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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Mexico City: A 10 year old and mother gunned down

 Steve C Borderland Beat  Source

A few hours after the “Grito” (Cry of Independence), sicarios readied their weapons and made the Defensores de la República colonia tremble by executing a mother and child, the child was only 10 years old. 

On Tuesday night, Leonela and Jade - family members- were walking along Norte 9-A and Poniente 108 streets, in the said neighborhood of the Gustavo A. Madero area in Mexico City.

 At around 8:10 p.m., the women were surprised by men traveling on a motorcycle, who shot them directly and without warning, and then disappeared into the streets.

 The neighbors at first confused the shots with the pyrotechnics of the national holidays, but later they discovered that the victims, aged 32 and 10, were lying on the sidewalk. Although they requested ambulances immediately, upon arrival, the paramedics could only confirm that both had already died due to the gunshot wounds they presented to their heads.

The adult was identified as Leonela Bravo Arguijo, 32 years old and the 10 year old as Jade Angeline.

Witnesses told the elements of the Lindavista Sector that they only managed to distinguish a black motorcycle on which the alleged assailants fled. In minutes, the area was surrounded by neighbors, who were already getting ready for the celebration of the anniversary of the Independence of Mexico. After the experts collected the evidence and removed the bodies, the Public Ministry Agent put together an investigation folder under the femicide protocol to clarify the motive for the attack.


  1. CJNG killing innocents again.

    1. Had to be the Gramma , baby killer cartel again.

  2. 10 years old! Truly sinister.

  3. Innocent people getting killed and the President still wondering what to do? Doesn't want to unleash the Dogs? Mexico needs Calderon back in office Lopez Obrador is a wimp afraid just cashing his check.he should donate it to charity if he's truly for the people like he says anyway he gets more in kickbacks.poor people no wonder they all want to work in the US along with all the Rich ones who Ran to avoid getting killed and kidnapped because they got Rich off the backs of the mexican people.good luck all the Harrington's of mexico over here you don't have any symposy from us here in America.

    1. Being poor is no excuse for being a criminal, was she really innocent, the little girl for sure but her mother was involved in the game. Stay away from emotions, they are false friends.
      AMLO is fighting crime different, more guns didnt solve the problem. Maybe US can AR15 Type rifles, this will decrease the homicide numbers.

    2. 5:54 you ramble more nonsense than AMLO.

    3. 3:24 AMLO SPEAKS SLOWLY, to help people like you understand, but i see it has a complicated side effect and makes some think slower, or get the rabbies like La Gilbertona Lozano and his disciculos and followers and their empty tents on the Plaza Roja del Zócalo, AMLO's Red Square financed con el loro de Mócú according to former "senator" javier el perro cagatwitters Lozano alarcon...
      AMLO even went to Veracrú to receive el Loro de Mócú in person from Putin's submarines.

  4. So this was just random? The mom had no cartel/drug connections? Very , very scary if it was simply a random killing with no motive. I can somewhat understand gang members going after each other, but this is beyond horrific. Does anyone have any thoughts about this ?


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