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Thursday, September 10, 2020

18 mo "Operation Crystal Shield" ends with 1800 arrests, 43 mil USD and 28,500 pounds of meth

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Operation Crystal Shield, the 18 month DEA led operation resulted in:

1800 Arrests
28,500 meth
43 Million USD
9 U.S. Major Hubs: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, New Orleans, San Diego, Phoenix, St Louis

Meth Overdoses:

2018: 12000
2019: 16000
This operation amounted to 75% of total meth seized by DEA in 2019
DEA-DOJ Press Release:

Today, Attorney General William P. Barr and Drug Enforcement Administration Acting Administrator Timothy J. Shea announced the results of Operation Crystal Shield, a DEA–led effort targeting the command and control elements of Mexican cartels that operate major methamphetamine “transportation hubs” throughout the United States.

At a press conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Attorney General Barr and Acting Administrator Shea announced that in the first six months, Operation Crystal Shield generated more than 750 investigations, resulting in nearly 1,840 arrests and the seizures of more than 28,560 pounds of methamphetamine, $43.3 million in drug proceeds, and 284 firearms.

“Methamphetamine is a brutal drug linked to violent crime and responsible for far too many fatal overdoses,” said Attorney General Barr. “The astounding results of Operation Crystal Shield clearly demonstrate the commitment by the DEA and our state and local partners to prevent this deadly drug from reaching the streets of our communities. Prosecuting individuals who traffic these poisons remains a top priority for President Trump and the entire Department of Justice.”

“In the months leading up to the launch of Operation Crystal Shield, communities across the United States experienced a surge of methamphetamine,” said Acting Administrator Shea. “The COVID pandemic locked down many communities and impacted legitimate businesses, but the drug trade continued. Under difficult conditions, DEA – along with our federal, state, and local partners – never stopped working as we helped stem the flow of methamphetamine onto our streets, even as violent drug traffickers sought new ways to smuggle it into the United States.  The success of Operation Crystal Shield reflects the devotion of DEA and our partners to protect our communities from the scourge of drug trafficking and violent crime under any circumstances.”

DEA launched Operation Crystal Shield on February 20, 2020, after identifying nine major methamphetamine trafficking hubs: 

Atlanta, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Phoenix, San Diego, and St. Louis.  

Together these nine cities accounted for more than 75 percent of the methamphetamine seized by DEA in 2019.  Under this operation, DEA directed enforcement resources to these cities where methamphetamine is often trafficked in bulk and then distributed across the country, and partnered with other federal, state, and local law enforcement to interdict these shipments and target the transportation networks behind them. 

Operation Crystal Shield leveraged existing DEA initiatives that target major drug trafficking networks, including the Mexican cartels responsible for virtually all of methamphetamine trafficked into and within the United States.  From FY 2017 to FY 2019, DEA domestic seizures of methamphetamine increased 127 percent from 49,507 pounds to 112,146 pounds.  During the same timeframe, the number of DEA arrests related to methamphetamine increased by nearly 20 percent.


  1. CDS is never going away it's like a cancer that spread all over The GLOBE and it has no cure

  2. More people in prisons=more $$$ for the system.US should do something useful instead of giving more money to cops give out more money to education make colleges more accessible to the younger generations,the war on drugs doesn’t exist,and if it did we lost.The more educated people we have the less addicts we’ll have,people resort to this(for the most part) because there’s no education or job opportunities for them to live financially stable.

  3. Thats around 14 tons. There's labs in Mexico that are capable of pumping out a ton of meth a day. That's 14 days of production for one of these labs. That's nothing. We need to focus our resources on treatment rather than enforcement.

  4. One would suppose that someone out there is going to come up with a reason why we should not be impressed. Wow, 1840 scumbags off the street at least for a while; these are not nice people, and in some countries they would be marched out to a field and each shot in the head; too bad, only if we could! In any case, congratulations to the women and men on the front lines of a dangerous job and in a dangerous time; wow, I sure am impressed. All should be considered for The Medal of Valor: look it up, it is for public safety officers who have exhibited exceptional courage, regardless of personal safety, in the attempt to save or protect human life.

  5. Amazing They find major drugs
    After they cross the border

    dont ya think a bit more focus on the crossing of these drugs BEFORE people get them ?
    i understand getting both, once arrived drugs going to dealersand users in these states
    But i also think a bigger focus on WHERE they come from is first and foremost ? IDK

    The drug trade has grown I fear that it has gotton way to huge to stop The time to put a dent in it is past
    So now what! this cancer has gotten out of control Whats the point in trying to slow it down
    unless drasic measures are used And those my friend are not what any of us want because it means War i am sure No one will declare war over illegal drug trade
    So here we are again

  6. Excellent 👍 work our tax dollars at work, This operation is over and ready for a new operation. 1,800 arrested. Mexican Marina rarely do they catch the criminals only the loot.

  7. The DEA, pats themselves on the back while they mislead the general public with this charade calling it a "success", yet the going price for an ounce of Meth in Los Angeles as of yesterday is $220.00 and widely available.

    Be honest and announce that in your press release next time and omit the term "success" as the WOD continues to be a cash cow for the government and more importantly a joke.

    1. Drugs come in DEA bkeeps busy.yippie

    2. 220$ for an OUNCE??? i dont know shit about meth or meth prices- but god damn thats cheap as hell- doesnt weed cost more tham that??
      Meth doesnt sound like a fun time- i dont get it

  8. And the drug war goes on. Endless.

    1. At least USA is doing something, while lazy azz Mexican government does little.

    2. USA is consuming it all.

    3. 5:01 had blinders on, so not true; you're just repeating what you heard or you are attempting to cover up Mexico's populations problems with use too. Stop burying your head, it will never get better here if you continue the fake news.

  9. Keep bringing it in, as it keeps the DEA busy.

  10. With 1800 arrests, the Operation got 43 million dollars, that do not cover the expenses incurred, even after fines, bonds, bails, attorneys fees, public defenders and prison time fees, just a waste of tax dollars, and then again, knowing the DEA as we know it, they could have commissioned a few of those pounds for this show and tell

    1. Great operation 👍, keep up the good work.

  11. And all the meth cooked in the foothills?
    I call BS
    "Mexican cartels responsible for virtually all of methamphetamine trafficked into and within the United States. "

    Whata yoke

  12. That FN P90 is nice. It being light comes in handy. - Sol Prendido

  13. Why does the packaging looks so generic and same sized and even the brown paper seems to be from the same batch and the same roll?
    How much the 18 month operation cost

    1. 12:45 no mames güey,
      One officer costs that much per week.

  14. After legalizing opioids with very healthy shots from the lobbying gunships to the US Senate and Congress, the Big Pharma business has been turned over to cartels and street gangs along with the processes and client lists.
    Frankly, the state should run its own supply in healthy centers with plenty Naloxone and security for the addicted, and for free, it will be much cheaper than criminalizing all the whole shebang and do the right thing about a public health problem caused by a few criminals that should be prosecuted and incarcerated with extreme prejudice.

  15. 1,800 that's a lot of arrested bad hombres. Do the crime serve the time.

  16. ALL those ARRESTED won't change the FACT that the Chinese ARE still GOING to SELL the CHEMICALS to mexican CARTELS to PRODUCE more METH.. 😆
    So THEY BLAME Mexicans for the METH.. Weird

    1. 11:15 of course Mexico criminals are to blame, they are the ones bringing it to USA. Your one funny 😂 man.

    2. Um, the Mexicans BUY the chemicals so they can produce, smuggle and sell the meth.

      But it's totally the Chinese fault uhuh.

    3. Mexico has been the scapegoat for decades, they are conveniently located, it is a country with a near 50% poverty level, a country that has survived on corruption for decades. It is Country, that governments have chosen to be "the enemy", and ALL of Mexico's past and present Government Officials have agreed to be "the enemy", for a price.

      America, has made agreements with multiple countries for decades, and will continue to do so as long as American's "believe", and don't question what the Government tells them, until it is questioned it will never end.

      Any "rational" individual with even the slightest amount of common sense should be able to see that the problem lies deeper than Drugs, Cartels, and Politicians, and that the root of the problem is AMERICA. Where there is a demand for any product, there will always be a supply, and Mexico has been "chosen" to fulfill that supply out of convenience and nothing more. Google the "Merida Initiative", and "Operation Fast and Furious", this is how we 'help" Mexico fight the Drug War.

      If you stop the demand, the supply goes away with it, you don't see Black & White TV's, 8 Track Players, or Pagers for sale on Amazon or at Walmart. However, you will find Bongs (water pipes), and "Pookies", "Pieces", "Flutes", aka "Meth Pipes"(Oil Burner Glass Pipes), in stock with Prime delivery all day long. Go ahead and check for yourself, go right now to Amazon and search for the above terms that are mentioned in parenthesis, we'll wait for you......You see EVERYBODY is making money off this "alleged" War on Drugs.

      Do you honestly believe that American Intel DOES NOT know the whereabouts of El Mayo, El Mencho, or any other Cartel Member on the Top Ten Most Wanted list? Do you really truly believe that they are so well hidden in the mountainous regions of Sinaloa or some other part of Oz they want you to believe? Seriously, do you believe that the Mexican government, or its Citizens can't see a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, BMW, or Benz driving through the streets, as if they were Honda Accords or Toyota Camry's driving around Los Angeles? You're a fool if you refuse to believe that the biggest criminals in the War On Drugs are located right here on Capital Hill, and Wall Street, and that these Government Officials are "Above The Law", and will keep that W.O.D. wheel well oiled, as long as foolish Americans continue to believe whatever the government tells them the problem is this week.

      Mexico is a beautiful country, but tourism doesn't generate billions of dollars (off the books)for "both" sides of the borders government officials like drugs do.

      The U.S. works like this, "we give you billions of dollars, and in exchange for the most part the Cartels operate with impunity, with an occasional sacrificial lamb to feed to the American media, and you and your country must be our political punching bag as long as we choose to use you." Mexican Officials, pretend to be offended, by our countries comments about their county, but the truth eventually comes to the surface.

      When will it all end? Not in my lifetime, you see money is the root of all evil, and considering the United States provides Mexico with "BILLIONS" of dollars in annual funding to supposedly fight the War on Drugs and the Cartels, with zero accountability, zero progress reports, and zero knowledge of where the funding actually ends up, the well oiled scapegoat freight train known as Mexico is far too convenient for the Wolves to seek another Lamb to sacrifice.

      In the end, Mexico's story is just a looped novela, where the script is the same year after year only the cast members change occasionally.

    4. The United States buys the chemicals for the Cartels, China just happens to be where most of the manufacturers happen to be and China will not take orders from any other country as far as not doing something. We also need China involved so we have another "enemy" country to blame for our problem.

    5. @Mosluggo, Not to sound like a proponent of methamphetamine use but Mexican meth is garbage, and the prices are pretty consistent, if the Plug (source) doesn't know you, chances are they won't sell you a pound. However, if they do know you from multiple smaller transactions they may charge you $2,500.00 a pound or less. But if you have good relationship with a Plug you could easily get single pound purchases for $1,800.00 COD or $2,200.00 on the cuff(credit).

      Let me explain what "garbage" is in regard to Mexican meth. Most people including Law Enforcement state that Mexican meth is the purest it's ever been, even calling it "Super Meth", which is a joke. Even Plugs have no idea what true "quality" meth is, unless they have been around it prior to 2005, or meth derived from "d-pseudoephedrine hydrochloride", which when chemically reduced produces "d-methamphetamine hydrochloride"(C10H15N), this is what Crystal Meth USED to be and not biker dope either, that's derived from P2P and racemic. Mexican meth is also racemic, meaning it is a 50/50 mixture of "l-methamphethamine" and "d-methamphetamine", plus whatever they cut it with if they do so, but even if it's 100% PURE, as Law Enforcement tells the media to say, it is only 50% "d-methamphetamine" at the most and will never be higher than that, it is scientifically impossible and 50% trash.

      Law enforcement uses "fear tactics" to scare the public into thinking there is something new out there. "Super Meth", that's hilarious, there's no such thing, you either have methamphetamine or you don't, that's like saying "Super Advil", it's either Ibuprofen or it's a different chemical period. The DEA used to state the type of meth confiscated in their Microgram publications, but that changed after they came up with this Super Meth nonsense they started feeding the public in the last 15 years. You might be able to google it and see for yourself(try "dea microgram d-methamphetamine").

      If you can find a Plug with real d-methamphetamine, you could expect to pay around $250-$300 for an 1/8 of an ounce. Is it worth it? It's drugs, are they worth it? To many people yes, especially in this case because that other 50% plus whatever byproducts are in it comes with a plethora of side effects and is nothing like pure "D-Meth".

      As the saying goes "you get what you pay for".

  17. Barr said meth is causing fatal overdoses?? Ive yet to hear of anyone OD on meth guy


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