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Monday, September 7, 2020

“El Javo” of the Sinaloa Cartel Arrested in Mexicali, BC

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta
        “El Javo” of the Sinaloa Cartel falls in Mexicali; he fled from the harassment of the CAF

Javier Olguín Hernández, alias “El Javo”, one of the main operators of the Sinaloa Cartel in Baja California, was arrested on the night of Wednesday, September 2, during an operation carried out in the Jardines del Lago subdivision, in the State Capital of Mexicali, Baja California.

"El Javo", also known as Javier Hernández Salazar and / or Daniel Vázquez Silva, is in place number 9 of the priority objectives of the United States Government in Baja California, related to drug trafficking, specifically synthetic narcotics.

His capture was carried out by elements of the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI), Secretary of the Navy and National Guard, after two months of locating "El Javo" and planning the operation, which culminated at the address of  531 Avenida Laguna Moero, located in one of the most central areas of Mexicali.

According to the investigations carried out by the authorities, "El Javo" began illegal operations in the Arellano Félix Cartel, where he was under the orders of Teodoro García Simental, "El Teo" and Fernando Sánchez Arellano himself, alias "El Ingeniero".
"Los Azartes": "La Rana" y "El Aquiles"

After the separation of the criminal leaders, "El Javo"  sought refuge in the Sinaloa Cartel, where he climbed to important levels, to the extent of becoming a friend of René Arzate García, known as “La Rana”, in addition to being  escort for several years to Alfonso Arzate García, "El Aquiles".

Both the United States Anti-Drug Agency (DEA) and the authorities in Mexico are closely following the activities of the Sinaloa Cartel cell identified as 'Los Arzate '; Directed by Alfonso Arzate García 'El Aquiles', and his brother René, ''La Rana''.

The latest intelligence work revealed that the criminal group associated with 'Los Ántrax' is taking an important role that suggests a strong support for Ismael 'El Mayo' Zambada and leaving a secondary role to that of 'Los Chapitos' .

His power and notoriety is so evident that the US administration placed "La Rana", who is said to distribute a third of the methamphetamine consumed in San Diego County, on its most wanted list.

''Los Arzate'' traffic in drugs from China, Colombia and Mexico and then introduce them to the United States through the border between Tijuana and San Diego.

Intelligence sources place him as one of the main perpetrators of the violence that is registered in the municipality of Tijuana, whose death toll already exceeds 1370 in the year.

Check out Wachito's 2016 BB Post HERE for more back round on "Los Azartes"

As a result of this conflict with members of the CAF, due to the control of drug dealing in conflictive neighborhoods such as Sánchez Taboada, Valle Verde and Florido, he, ie "El Javo" left Tijuana and sought refuge in the State Capital of Mexicali, where he had been distributing drugs to minors for about a month, obtaining profits of  $3 to $5,000 dollars a week that were delivered by operators of "La Rana" and "El Aquiles."

Long Criminal Record:
"El Javo" already has a long criminal record that ranges from qualified homicide, breach of trust, domestic violence and aggravated injuries due to kinship, possession of a prohibited weapon, possession of a firearm and cartridges.

One of the most severe crimes in which he was involved is the death of three women from Mexicali, which occurred on a property in the Loma Dorada neighborhood in Tijuana, where he ordered the bodies to be dissolved in chemical substances to avoid their location.

When he was detained on that occasion, he mentioned working for a man nicknamed “El Michoacano,” one of the main people responsible for drug trafficking; on that occasion he was arrested with his brother Leonel, who was murdered months later.

In this last arrest he was apprehended in the company of a composer of narco-corrido, with whom he lived and whose name is unknown.

FROM: El Mexicano 2015

Tijuana, BC:  Municipal Police agents recaptured “El Javo” for homicide, a member of organized crime, who recently left a Federal Center for Social Readaptation (Cefereso), accused of committing federal crimes.

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) reported the capture was carried out by elements assigned to the Tijuana Operative Group in the El Pípila neighborhood.

They are Javier Olguín Hernández who also calls himself Daniel Vázquez Silva and Javier Osuna Pérez, nicknamed “El Javo”, 27 years old.

He confessed to currently dedicating himself to the trafficking of synthetic drugs to the United States for a person nicknamed "El Michoacano", a resident of the El Pípila neighborhood.

He was captured around 6:50 p.m. on Tuesday, when he was in the company of Pedro Cruz Beltrán, 53, and Ana Lilia “N”, 16 years old.

One person reported anonymously that a woman and two men were apparently in possession of firearms on Monte Jaraguay Street in the Loma Dorada neighborhood.

Olguín Hernández had a firearm wrapped around his waist. It is a 5.7 millimeter caliber, known as a "matapoli", ie, "police killer." In addition, during the inspection they found several useful cartridges, a voice recorder, a cell phone and identification in the name of Daniel Vázquez Silva, all apocryphal, ie , stolen.

When the agents verified his data, they obtained his real name and, according to information from the Intelligence areas, it turned out that he has been part of an organized crime group since 2008.

He also appeared as a detainee and under criminal process in a Cefereso in Nayarit, but from there he managed to obtain his freedom when he was accused of federal crimes.

At the time of his arrest, he offered the municipal police officers $ 10,000 in exchange for their release, but they refused to accept the bribe.

In addition, "El Javo", Olguín Hernández resulted in an active arrest warrant, issued by the Ninth Criminal Court, for the crime of homicide classified as co-authorship.

In July 2009 he was captured in the same Loma Dorada neighborhood, then with Leonel Olguín Hernández, "El Babe". He was charged for his alleged responsibility in crimes against health, organized crime and violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives.

"El Javo" is also identified as a participant in the murder of three women in the city of Mexicali, in 2008. See Below............

FROM: PHora 2009

The State Attorney's Office revealed today that three young women who had been reported missing last year were murdered and their bodies dissolved in acid by criminals in the northern Mexican state of Baja California, on the border with the United States.

The investigation began in 2008 when the disappearance of three young women who lived in neighboring Mexicali was reported in Tijuana and coincided with the capture last April of a group of alleged criminals, including the three alleged murderers.

This was a very high profile crime at the time.

The Baja California Attorney General's Office concluded in a statement that Laura Gabriela Mejía Simenal and sisters Nataly and Ivonne Dennise Medrano Montoya, aged 25, 24, and 23, respectively, were murdered in August 2008 in the city of Tijuana.

He added that the investigations in search of the whereabouts of the young women who lived in the city of Mexicali established that they were murdered by Fidel Abraham Barajas Sánchez, alias "El Chiricua"; Antonio Grajeda Mendoza, "El Negro", and Javier Hernández Olguín, "El Javo", who were detained for other reasons by the Army on April 2, 2009.

In the investigations the names of these criminals appeared, who, already arrested, confessed to the crime.

According to the judicial reconstruction of the events, the young women traveled from Mexicali to Tijuana, both cities in Baja California, where they met with the three men, apparently hitmen of drug traffickers.

One of the young women,  according to the official version, had an argument with "El Negro", who ordered that the women be taken back to Mexicali.

But on the way, "El Chiricua" received the counter order to take the girls to a house in Tijuana, where they were suffocated and their bodies dissolved in acid inside an aluminum barrel, without their traces having been found so far.

"El Negro" is considered a lieutenant of an organized crime gang that operates in Baja California, which is mainly dedicated to kidnappings and contract killings.

One of the methods used by organized crime in Mexico to disappear their enemies is dissolving their bodies in acid.

At the beginning of this year, (2009) the Mexican authorities arrested Santiago Meza López, alias "El Pozolero", who dissolved over several years in acid some 300 bodies on the orders of Teodoro Eduardo García Simental, alias "El Teo", a member of the cartel of the Arellano Félix brothers, who are based in Tijuana. He earned $600 per week for his "work".

Meza López had a very peculiar recipe: to a 200-liter tub, he filled it  halfway with water, then two sacks of caustic soda and finally the pieces of dismembered bodies. Then he let the mixture boil on the fire for eight hours so that they disintegrated almost completely. The little that did not burn, such as teeth, nails and pieces of bones, he took to a vacant lot where he burned them with gasoline and then buried them.

For years, the Arellano Félix family were the masters of Tijuana. They controlled the plaza.

For More back-round see BB's former reporter Otis B Fly-Wheel's 2015 Post  HERE


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