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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Mexico State ambush in Villa Guerrero leaves 3 policemen dead and one injured

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  La Silla Rota  TY Gus

The Red Cross of the State of Mexico confirmed the death of three state police officers and one more wounded in an ambush on the Tenango - Ixtapan highway, near Villa Guerrero.

The Secretariat of Security in the State of Mexico (SSEM) has not yet confirmed which armed group ambushed the police on that stretch of road. Unofficially, it is known that the attack on the state police was at the Los Reyes gas station, where the officers were chased to a construction site and killed there.
After the police were shot, the hit men fled; The attack was survived by a 47-year-old element who was transferred via helicopter to a hospital.


  1. Pictures of the detained aren’t what I expected. They look like the James Charles cartel.

  2. Hahaha James Charles Cartel where did you see the pictures

  3. Sooo...A journalist, 3 cops-All murdered and its only a bit past noon. Maybe the cartels can pull off the trifecta of a journalist, a cop, and a Priest?? I mean nowadays when females and kids are frequently butchered the search for the next satanic thing these animals can do to even remotely surprise anyone has to be so over the top despicable its almost unconscionable. Smh

    1. Judging by the photos of the 4 arrested for this crime it appears females and kids are also doing some of the butchering.

  4. Fallen officer,
    looks like friendly fire.


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