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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Mexican and Guatemalan Officials on Alert for 28 Men Who Escaped From Maximum Security Prison in Belize

 "stevectpa" for Borderland Beat

Authorities patrol land, air and sea to find the 28 escapees (source: Twitter @pablovazquez_27) 

Vigilance on the Guatemala–Mexico was redoubled after 28 inmates from a maximum-security prison in Hattieville, Belize, escaped. Although the initial report mentioned 13 inmates, the number increased to 28 after prison authorities carried out a roll call.

According to the report, the prison break occurred after a confrontation between inmate groups. Some of the inmates disarmed three guards who had tried to tried to intervene during the brawl. The inmates, classified as highly dangerous, escaped towards the nearest highway. One of them was carrying a large firearm. 

The Belize National Police, in coordination with elements of the Defense Forces, intensified their surveillance patrols in the Belmopan area and its adjacent districts. Mexican  and Guatemalan authorities were alerted about the prison break to reinforce the border and prevent them from crossing illegally into their respective countries.

The massive escape occurs a day after the penitentiary was put into 21-day quarantine measure after five inmates tested positive for COVID-19. The measure prohibited visitors, cash deposits for inmates nor commercial transactions inside the prison. 

Authorities released some of the inmates' names, including: 

  1. Akeem Tillett
  2. Carlos Montejo
  3. Deandre Guiffarro
  4. Darren Vasquez
  5. Christopher Bradley
  6. Elser Oseguera
  7. Enrique Martinez
  8. Erwin Lanza
  9. Eutychus Nunez
  10. George Bednrick
  11. Joel Sierra
  12. Kendale Flores
  13. Kenroy Gamboa
  14. Michael Faux
  15. Orlando Smith
  16. Oswaldo Perez
  17. Phillip Bowen
  18. Santos López
  19. Victor Galeano
  20. White Deon

All of the escapees remained at large by press time.

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  1. What do they expect when prison guards get peanut money.

  2. A movie in the makings. Will wait for its release

  3. Hopefully the authorities kill each and everyone of them.

  4. what about you Santos, not yet ? Rodriguez ? ET, Eddie Torres, the extra-testicle.

  5. living large, or at large Bro ?

  6. A motley crew, that bunch there. Looks like a gaggle of ragity ass, nappy-headed scoundrels.

  7. 9:17 not everybody gets to look like Papillón, but see how he has become a billionaire selling PIZZAS ON THE US. Best wishes to these freedom fighters

  8. Belize is bigger than Costa Rica and not far from Panama when it comes to cocaine brokerage, banking and laundering. The US and Brits hide this long held truth close to the vest and always will.

  9. Parecen chilangos y michoacanos

  10. George Bednarik a Canadian was charged for murder in Belize back in 2018.


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