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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Celaya Guanajuato : 7 Dead, 4 Wounded and 3 Arrested

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Source

In a third event, a CJNG sicario was decapitated by people of El Marro

Thursday: a balance of five people dead and four injured in a first event. Later, in a second event, a male was killed, and three people were arrested, who were involved in the multiple homicides. In a third Celaya incident of violence, an alleged CJNG sicario was executed alive by beheading.

Reports of  gun shots in a house located in the Ejidal neighborhood, emergency units arrived finding five dead people and four injured inside a home, who were at a wake.

Immediately with the support of the National Guard (GN) and the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), an operation was implemented to search for the perps.

Minutes later, an involved  vehicle was located, the driver was stopped with audible and visible signals (turrets and loudspeaker), ignoring this and accelerating the vehicle, began a chase that lasted through various streets.

It was in the vicinity of the Hacienda Natura neighborhood that the Municipal Police elements were attacked with bullets, they repelled the attack.

At the scene, an alleged assailant was killed and three more men were captured, who were arrested at the time they entered a home. Inside the building, they managed to secure several firearms,  cartridges, tactical equipment and marijuana; as well as communication equipment.

The suspects were identified as 20-year-old Enrique “N”, 27-year-old Luis “N” and another man, who did not provide data and had to be transferred to a hospital for medical evaluation.


A video was circulating on social networks that depict self-described members of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel executing and decapitating  an alleged hitman of Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).

In the video they then accuse El Pollo , El Chema and El Miyagi of hanging narcomantas and extorting money in Salamanca, Guanajuato.

The sicarios decapitate the victim and the CSRL sicarios warn that the 'plaza' already has an owner and they cheered for El Marro, who was arrested two months ago.

This post twice posted the execution video, and twice Twitter removed the video as a violation of their policy. 

Twitter has new policies of censorship where previously they would not interfere with execution videos, but now it appears they have changed…. drastically.    This is the slippery slope YouTube travelled, where it became impossible to post many videos and images even those considered benign.  


  1. Questioned? When Cartels send messages out to the Mayors, Governors, Councils they get asked why or how do they know you? Or do they just settle for the Hug a Thug, Amor y Paz AMLO mentality?

  2. Sorry, twitter took the first video down, I posted another. They have taken it down. Twitter never used to censor like this. Looks like they have chugged the cancel culture kool aid. They have now resorted to censoring like YouTube.
    They attempted to take down my police woman bleeding in LA after being shot with her partner. They finally allowed it but not on my cell.
    This is a dangerous path our country is taking.

    1. Download the video using the Documents app. Once you do this you can then upload it to Blogger. This was how I would do it. The only downside to this is that you zip through your data plan to fast. It's best to download whenever you're in a free WiFi zone. This is something most people don't stop to consider when it comes to posting vidoes online. You essentially pay to post if you're not familiar with how it works. So,yeah go with free WiFi whenever you can.

      - Sol Prendido

    2. Why is the Aguaje situation not bring reported on here?

    3. Dr. Sol Predido welcome back, glad to hear your vin good health.

    4. Good to hear that from you!

  3. And the pinchis russian hackers won't help?
    There are the iranis and chinese and the ISIS hacking experts too, but theu are not stepping anything up, or we can fund the Sicario 006 own twitter, facebook, instygerm, b/s book, gloober, but we need our own, otherwise the smart prude arses will keep hiding their crimes behind the lords of the worldwidenets' petticoats

  4. I swear human life and death doesn't mean jack shit in Mexico. The society obviously doesn't see people dying as being that big of a deal.


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