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Friday, October 9, 2020

"Interrogation" Iguala police style, allegedly on the payroll of a new group "Las Banderas" who flooded Iguala with banners

 By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

The new group flooded Iguala with banners in September stating what happened to the 43 students and who is responsible.....

Police “interrogate”  arrested men, beating and torturing them on video footage.  (See below, beware it is brutal).

The Iguala municipal police are alleged to be on the payroll of a new group “Las Banderas”.

In September the group flooded Iguala and parts of Guerrero with banners stating:

That the remains of the43 normalistas of Ayotzinapa were distributed in various places

They Sent a message to López Obrador and the prosecutor in the Iguala case that the

Guerreros Unidos, are responsible for the mass kidnapping and killing of the students. Also, that GU are now protected and in collusion with Los Tlacos.

They claim:

17 normalistas were sent to Cocula; 12 to Apetlanca and 14 to Mezcala

They revealed names of attackers in 2014 and the murderers of journalist Morrugares

Lino Calderón.

Further claims:

"José Ángel Casarrubias Salgado, alias el Mochomo who at that time was the main leader of that group, under his command was Gildardo Astudillo López 'Cabo Gil' and they were followed by the gang of Los Peques or aka  Tilos, executing arm of the group led by Víctor Hugo, Salvador, Osiel, Mateo, Orbelin, Brenda.

What happened to the 43 normalistas: “these people and their people took 17 students to the police and then to Cocula, 12 students were sent to apetlanca where the leader is Erick Roman and his family were in charge of the kidnapping them, 14 in Mezcala Carrizalillo where the leader was El Nueve along with Kiko, Zebu, Caballerango and El Monsturo the latter where Marcelo Ríos has his own body dump. At that time, Guerreros Unidos and the Tlacos were the same, they were fighting the plazas with Los Rojos.

The version released this Sunday is attributed to an alleged criminal, known under the alias of Seven, who is said to be the right hand of Gildardo Astudillo, who also "confessed" (sic).

It is also claimed that El Cabo Gil is hidden in Tlacotepec, under the protection of Onésimo Marquina Chapa, who claims that they ordered the execution of the journalist and owner of the PM Noticias page, Pablo Morrugares.

With this, we tell you that in Iguala no student has been found nor is there evidence found that they were even here."


  1. Not clear on who's who but watched vid (volume off, peeking partially due to warning) thinking it happened to the suspects involved with demise of the 43...if so, surely the 'beating' was cuddly soft.

    Canadian girl💋

  2. This should be standard procedure of police for all zetas.cjng grupo elite etc

    1. Say that to ✖️ Face in 2 weeks

    2. 11:10 you love the poolice too much, but they are all over Mexico some of the most corrupt generators of violence and crime in charge of protecting too many criminals that work for them, for exmple Genarco garcia, Edgar veytia, arturo bermudez, la linia de chihuahua, luis cardenas palomino and Omar Hamid "el Trucutú garcia harfuch, el vikingo from coahuila, veracruz and cancun in Q Roo, and carlos zamarripa...julian leyzaola and e rambo de tijuana and DFS agent amado carrillo fuentes
      check before you get married and some police stick it to you.

  3. This whitewash needs a lot more cal because there is no mention of military, federal poolice, elimination of C4 communications records, disappeared's phones phones rimging kn Campo Militar #1 and at CISEN offices, Inventing the Mentira Historica, why would EPN kick the independent investigators out of the country or impede their investigation, or how Omarcito "El Trucutú" Hamid Garcia Harfuch is named phone conversations for wanting a lot more money from his GU friends,
    Confessions exacted through torture are not admissible evidence, even if they really lead to the truth.
    But let's torture "el Trucutú" and see what happens, Nooo?

  4. This is done in pakistan India shouldn’t be anything new to see in mexico its called free ass kicking

  5. Yeah, but did you die?
    Get your skin peeled off your face?

  6. Bosses like el marro el z40 osiel la barbie were treated like this. I wonder if those indiviual cops turned out dead

    1. How do you know El Marro got beat? Ya he killed alot of people

  7. 🇲🇽 is a mess, this NARCO CULTURA BS destroyed the beauty of Mexico..
    MEXICO sucks... Specially if your mexican GOING down to visit, those CROOKED cops will Rob you and threaten to take you TO jail if you DON'T give them MONEY.. I had many bad experiences these FEW years visiting.. Just SAYING..

  8. These kind of torture is nothing new in Mexico,it's always been like that that's one of the reasons cops get killed...

  9. To chinos I hope u post this because I never get posted thanks
    To the pitufos on videos hahaha THEY R SO DEATH HAHAHA

  10. I wonder if these confessions will be admissable.

  11. I approve this method, the heck why not? How many innocent peoples in MX are killed every day.

  12. Honestly this is nothing. I grew up and lived most of my life on tamaulipas during the 80s , they had a treatment called la tablita is basically a plan where the tape you up and lower half of you body inside a 55 gallon barrel of water head first and try to drown you up. They also had the "chicharra" is jumper cables attached to a car battery and the othe end attached to genital area to shock therapy the confessions out...but the most horrible one is "el tehucanaso" is Chile valentina inside mineral water shoot up your nose or ass to burn you. Also the famous "piñataso" where they would hang you upside down and beat you with the maglites flash lights.. God save us from those days it was pure panic to be stopped by the police....El Huasteco.

  13. Es que estos hijos de la verga no querian confesar, que no entienden que ya los agarramos y ya se chingaron.
    These sons of the Dick did not want to confess, they do not understand they have been caught and they are all fucked up...
    --Of course there are no questions being asked throughout this interrogation sessions, the cops and their chief need to be put through a session of the same, y que chingue su madre la presuncion de la inocencia

  14. People complain about cops in the USA being brutal, but they're practically saints of compassion compared to the cops in Mexico and Central and South America.

    1. 6:14 these mexican cops are NOT choking anybody to death here valiii!
      they also get paid about 10 dollars A WEEK, have to hustle for their bullets and weapons and uniforms, and kick some cash upstairs, while on Illustrious US they get a college education at least and make 100 dollars or more per hour to "Serve and Protect"...


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