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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Birthday Party Ends in Bloodbath After Four People Were Killed in Tabasco

 "stevectpa" for Borderland Beat

The attack occurred early in the morning this weekend. No one has been arrested.

A birthday party ended in a bloodbath after four people were killed at dawn this weekend in Comalcalco, Tabasco. The woman who was celebrating her 26th birthday survived. She hid in the  bathroom while the gunmen went inside the house to kill the attendees.

Four of her friends (two men and two women) were killed by gunmen who arrived at the scene in a gray van. The rest of the party attendees had already left, leaving only five people inside the house. The woman having her birthday told the authorities that it was after 3:00 p.m. when she decided to go to the bathroom.

A few seconds later, she heard a vehicle approaching her home. She hid inside the bathroom after she overheard gunshots and screams. The hitmen escaped in a gray truck and are still at large.

Graphic images below

The victims were identified earlier this morning: the two women were Citlaly (aged 19) and Cemerani (aged 22), both from Carlos Green rural community. The young men were José (aged 26) from Cárdenas municipality, and Víctor (aged 25), the town of Ingeniero Eduardo Chávez Ramírez.

On Saturday, September 19, a couple was executed in Villa Aldama, Comalcalco, while they were boarding a taxi. The armed men were also traveling in a gray van. The woman died in the ambulance while the man died moments after receiving medical attention at the crime scene. No one was arrested for the crimes.

So far the motive for both crimes are unknown but it has the modus operandi of the drug trafficking and huachicol (oil theft) groups that fight for control of the area. Tabasco, the home state of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has seen a rise in murders in recent months due to the turf battles between rival criminal gangs.

Sources: Tabasco Hoy; MSN NoticiasGrupo VX


  1. Tabasco is the home state of former GAFE and zeta member El Mamito, he could be free after singing his ass off,he just wanted to see mommy again.

  2. If you see a gray van in the area with punks, that have nothing else better to do, than kill innocent persons, 1. Hide or #2 shoot the bastard's don't be afraid .then run away.

  3. ah the old "go to the bathroom while everybody gets killed" trick...she knew it was coming

  4. Remind me not to go to parties, where they are playing....ton loc funky Cold Medina.

  5. Either by true divine intervention or a set up is associated with this girl's life. Leaning on the latter.
    No reports of injuries towards surviving victim was reported?

  6. Ha Deciding to go to restroom very different from Needed to go

  7. 8:58 that’s what I was thinking too. Killers clean out house but don’t check bathroom? Or told her to stay in there while they kill the people she lured there for the sicarios. Probably for $5

    1. Keep in mind these are barely literate shit hit men.


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