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Saturday, October 24, 2020

León Guanajuato: killed in EL Retiro neighborhood including teen

 Steve C Borderland Beat  en linea

An armed attack in the El Retiro neighborhood left three men dead and two wounded who later died while receiving medical attention, including a boy of approximately 17 years old.

The massive attack was registered in a workshop that is located in a three-story house on Tancítaro street, almost at the corner of Autlán, where neighbors made a report to the 911 Emergency System after hearing several detonations, around 9:30 p.m. hours this Thursday.

Police elements immediately moved to the place and upon entering they observed the five bodies of the victims, all face down and shot in the head.

Civil Protection and Firefighters paramedics reviewed the wounded and ruled that three no longer showed vital signs, but two of them did, including the adolescent, so they were immediately transferred to the hospital.

The adult named Genaro was transferred, as well as the young man named Erick to the hospital. Both were admitted to the ICU room but did not recover. The young man died first and the adult shortly after.

While the area where the attack took place was cordoned off by preventives, while the experts raised the evidence and the bodies were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service

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  1. No kidnapping, torture, burning, tablazos, dismemberment, mmmh,
    it was the State Police Death Squad


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