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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

3 bodies found in a burned vehicle may be A. G. office agents

 Steve C Borderland Beat  cuartopoder

Three men were found inside a burned vehicle one kilometer from the junction of the turnoff to Pampa Honda, by the Santa Luisa ranch in the municipality of Mapstepec.

It was established that the ministerial elements assigned to the Attorney General's Office of Mapstepec who are missing and could be the people who died in the car.

People traveling on the road to Pampa Honda reported to the authorities that a burned vehicle was on the dirt road, so elements from different police forces arrived at the scene.

After conducting the first investigations, it was revealed that there were allegedly three unidentified bodies and a long gun inside the Chevy; it is presumed that they could be the elements of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The information has not been corroborated and the authorities cordoned off the area at a distance of 800 meters. Investigations are continuing to see if they are the bodies of the ministerial agents.

The Border District Prosecutor's Office and the Isthmus-Costa Region Prosecutor's Office traveled to the scene to initiate the investigations.


  1. Burnt to a crips, does MEXICO have the ability to find out who they are.

    1. If they can extract DNA from tooth pulp then yes, in the U.S. it has been done before.

    2. You sure they weren't burnt to a bloods ?

    3. Not sure where this started but everyone seems to think that MX is a bunch of country bumpkins. Not true IMO. They have very adequate forensics. Their tech is also above par. Again Imo. It's just a question of utilizing them when many who access their findings are corrupt.

      I will admit before I began following Chivis, and the others at BB, I did have the same belief. However reading stories, watching documentaries, et al has changed my views.MX has more than capable investigative powers. Last time, Imo.

  2. When will LE learn in MX to come in heavy or stay the F out!! And alive!

  3. 12:49 forgetabout coming in heavy, whoever sent these agents to their deaths knew perfeckly what was ganna happen, specially in Veracrú

    1. 7:01

      Yea, or lied to them and said it was safe

      Or they were up to no good being there ??
      Does it really matter anymore ?
      Why or who or what the reasons are They are dead and no one will pay for the crime
      In my eyes they are all up to something Illegal

    2. It matters when FECAL and EPN collected about a billion peisos insurance moneys for military or police officers fallen on duty, then they gave the widows their men's ashes...
      Then you see why 30 policias federales got murdered in michuakan by templarios and the military on the scene did not help the police, even shouting instructions on their radios.

  4. 9:37 every crime victim matters.


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