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Thursday, October 1, 2020

2 American minors detained after large haul of ammunitions' discovered in fridge at Nogales crossing

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Neal  VXT and El Diario

Elements of the GN and the SAT located 32 boxes with ammunition inside a refrigerator, detained two minors

Two minors of American origin were detained by Foreign Trade Officials and the National Guard, when they transported more than 20 thousand cartridges for firearms that crossed into the country through the Mariposa sentry box, hidden in a refrigerator.

The official report indicates that the seizure was registered at the Garita III Mariposa border crossing in Nogales, Sonora, where elements of the National Guard in coordination with personnel from the Tax Administration Service (SAT) located around 20 thousand cartridges inside a refrigerator for long weapons and 7 thousand for handguns.

The seizure occurred when a pick-up truck, with two people, entered the country from the United States and underwent customs inspection; During a physical inspection of the refrigerator, 32 cardboard boxes with the ammunition were found.

Faced with the possible commission of a crime, the two minors were presented and were placed in the custody of the corresponding federal authority  and investigations will be followed to determine their legal status.


  1. NO DOUBT to trade for drugs. México needs to process them then the EUA for conspiracy

  2. Where was us castums ?

    1. US customs is mostly on the way back.
      Typically you pay the fee and off you go over the international bridge into mexico aduana

    2. Castums were busy with cleaning cats.

    3. US castums does not mess traffick of weapons or ammo into Mexico, but if they suspect you are a burro taking billions of dallers into Mexico, that will be your nalgas worst night in prison tonight...
      Be sure these boys have lost their ejotitos in the joint by naw!

    4. Man 351 does not know how to type in Customs, even though Chivis typed it correctly, da man still mistypes 😂

  3. i'm sure both got the shit beat out of them

  4. Then process the manufacturer too for terrorism ... same concept right?

  5. 4:24pm

    caught on the mexico side?

    "?de donde pin yatas?"

    "no senor, mis amigos es americano."

    "ja ja oh ok pin yatas americano."

    "?pin yatas cano...te gusta.. baseball?"


    *ck'd ckrack*(x number of boxes of slugs)

    "eye for an eye.."

    "sound advice it normal that we are all blind...?"
    -hamurambi's present day decendents

  6. Same at the Garita 2 entrada at Tijuana. Local law enforcement plus the entire state of California list stolen cars and photo ID for suspects. They use the Upgraded Tech II CBP database. From the Mexico side, on site cameras take images of license plates which are searched and analyzed far faster than you can pass through the booth.


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