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Sunday, October 18, 2020

California: Mexican pharmacist smuggled counterfeit pills with fentanyl, across border, into Monterey County, triple spike in ODs

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   TY Gus Source The Californian 

A Mexican pharmacist allegedly ran powerful sedative and opioid drugs across the border, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California.

Francisco Javier Schraidt Rodriguez, 61, would smuggle bottles of alprazolam and “M30 pills,” which are bluish counterfeit pills containing fentanyl and the letter “M” and number “30,” from his pharmacy across the U.S. and Mexico border.

Once in the United States, Schraidt Rodriguez would ship bottles of alprazolam (aka Xanax) and the M30s to contacts in Monterey County, prosecutors said.

Matthew Sanchez, 25, sell the alprazolam and M30 pills to users, prosecutors said in the Thursday press release.

One person who bought drugs, including the M30 pills, from Sanchez overdosed Sept. 5, 2019, after taking at least one of the fentanyl-laced pills.

Captured communications showed Schraidt Rodriguez and Sanchez both knew the counterfeit pills contained fentanyl, including those sold to the victim who died, prosecutors said.

Schraidt Rodriguez sold $81,859 of the counterfeit, fentanyl-laced M30 pills, alprazolam, and other drugs during the operations from June 2018 through Nov. 2019.

At the peak of their drug sales, Sanchez would buy approximately 100 counterfeit pills at a time, prosecutors said.

Sanchez and Schraidt Rodriguez are charged with conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute fentanyl and alprazolam as well as the distribution of fentanyl resulting in death.

If convicted, the men each face up to 20 years in prison for distribution of the drugs as well as 20 years to life for distributing the fentanyl-laced pills to the victim.

Those powerful opioid pain killers are responsible for a spike in overdoses, hospitalizations and enrollment in treatment in Salinas and Monterey County, experts say. 

"Fake Oxycodone pills are flooding Monterey County,” U.S. Attorney David Anderson said. “These fake pills are laced with fentanyl. The drug dealers who are pushing these fake pills couldn’t control the amount of fentanyl in them even if they cared. Fentanyl is dosed in micrograms. Dealers don’t have the equipment or the ability to control what they are selling. Our young people are dying by the score from ignorance and indifference.”

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In 2019, Monterey County's fatal opioid overdoses more than tripled 2018's 10 deaths, according to Monterey County Public Health. 

Doctors have said they're seeing more younger people coming in after overdosing. 

Treatment centers say they have also seen increases in people seeking help for opioids. 

Sanchez would not be the first Monterey County defendant facing prosecution for selling fentanyl-laced drugs that killed someone. 

Xavier Jimenez-Robledo, 19, is facing 20 years if convicted of selling "M30s" to a teenager, who survived an overdose at his house in April, and to Thomas Henderson, 20, who died May 9 after an overdose, authorities have said.

Additional M30s were found in both victims' rooms. 

Jimenez-Robledo's case, filed June 12 in federal court, is pending, records show. 

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Editor's note: The federal judicial system normally does not provide mug shots of defendants.


  1. I was reading last night that 60% of drugs sold in pharmacies in areas controlled by cjng are knockoffs.

    The cartel forces them to do this


    2. thank you, i would have thought it to be even higher

    3. Medicines stolen from AMLO's warehouses were found in Enrique Alfaro's pharmaceutical depots, Alfaro says he don't knows nothin'bout anythin', he wasn't even there and he's gots wisnesses...
      Meanwhile Lilly Tellez, (former Morena) congresswoman or senator turned chapulina and a PANISTA trows tantrum at doctor Gatell after finding he has a new girlfriend, and they were kissin' on the street WITHOUT MASKS!!!

  2. Too many distributors and suppliers for Monterey County. One small ring sadly. We don't need those bs pills here in Northern Cali

    1. They Do need them in Calif
      The Dems really Really want them
      Nancy would like 3 dozen

      This is a disgrace

      Thanks BB what about the street dealers do they get caught ?

    2. If this was a fed investigation, im guessing they got most of the people involved-
      Horrible knockoffs also- way to blue-
      And afaik, the cartels COULD make these without the "hot spots" but they would have to make it into a water mixture first- thats the only way to get it even semi uniform.. again afaik

    3. 5:50 you may need the pinguas more... to dull the pains of birthing one Large Ass Lame Duck the likes of nobody has ever seen on the continental US.

  3. What a waste of time.

    Meanwhile AMLO is helping the Chapitos bring tons and tons and tons of drugs into every country possible.

    1. Every country they can,even expertise helping Asian countries with nanufacture of meth labs,fact.
      Create a market and it will be suppied

  4. Sorry but that is HORSE PUCKY. Want a tip for telling a genuine medication from a fraud? The genuine article may have a shiny finish and scores, lettering and numbers are crisp and sharp. Anyone who says fentanyl is retail cheap in Mexico is a fool. Twenty to forty pesos a pill for fentanyl is the norm in a large city.

    Only high dollar specialty medications flagship "patented" medications are worth counterfeiting. And manufacturers use hologram tape to seal the flaps on the lids or drum seals on bottles. Things have come a long way since the counterfeit statins scandal at border town farmacias. Jeezo I cannot believe the stupid gossip. SSA II restricted medications must blister pack each individual pill by law. COFEPRIS has tightened drug restrictions with schedule 2 medications. Limit per box, 2 box max Rx's 2 box max sales at farmacias.

    1. Mexico sells many not FDA approved meds over counter
      I mean the normal pills that USA old people buy are not FDA
      so ck your lables

    2. in UK they make fake diazepam (valium) and they are in the box with holographic seals plus pills are in popper strips the best way to tell if real is to taste them anyone who takes bars or valium should no the taste

    3. 5:53 mexico got contracts on the US, from US big pharma, where do you think "Mexico" got the lists of orphaned addicts they can't supply legally anymore?

  5. This is so true, I am here from Watsonville,CA 25 minutes from Salinas CA,Monterey County.And our streets are flooded with this knockoff pills. Every young adult is out here consuming these not knowing what in reality it contains.Some get lured by peer pressure and some do it to fit in with the crowd.We also have this big problem of counterfeit fake Cannabis infused Carthages that been going around lately.Here we are working class families,we mostly all come from Agricultural working parents.English second language households Strawberries,Raspberries,Artichokes Apples es lo que se da aki. Pero con esfuerzo I enpeño saldremos adelante con ganas a la vida para un mañana mejor.I que el esfuerzo de nuestros Padres no quede enbano.

    Chivis,appreciable amiga quiero darte las grasias por el trabajo que haces.Por tu labor de seguir adelante con la plataforma ya que no es facil esto. Eres una persona de corazon noble.Que dios te siga socoriendo.
    Saludos Del ��.

    I lost a friend to this back in 2015.I can relate deeply.

  6. The Americans dont mess around they will lock you up so long you'll start to lose your own mind. This doctor is looking at an essential death sentence.

    1. unless he gives up his dealers than the doc will be out in 5.

  7. I live here in Prunedale ca Monterey county next to Watsonville Salinas marina and seaside it’s one cartel that controls here Sinaloa but u have small fractions like sleeping cells from Michoacán that don’t do noise they all bout buisness it’s packed with meth and heroin here specially in Salinas called China town different world there it’s just crazy how u see people walking talking to them self but that is crazy how there’s no help for drug users if you look at Santa Cruz u see camping tents for about a 1/4 mile in both sides of passing the fish hook going to Costco. So sad to see humanity going to waste.

  8. Shall we throw recriminations about damn gringos and their drugs?Or shall we point out its endless supply and source?

    Who is the worst,manufacturer supplier or consumer?

    1. 5:55 amazing how you answer your own questions at 8:26...
      --Aktedron used to cost 40 cents of a peso.
      --Benzedrines 30 cents of a peso because they were watered down.
      --Anybody wants to say the mexican cartels invented meth, opioids or their black market, with expensive lobbying and merchandizing with laws passed in both US congress by republicans Obama had to sign into LAW, until the overdosing and addiction facts made the news and restrictions forced the addicts to cartel pushers, must be having pipe dreams...

  9. This fuckin clown AMLO is dangerous


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