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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Narcomessage Found Next to Dismembered Victim in Veracruz

 "stevectpa" for Borderland Beat; Letra Roja

A man known as "El Sombra" was found dismembered in the municipality of Fortín, Veracruz. Next to his body his killers left a narcomessage (narcomensaje). Investigators said the body was found in Dante Delgado neighborhood. Elements of the Veracruz State Police were mobilized to carry out the legal proceedings. The victim was identified as Alejandro López Nieves. Apparently he was kidnapped last Friday when he was driving through the Fortín-Huatusco highway. 

The narco-message text below translated by Sol Prendido:

"This was my fate for going around kidnapping. Just as well for supporting the dirty Zetas. This message also goes out to the SSP (Mexico's Secretariat of Public Security). You guys were giving covert support. The purge continues in the following areas of Veracruz: Fortín, Colonia San José, Monte Blanco, Chocamán, and Huatusco. Greetings to Miguel Soledad of the SSP."

Very graphic images below of dismemberment no further text


  1. They might as well give up mata zetas been In Veracruz for 10 years and still cant kick them out

  2. his journey ended right here:

  3. Good riddance,he look like a bad guy,ugly ass mofo,make them kidnappers suffer☠☠he a piece of 💩💯

  4. I wonder if this is who the original leader for “Grupo Sombra”, and this is why there is now a splinter group named “Grupo X”?

    Very interesting if so. This Grupo Sombra, which I believe originally split from CDG, was quite a force in Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, and I guess Veracruz.

    They apparently also were helping Marro, back when he was still on the lam.

  5. How do they know SSP was giving support?
    The worst part is that it is very probably true, but please, kidnap and dismember the governor, the SSP estatal secretary, the military zone commander, the federal police commissioner, and stop facking around with the help...

  6. The shock value of this activity has passed its prime. At this point the sicarios are carrying out these atrocities for fun.
    Methed up kids with knives and guns given to them by clinically narcissistic tribe leaders. Turf wars can be settled with a single bullet. This primal display is third world evil.


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