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Thursday, September 17, 2020

New recordings intercepted from García Luna are presented in NY court

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The former main adviser in the militarized war against drug trafficking launched by Calderón, becomes a cooperative witness....

On August 19th The United States Department of Justice presented to the federal court in Brooklyn, New York, new evidence (recordings) related to the case against the former Secretary of Public Safety of Mexico, Genaro García Luna.

In a two-page document delivered to federal judge Brian Cogan, and with a copy to García Luna's attorney, federal prosecutors delivered 17 intercepted recordings (telephone conversations) to the former adviser, right-hand man and confidant of former President Felipe Calderón.

In addition to the “intercepted recordings”, the United States Department of Justice also presented two files that contain information corresponding to the financial history of the also former head of the defunct Federal Investigation Agency (AFI).

Without disclosing the content of the intercepted recordings and the documents with the financial information, US Attorney Richard P. Donoghue notes that this new evidence will be reviewed because it adds to the thousands of evidence that the prosecution has accumulated.

García Luna is accused of drug trafficking by the United States government, for which he was arrested in the state of Texas, last December, and later extradited to New York, where the preparatory hearings for the trial are held.

The former main adviser in the militarized war against drug trafficking launched by Calderón, through his public defender César de Castro, negotiates an agreement with the Department of Justice to avoid prosecution and become a cooperating witness.

In a trial and if convicted, the right hand of former President Calderón in the so-called six-year term of death, would be sentenced to life imprisonment as the maximum penalty, and would receive a sentence of 10 years in prison as the minimum punishment.

If he reaches an agreement to become a cooperating witness, García Luna would appear as a witness for the United States government in legal proceedings against people accused of drug trafficking and money laundering from the sale of narcotics.

Full docket text:

RESCHEDULING ORDER as to Genaro Garcia Luna. An arraignment on the superseding indictment and status conference previously scheduled for 10/7/2020 will be held at 9:00 AM by videoconference. Public access is available via telephone by dialing 571-353-2300 and enter access code 188465608#. Ordered by Judge Brian M. Cogan on 9/15/2020


  1. Public defender lawyer lol. Imagine the dirt he has on his former boss Calderon.

    1. The only dirt he has about Calderon is on his nails.

  2. It just to say that if you are a person of high rank in Mexico you can come to America and be put in the Witness Protection Program with your family. What a great way to make you way to America. think his family doesn't have other members in Mexico that will open their arms to him eventually as times goes by. What a shame. I know we punish the criminals, but some who are not considered criminals because their hands dont'get dirty are probably worse than the ones we know about.

  3. This will get very interesting. Be careful dude, lest you get Epsteined while chilling in your cell.

  4. Public Defender? The guy stole and took huge kickbacks and he can't afford to hire a dream team like O.J?
    What a bum and tax payers paying his legal fees.If a us citizen gets arrested in mx he's lucky if he's alive much less get a Court appointed wonder mexican citizens don't care if they're arrested in America.US should open Alcatraz.

    1. Why wasting the money he made so much afford to gain it? Go for public defender and if trial goes wrong make a plea, become CW and keep your money.

  5. You protect witnesses when you do not have evidence,
    but in the case of genarco, they still have to deport his ass back to Mexico,
    Just because, there are witnesses to his crimes in spite of all the witnesses he got whacked like Commander Edgar Eusebio Millan, El Barbas, la Barbie, and commander Javier Herrera Valles who escaped death but did 4 years for preventing FECAL about Genarco, unless Genarco is framing his beloved Partner and BOSS FOR LIFE Carlos Slim Helu, (Revista Indigo says so...)

  6. Pinche Conrado Luna primero mamando a los capos y ahora Tio Sam.

  7. The case against him is so strong, it would be a waste of 40k.Thats how much fed lawyers charge to begin a case like this.

  8. Mexican henry hill going into the witness protection program.

  9. Definitely conrado sol.. he got that rainbow look in his eye


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