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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Report: One of the 43 Missing Students Possibly Spotted Alive in Mexicali

 "MX" for Borderland Beat; Proceso and BB archives

Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño 

Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño, one of the 43 students who went missing on September 2014 near Iguala, Guerrero, could be wandering the streets of Mexicali, Baja California. This information first circulated on social media after people reported seeing a man who matched his physical description.

When this information was known, the parents of the student, as well as members of the State Search Commission, began a search in the area where he was supposedly seen. The man who matches his physical description is believed to be homeless and has not been found by authorities.

Baja California state secretary Amador Rodríguez Lozano confirmed to the family that all the necessary resources will be put in place to find the whereabouts of the person in question "in the hope that good results could be achieved".

Next September 26 marks the sixth anniversary of the disappearance of the 43 students. Earlier this year, Borderland Beat reported that one of the remains of a missing student, Christian Alfonso Rodriguez Telumbre, had been identified by forensic experts. He was the third student whose remains were identified since the mass kidnapping. 40 more remain disappeared.

Mass disappearance case

According to Mexican government's version of the story, referred by the former FGR chief as the Verdad Historica (English: Historical Truth), Guerreros Unidos gang members kidnapped and killed the students in September 2014 after they mistook them for rival gangsters. 

The incident started when the students hijacked several buses in the area before a protest, a tradition that had long been practiced by the school and tolerated by the bus companies. As they traveled back from Iguala to Ayotzinapa, where the school is based, they were intercepted by the police. Some of the surviving students claim that the bus drivers had agreed to give them a lift. The incident quickly devolved into a chaotic night that involved law enforcement and gangsters.

After a long standoff with the police, several students were arrested and reportedly handed over to Guerreros Unidos.

On the left is a picture of the student before he went missing; on the right is the picture shared to investigators of the man who matched his description (source: Government of Baja California)

By dawn the next morning, 6 students were confirmed dead in Iguala, dozens more were wounded. But 43 more had vanished.

The government alleges that the students were killed and their bodies were then disposed in a garbage dump and burned in a large fire. However, several independent investigations have cast doubts on the official report's findings. Independent investigators said that the investigation was "deeply flawed", starting by the fact that many of the detainees were confirmed to have been tortured to confess.

In addition, they claimed to have satellite images on the day of the students' disappearance that showed there had been no fire that night. Critics say that the remains of the first two students identified were found at the rubbish dump in question or planted there by authorities.


  1. The authority is going to kill him, as so the truth is not said.

  2. People resuscitate too in Mexico.

  3. Wow dumb put more salt on the moms wounds

  4. Hate to be that guy but there is a lot of people in Mexico that resemble one another, very similar facial features but not related whatsoever ive seen it with my eyes many times over the years. whatever, my point is that guy unfortunately is more than likely 99.9% bone fragments,dead.

    vivos se los llevaron,
    vivos que los regresen
    y que chinguen a su madre los vaciladores...MX U2...

  6. A red herring that someone is falling for.

  7. If it is him, the family had better leave him be incognito where he is and make no further attempts. He might well be in hiding, and as a witness, he would be stalked then executed. He knows what awaits him in Mexico, there is NO protection for him no matter what the government might insist, he would be a dead man walking. Although it would have been great to find a witness and get him to the USA for his security without the cartels knowing, he could tell a lot.

  8. Yea right. False hope is not right

  9. Some of you should research lucio Cabañas and Genaro Vasquez those students got murdered because the government is scared of another revolt against a government sold out to rich. They blame the cartels for this when it was the government they just used those grupos as a smoke screen

    1. 1:19 EPN's professor, Emilio chuayfett Chemor, "la Emilia" was a single old man who as governor fired police officers who tried to arrest EPN for being "in a car" with ernestito zedillo, son of "La Neta" ernesto zedillo then presidente de Mexico, (like father like son) while the Guardias Presidenciales kept an eye on them.
      Chemor was trying to close the students Teacher's School as EPN Secretary of Education and did not want them protesting again the murders of students in Tlatelolco in Mexico 68 Olympiad that made General marcelino garcia barragan "El Carnicero de Tlatelolco", his grandson Omar HamidnGatcia Harfuch was the Policia Federal Commissioner in Guerrero near Iguala and he presumes of being an intelligence specialist, but says he never knew anything about no Ayotzinapa, turning his ass into "the Ghost of Ayotzinapa", Chemor was also Secretary of Governance when Zedillo was presidente, and had to resign along with guerrero governor ruben figueroa alcocer for murdering farmers in El Charco, Aguas Blancas and Acteal, leaving angel aguirre to finish figueroa's gobernor term,
      Ruben figueroa figueroa was a senator who used genaro vazquez rojas and lucio cabañas to get up in politics and then got them murdered, he was the father of Alcocer, he raped lucio cabañas teenaged bride and had a daughter with her, then somebody assassinated both of them.
      In Ayotzinapa, the students were disappeared the clean the name of marcalino garcia barragan and to save EPN, THE PRI, the mexican army and the federal police fron the shame over their crimes with more students' blood

    2. Idk about all that but Genaro and Vasquez did kill a lot of soldiers and kidnapped government officials.. so your saying the attack on harfuch guy could be revenge? Herd lucio almost killed on of those figueroa but they paid his ransom and let him go.. others say lucio at the end made a deal with him who knows but I think he died fighting

    3. Ruben figueroa figueroa went into hiding while accusing lucio cabañas of his abduction and rape, the mexican army persecuted and killed cabañas and "rescued senator figueroa" with his pregnant secretary, then figueroa figueroa was appointed PRI candidate for governor, genaro vazquez rojas was murdered in Morelos by federal police who then blamed his death on a car accident,
      Vazquez and Cabañas were Ayotzinapa graduates fighting poverty and injustice, specially after the state murdered coconut workers demanding about 1.5 CENTS of a dollar pay rise per kilo...hear Lamento Coprero by José de Molina on YouTube, he also died after receiving una putiza from mexican soldiers or police.

  10. I see the name Rodriguez Lozano and can tell you that all he tells is what his real boss tells him to tell. He has been covering for high profile officials since the 80's


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