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Saturday, September 12, 2020

11 days 60 killings in Jalisco

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus  Source

In the first 10 days of September, in Jalisco a total of 60 people have been murdered.

According to figures collected daily by this means from the National Public Security System, from September 1 to 10 of this year, a total of 60 people were murdered in Jalisco.

The most critical days were September 5 and 10 with 10 intentional homicides each, contrary to this on September 1 in all of Jalisco only one person was murdered.

According to the same agency, from January 1 to September 10 of this year a total of 1,677 homicides have been committed in our state.

The most violent municipalities so far, according to figures from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences are:

Guadalajara with 295
Tlaquepaque with 172
Zapopan with 120
Tlajomulco with 99

In all of Mexico, so far in September there have already been 783 violent deaths, with which there are 20 thousand 470 homicides in the first nine months of this 2020.


  1. Hello, I would send this by email, but I think that your email is listed incorrectly perhaps chivis.martinez@ perhaps it should be, and is there an actual space between @ and Anyway, would you be interested in some nice Mexico news for a relaxed moment, "It is in times of crisis that you can really know who your true friends are. For this reason, the arrival to the state of Oregon of a group of Mexican firefighters to help in the most critical hours of the fires has caused appreciation and popular admiration." It is from

  2. ¿Y que de Encarnación de Díaz? Quien lo controla?

  3. Cholo/MAYO PEOPLE still TRYING to take JALISCO plaza FROM mencho..
    PEOPLE from both SIDES keep getting KILLED and REPLACEd..
    NOTHING has changed, CJNG still dominate JALISCO..
    The only thing changing IS the HIGH body COUNT..
    Mexico is a NARCO state thanks TO their WEAK GOVERNMENT and AMLO JUST wants to hug SICARIOS and capos.SMH
    WAR on DRUGS is a big SHAM...

  4. Jalisco is very hot, I said it before. CJNG and NP/CDS are killing each other all over the state. Matter of fact, NP/CDS are fighting CJNG in Leon, Guanajuato also. Some said here on BB that Jalisco is quiet when I was saying the opposite. Here's your proof!

    1. Muchas partes de Jalisco under CJNG si están tranquilas. Mostly towards la costa. It’s Guadalajara and the surrounding areas that are very deadly. Those areas have always been controlled by Sinaloa. It’s CJNG that’s trying to get in there.

  5. mencha cant even control his own state?

    1. The state that was controlled by CDS, did mench take it from them?

    2. No. Guadalajara has always been under Sinaloa and surrounding areas. The cities they mention above make up a large block that CJNG. When Nacho Coronel a lot his old people created GJNG and took control of a majority part of Jalisco.

    3. Correction. Meant to say CJNG is fighting Sinaloa in the cities mention above. And when Nacho died there was a split and a lot his people created CJNG. They took control of the majority of the state. As well as Colima and parts of Nayarit. I’ll proof read next guys.

  6. Sinaloa runs Guadalajara

  7. Add to the Covid19 deaths, there going to be a lot for this year in Mexico.

  8. Blame governor enrique alfaro of MC for his taking care of former criminal associates and death squads by sending his new criminal associates to kill them, Alfaro need not leave any living witnesses to his criminal life...
    Lessons from cabeza de cagadas de vacas and genarco garcia luna, general Dauahare and commander of the federal police Javier Herrera Valles, (regional commander under general commander Edgar Eusebio Millan, assassinated by Genarco Garcia Luna and Co.
    In Colombia, policia Nacional Mayor Juan Carlos Meneses lives threatened by Alvaro Uribe Velez for being a witness to his crimes and his brother Santiago as boss of the 12 Apóstoles death squads who is in prison and alvaro uribe velez who is now fighting to not be incarcerated for his crimes as long as he is alive at least.
    RECOMMENDED: Un Comisario Valiente, part 1/ El Soberano MX

  9. I’ve been talking to my friends about what’s going on in the state and they said that someone switched sides. It’s unsure if it was NP switching back to CJNG or the other way around.

  10. This cartel nonsense has ravaged Mexico. 1,677 killings so far in a state with just over eight million people? That's insane.


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