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Friday, September 18, 2020

Increased violence in Celaya, Guanajuato, after the appearance of an alleged new SLRC leader 'El Azul

 Sol Prendido Borderland Beat

Video narrative translation to English

                                                                Azul with Marro in Mazatlán

Video translation is as follows:

Denise Maerker: Following the arrest of the leader of the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima. José Antonio Yepez Ortiz known as El Marro. Intentional homicides in the state of Guanajuato decreased 14 percent. But in recent days the violence has increased again. Particularly in Celaya. Where in addition the murders had fallen 30 percent.

And this came about so after the appearance of a presumed new leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. A man whose nickname is or calls himself El Azul. The following story is the work of reporter Marco Antonio Coronel.

El Marro: Long live Guanajuato you sons of fucking bitches !!!

Marco Antonio Coronel: The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel already has a new leader. A man nicknamed El Azul. He’s the one who became the successor of José Antonio Ortiz aka El Marro.

David Saucedo: The capture of José Antonio at the center of this did cause an internal division within the cartel. It caused a dispute to see who would assume control. El Azul assumed that control.

Marco Antonio Coronel: The first day that the name of El Azul appeared was on August 16. 14 days after El Marro's arrest. That day he ordered the release of this video. Where they once again declare war on the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.

CSRL Sicario Spokesman: Guanajuato belongs to the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. We will not allow the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación to enter into the state. So the war continues.

Marco Antonio Coronel: El Azul is Adán Gonzalez Ochoa. Formerly nicknamed El Gordo Paz. Who the authorities place as one of the financial operators within the structure of El Marro.

David Saucedo: He was part of the financial structure but he also played a role as plaza manager.

Marco Antonio Coronel: Last February the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación published his face on banners where they offered 500,000 pesos as a reward for him and for El Marro

David Saucedo: He has control of shipments, warehouses, drug distribution routes, and clandestine fuel taps. There is no one better informed concerning the situation of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel than its current leader.

Marco Antonio Coronel: The neighborhood of Juan Martín in Celaya is one of the communities where the armed men of El Azul have entered. In the center of that town in front of the town's church they have left bodies and various narco messages.

Rodolfo Ramírez: Above all it begins with the person as an individual. For this dishonors everyone. This dishonors families. It also dishonors the entire community. These are the circumstances that we are going through. And in which many are living through in many places also.

CSRL Sicario Spokesman: Absolute Comandante Azul bitches! Long live the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima.

Denise Maerker: And so what can we say. The truth is that it seems that this is a never ending story. A leader is arrested. Another one appears. And the violence returns. Let's see what happens.


  1. AMLO is an abaolute clown...put Mencho in handcuffs and violence will drop by 1/4 over night..the guy needs to be arrested..he just a blood thirsty greedy maniac. Amlo hugs only strategy is a slap in the face to the public.

    1. I think if Mencho goes down then el 85 will be more focused on pushing drugs and not trying to take every plaza, so yes less violence.

    2. YOU guys are NOT too bright or just new TO THIS..
      EVERY time a PLAZA boss gets KILLED or CAPTURED there ARE always guys AROUND him that want his spot. The violence increases FOR dominance OVER the CARTEL.. MANY times those cartels just turn into MANY cells like GOLFOS and zetas fighting zetas and GOLFOS fighting GOLFOS..
      Same in michoacan WITH the FAMILIA..
      SINALOA got out of CONTROL for a WHILE when CHAPO got caught but the CHAPITOS and MAYO took out the damasos..
      If the chapos get caught or KILLED (wich I DOUBT) the CDS would GO out of CONTROL TOO..
      The ONLY solution is to TAKE OUT all CARTELS but the president all the way DOWN to the city and RANCHITO get paid. So THAT WON'T happen, 🇲🇽 is a corrupt NARCO run country and it will ONLY end when there is a president WITH BALLS that takes them OUT or puts them in ORDER..

    3. Do you both realize Mencho doesn't micromanage all fronts of the conflicts. Because he's the Boss of CJNG the blame is placed on him but his lieutenants/partners are in command. Do you think 85 has that rank?

    4. 3:38 dude doing that has already proved that it only increaces violence! Look at what happened to the golf cartel when oziel got caught, look at what happened when chapo got caught! If mencho gets caught it would turn into a tamaulipas golfos vs Z's but im thinking even worse! We already know drug smuggling cant be stoped! What mexico needs to do is what USA is doing! Work with the drug cartels and just let them know if one of their guys gets out of hand deal with him without making any noise! How naives do you guys have to be to think that a gang can move tons of drugs in a city in the usa without the police knowing? Its crazy to think that theres no cartel here in the usa that moves all those tons from mexico!!! Just think about it! The cartels in colombia need the cartels in mexico and the cartels in mexico need the cartels in USA! But the usa keeps them in check! Who? That i dont know but there must be a dark side in the usa cause you have to be dumb to think there are no home grown cartels here in the Usa! The only reason mexico is not hiding their problems is cause the usa keeps pointing them out! But i have never heard of a usa cartel boss getting caught just street thoughs! But do you really think those street thoughs move tons in weight? No! you have to really blind not to see the bigger picture! Watch Vlad TV and hear it from a real ex drug pusher! His name is jorge valdes that guy was a real heavy, dont follow fools like kaskillo or og shadow who in their life have never net a real capo

    5. The difference is Mencho is a thousand times more violent then everyone you fools mentioned so yes if he is arrested violence will go down eventually. He is hyper hell bent on power all over Mexico and micromanages every plaza CJNG runs.

  2. Breaking news: El Azul AKA Gordo Paz has been seen living extra large.

  3. Its Amazing how this Tacuaches pop out of nowhere to fill up the ranks , I hope they get exterminated for the sake of society and the working class

    1. Would you expect a civilized educated individual to take on the role?

  4. 1:34 denise maerker is one bitter chayotera and she is sick of AMLO's not paying her to sing his praises, same as loret de Moolah, el payazo tenebrozo, enrique krauze, proceso, owned by the girlfriend of the brother of Margarinflas Zavala de FECAL who still wants to be presidenta de mexico like martha sahagun de fox...
    AMLO is not paying CHAYOTE to anybody even if they think they are somebody like Denise de Brozo.

  5. Cjng can't explain their ineptitude for being able to kill off csdl after they thought they had 🤣

  6. What happened to all the people calling me a “hater” for saying the war in Guanajuato isn’t over? And that CJNG isn’t as in control as they claim to be.

  7. I lived on Mexico give or take about 25 years before I moved to the USA to chase money.. The big difference between 🇺🇸 and 🇲🇽 is law and order. It sounds crazy but let elaborate. The average person wants to live life aka work family school girlfriend boyfriend sports life in general and so on. Unfortunately in Mexico law enforcement is corrupted from the local cop all the way up to the governor and to the president. My point is that the longest there is no law in order any and I mean any "scumb bag with a pistol" becomes a predator. And in a society where we expect everyone to follow social norms based on Western believes it makes us it easy to become prey and victim.why?? Because we expect the laws to protects from crime and law breakers. But if only a few individuals are above the law aka "criminals and law enforcement" the other 98.9 percent of society are left to the mercy of law breakers and criminals with no ethical compass. Why I suggest or my humble opinion. Allow the ability to self defense something like the second amendment for protect life and property until a real government is set up with either a change to the constitution or implementing laws that work and not able to get a loop hole with the judicial system. I'm not big on the death penalty but is a deterrent when is actually enforced lawfully and with a ethical and moral reasoning. If you are a Sicario or a drug traffickers and you are found guilty immediate execution. The same goes for politicians or law enforcement found guilty of corruption. Apply it for a generation or two and start teaching different values on schools and in families for instance the United States is a capitalist nation where anything involving making money makes sense to the point of creating blow black on neighboring nations. Aka Mexico being a cheap camp ground for drugs cheap labor and so on. Mexico happens to be a neighbor to a giant that is both positive and negative...otherwise another 40 or 50 years of the same is what is waiting...the definition of insanity is doing the same over and over and expecting different results. Mexico needs a drastic goal otherwise any thing would do ...and to those in the USA vote November 2020 red or blue no matter but vote. Peace out.

    1. Uh? Okay, tell us something we don't already know?

  8. 1:07 some big name US mafioso said in his time, "any lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than gangsters robbing banks with machine guns..."
    I believe the best of the best american gangsters are businessmen. Their Lawyers, military and politicians help, not even the best inventors and craftsmen can match their money laundering abilities.
    You seem to be convinvnced that your fellow sicarios and drug pushers are the worst, but they are just lesser men and puppets.
    --you need to read more and write less before assigning blame or prescribing solutions without a more exact informed diagnosis.


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