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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Guanajuato: State Police armed attack and kill six gunmen in Celaya, seize weapons, equipment, vehicles

 Steve C Borderland Beat  Source    Source

Celaya, Gto.- While responding to a report of shots fired in the Juan Martín community of this municipality, elements of the State Public Security Forces (FSPE) repelled an attack by a group of armed civilians, killing six of them, also securing weapons, tactical equipment and vehicles.

The aggression with firearms against FSPE personnel was recorded on the road that leads from the Rincón de Tamayo communities to San Isidro, south of this municipality, when the elements of the Operational Tactical Group (GTO) of the FSPE, deployed a patrol to search for the armed subjects who had made detonations shortly before in the Juan Martín community, fleeing immediately.

As the state units circulated on said road between Rincón de Tamayo and San Isidro , they saw two pickup trucks, a white Volkswagen brand SUV and a Nissan pickup truck, with a group of armed civilians, who, for no apparent reason, began to shoot at the members of the State Public Security Forces , damaging one of the patrols.

The FSPE officers repelled the attack and four of the alleged aggressors were killed in the same place. Meanwhile, two more individuals escaped, still firing against state elements, thus initiating a pursuit while they were called by loudspeaker to lay down their weapons; however, they continued firing and when the aggression was repelled, they were killed.

After the ceasefire, the State Public Security Forces seized the following:

Insured weapons:

• 6 long firearms caliber .223

• More than two hundred useful cartridges.

Insured tactical equipment:

• 6 ballistic vests.

• 2 ballistic helmets in black.

• 1 ram tube.

• 1 card alluding to a criminal group.

Seized cars:

• A Volkswagen brand car, Tiguan version, 2013 model, white, Suv type, with Guanajuato license plates, with a theft report on October 12.

• A Nissan Titan brand car, pick up type model 2004, gray color, with Guanajuato license plates, with a report of theft on August 31.


  1. Great more 👍 more CJNG members killed. This is what I want to hear everyday, cartel members killed.

  2. El azuls group is taking major blows. Allegedly they disintegrated those who aligned themselves with Azul and those who stayed loyal to marro, the marro loyalists were allegedly being killed off by azuls group out of fear they would switch to CJNG.

    Azul is not engaging CJNG head on as of now, since they are going after all those marros who didnt aligned themselves with him.

  3. So, 8 killed total,
    No Prisoners politics at work, prolly just Falsos Positivos killed to make points, or presumed guilty victims of la Ley Fuga, not beneath governor dieg ok sinuhe and carlos zamarripa state prostiturer

    1. where do you get 8 total?

    2. Are you sure, usually cartels grab a borracho or anyone walking late at night, kill him or her put the Manta. But you think police do the same?

  4. So who decides to get the helmets, since there is only 2?

  5. I'm from a rancho called el sauz.. Located directly across from tamayo

    1. And....please continue with more data.

  6. Thank you guest reporter.

    1. Well thank you too, fellow reader.

  7. Police all of the sudden, getting the green light, to firefight certain cartels, it's about time.

    1. Yes but will they challenge CJNG or the Sinaloa cartels?

    2. what do you mean getting the green light? they did there job and responded to gunshots. happens all the time. that is why they are armed...

    3. 3:37 the melitary always say they were attacked...
      --and they always leave no proof and no witnesses alive.


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