2. LETS see HOW long HE lasts..
    CJNG are everywhere..
    THAT'S all you hear ABOUT now. Reminds me WHEN CDS was at IT'S peak, there used to BE a lot OF CDS stories when they had MORE PEOPLE and territories in 🇲🇽..

  3. I love german built cars too.


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