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Monday, October 19, 2020

"La Fany" Zetas Veracruz plaza boss arrested

 Steve C Borderland Beat Source

Paso del Macho, Ver.- Fany N, alleged head of the Los Zetas plaza, in the Paso del Macho region, was detained by elements of the Public Security Secretariat this Saturday, October 17.

The Ministry of Public Security confirmed that Fany N, identified with the alias of “La Fany”, was detained while traveling on the Camarón de Tejeda-Paso del Macho highway, in the section of the town known as Actopan, about 80 kilometers from the port from Veracruz.

Along with “La Fany”, State Police arrested Santiago N, Jesús Alejandro N and Ember N, also members of the same criminal group Los Zeta, with influence in that region.

During the operation, elements of the Ministry of Public Security seized the vehicle in which they were traveling, a firearm, cartridges, a backpack with various doses of drugs, knives and knives.

According to the official report, the operations of the criminal group under "La Fany" in that region expanded to surrounding municipalities of Paso del Macho.

Paso del Macho shares territorial limits with the municipalities of Camarón de Tejeda and Zentla in its northern portion; Cuitláhuac and Carrillo Puerto in the south; Cotaxtla and Soledad de Doblado in the eastern part; as well as Atoyac and Tepatlaxco, to the West.

"In this same area, federal and state authorities have reinforced security actions," reported the Ministry of Public Security, after his arrest this Saturday.

The four people arrested were placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General's Office, which will have to present them to a control judge to legalize the detention and carry out the charges for the crimes committed.


  1. Wtf Pacquiao arrested?

  2. Is this Zetas Old School, or CDN?

  3. What crimes were committed?
    Weapons, maybe, knives not, unless they find blood and DNA of some victim, she's cute, let her go.

    1. She is psycho like you have never thought a person could be, and you want to let her go because she is cute. She would execute your entire family without hesitation, and you think that would be cute? Burning alive, decapitation, dismemberment while still alive including your balls or whatever, no problem. Other crimes she commits are akin to those that encompass the reason for the Rico Act in the USA, no DNA work needed.

    2. 649 you like the baby 🍼 z don’t you?? Try to think a little more and decide even if she isn’t cute what you would’ve said....

    3. 5:47 yes, things matter, let's Gofund her. Problem is she may have had too many miles on the muffler before she WOKE and decided to become a leader.

  4. Most likely members of ZVE, since that is the largest Zetas splinter group in the state and has a presence in the middle portion of Veracruz. Could be members of 35Z or a similar independent Zetas splinter group, but those cells have been losing ground to ZVE, CJNG, and Grupo Sombra.


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