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Saturday, August 15, 2020

War Between CJNG and Autodefenses Escalates

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LSR
Residents of the municipality of Tepalcatepec increased their surveillance bases in the face of the constant attacks of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), which has extended its war zone against the inhabitants of that region of the Tiera Caliente region (Hot Lands) of Michoacán.
The criminal organization led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, "El Mencho", even put heavy machinery in place to connect gaps and have new access roads. With assault rifles, a .50 caliber Barrett and grenade launchers, the CJNG attacks from the ground and also uses drones loaded with C4 explosives to seek to annihilate the population.  La Silla Rota toured the area affected by the CJNG criminal onslaught and accompanied the self-defense groups that have been containing the narco with its surveillance.
 People alive, Criminals killed:
This August 30th will be the one year since an armed group, in the service of the CJNG, attacked for the first time the inhabitants of Tepalcatepec. The failure of the CJNG, on that occasion, cost Mencho the deaths of nine of his hitmen and 11 more were injured, at the hands of the Municipal Police, state and the local people.

From that moment on, CJNG's attempts to seize control of that municipality grew and in recent times the stalking has increased, without it having been successful.

In the cockpit of a van, two hip-hop songs that a couple of singers composed to extol the work of community self-defense are heard over and over again.

"Here we are old, we will stand firm, even if we do not have the support of the government as it should and all because they call us criminals, just because we defend what costs us so much",  are some phrases from the first piece of music.

In the back of the vehicle are peasants, day laborers, entrepreneurs and young people, who with rifles in hand defy the criminal assaults and the winding roads. The large caravans run through gaps, alerting each other of any unusual movement or movement of suspicious vehicles and climb on foot up large steep slopes of the mountain.

Sometimes they joke, but regularly their countenance is lost in alert glances looking out for any new attacks; they just expect to hear the first shot which they will respond to.


The talk at times is the multiple attacks that the CJNG has perpetrated against them: they say that  in front of  living people, there will always be a dead criminal.

One of the inhabitants, from whom his name is reserved for security, said that the criminal siege has increased and that has forced them to extend their armed civilian mobilization.

The father of four had to leave his cows and the field full-time to lift his AK-47 rifle, better known as "Goat Horn", or Cuerno de Chivo, in the  Tierra Caliente region, which has been hit hard by being in the last two CJNG attacks and he says containing and repelling these criminal attacks is very complicated, psychologically.

Human Strength:

The threats of the CJNG to the inhabitants of Tepalcatepec are daily and at all times, via telecommunication radios, narco-messages or social networks, in addition to disappearances of people from the region in the area dominated by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. The groups of armed civilians are now constantly moving along each of their borders of their municipality with Coalcomán and Buenavista, Michoacán, on the one hand.

On the other hand, surveillance and self-defense groups extended to each border of the municipalities of Jilotlán and Tecalitlán, Jalisco. At these two points, the caravans of the so-called elite CJNG group have boasted their numerical and weaponry might, in addition to their armored vehicles. Local, state and federal forces focus on only a few points and that has led to other attacks by "Mencho's people"; so, the villagers must take care of the whole municipality.

That is, Tepalcatepec, which has become a human fortress and because of this, now the criminal attacks also fly, literally. Just this past weekend, the inhabitants recovered, from past clashes, a CJNG van with armor, and its interior was an ammunition stash.  Inside that camouflaged vehicle, there were two drones with a detonation system installed and underneath, boxes with plastic explosives of composition, known as C4.

Among the armor, there were more containers with that material, as well as high-power rifles used by hitmen in the most recent attack on settlers and authorities. However, Tepalcatepec's own armor has forced the criminal group to put heavy machinery on the side on which it operates, to connect gaps for new access routes.

One of those sections that the CJNG connected was from Los Chapilis  to Las Enramadas, from the municipality of Coalcomán and these with the community Tres Hermanos de Tecalitlán, Jalisco.
Nearby, in El Ahuijullo, Jalisco, where the inhabitants of that upper region of the Hot Lands, ie, La Tierra Caliente, identified that it was where the CJNG, has recorded their threatening videos.

So, the borders of Tepalcatepec,  have witnessed the bloody war that the CJNG, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel , has declared on the towns of that municipality. However, the inhabitants have not only left their activities and sheltered their families, but also, defiantly, warn that no one "will come to harm our people again.”


  1. CJNG has all these high tech weapons and security training and they are attaching C-4 to drones with duct tape...such a primitive method to utilize high explosives. Perhaps they need to hire an engineer or two to devise a more reliable method of delivery

  2. Anyone who takes out a CJNG member should get a medal. CJNG are baby killers. Mencho is being chased all over mexico from one rat hole to the next. Sooner or later the CIA will catch up with him. Even the ISIS leader couldn't hide from the American's forever.

  3. CJNG doesn't need Tepaltepec they want El Abuelo Farias his family, his partners and their families dead. I already explained what is happening in Michoacn how the whole Autodefensa movement started who financed it. It was CJNG, El Gerardon, La Tuta with the Sierra Santanas and El PRI that didn't want to keep its end of the deal with Nazario Moreno Gonzalez. El Chanda, Cenizo, El 500 flipped on CJNG also. Every Templario that is stil alive switched sides and went with CJNG before flipping on them. CJNG and Mencho want every cartel leader in Michocan dead from El Abuelo, Poncho La quiringa, El Tucan, El Seco, El Tena, Sierra Santana brothers, El Boto, Los Revueltas, El Tetos, El Toro, El Mariono, ect so many names.

    This is a propaganda piece payed by Los Chocomiles de Tepeke. Who were CJNG before they decided to steal from Mencho and turned Chapulines. Their is a theory that the reason they did this was because CJNG has so much heat on them. While the Carteles Unidos don't.

    No one talks about them they can pass off as CJNG in the US if they wanted tell the buyer or the seller that they have in the states that they are CJNG and once the feds bust them the blame is placed on CJNG.

    1. pay attention this guy knows what's he's talking about

  4. As well armed as these men seem to be it is very hard for me to believe that they are simply 'innocent' autodefensas.

  5. Animo compadres!

    Tepalcatepec must surrender immediately! The anarchy and autodefensa groups that have plagued Michoacán are finished! CJNG will bring law and order to this great state. All vigilantes are advised to surrender and let us pass through their villages or they will be annihilated by Predator drones.

    Caballero de Jalisco🏴‍☠️🇲🇽

    1. No te aguites caballero! El señor de los cocks le va a meter un cock con dinamita al viejillo del abulo para que le explote en el culo por traicionero y rata!!!!💥 Puro señor de los cocks!!!!🐔

  6. Great story Thank You !

    now do they run drugs also
    or are they really just keeping the right to live in peace ??

    I really would like to understand better want to put out good thoughts and prayers for them, But
    dont know if they are also running drugs or committing other unlawful Enterprizes ?

    1. It is sad for me after reading Dr Mireles book which has a lot of history of the area and these same places, most of which go back as starting out as ranchos or a cluster of ranchos......Todos Somos Autodefenses

      I read it en Español but I believe it is available in English

  7. I am confused why is mencho going so hard to take over or take out this town/region, it seems they get their ass handed to them every time they attack, why does he keep trying? Is this area valuable in terms of the drug trade or does he have a personal vendetta against someone from there? Could anyone from this area or familiar explain what this war is about

    1. Its personal against abuelo, and when things get personal you dont give a shit how many soldiers die as long as you get your targget

  8. DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones with explosives .

    El Señor De Los Gallos will soon use roosters with explosives

    1. Omg, that is too funny, haha

    2. animo sicario.....look like el señor de los gallos is way more sofisticated than cds

  9. What this looks like is that the Viagras and el Abuelo staged attacks (blamed on a CJNG they once were allied to and then betrayed) hace now drafted everybody on their turf and got the Autodefensas flag over their heads like fedayines... --wanna bet the tepeques are trying to recruit Dr Mireles and AMLO for their side?

  10. A cabron.. autodefensas con cuernos de chivos y vestimental táctico? Pa mi que estos se robaron La cocaina del CJNG y después se volvieron viagras y todos sabemos que los viagras son lo peor. Pinches lacras. No olviden que estos también fueron CJNG y por tomar lo que no es suyo ahora es tiempo de pagar. Y aquí hubieras agregado el vídeo donde dice el Mencho el porque van contra el abuelo. Eso pasa cuando muerden la mano que les dio de tragar. Abuelo ya tienen a la gente arta de tanto robadero y secuestros que traen en tepeque y sus alrededores.

    1. 10:40 good thing that cjng are angels from heaven ah🖕 they don't steal, kidnap, extort,etc..if u wanna talk about traitors mencho wins no doubt pinche Viejo culo..

    2. 11:05 did you even catch what 10:40 meant? Point been this guys are not autodefensas, (no se olviden que estos tambien fueron CJNG) that means they are also crominals! The only leggit autodefensas were dr. Mireles!!! Abuelo, pitufo, americano and viagras are back stavers they were all cjng and backstaved them! Which is no surprise to me, what really pissed me off was the fact that they had a leggit oportunity to do something good for their home state! And maybe for mexico, but this guys backstabbed dr. Mireles and sided with the corruped police! The leggit autodefensas did align with the police and got killed or arrested like dr. Mireles! The only true autodefensa and hero in that movenent, i wouldnt dought that Abuelo brain washed dr mireles just like he is brain washing so many inoccent people in tepeque to fight his fight while this criminals are hiding behid them, any how abuelo is dead meat, mencho will get to him one way or another, i mean ge took guanajuato kicked out cds from most of the plazas they use to have, what makes you think he wont get abuelo? Again i dont like abuelo for the fact that he betraid Dr. Mireles ese viejillo si merese nuestro respeto, and i could care less about mencho also, i mean he is a criminal after all he is just doing what criminals do and he is not hiding behind children and women, again if all those autodefensas hadnt turn their back on Dr. Mireles mexico had a leggit chanse of turning aroud their path! They would of been some modern day heros! But they took the opposit path and became trash

    3. @941 they took the money

  11. They have a drug trade of their own that they're protecting.
    Can't blame them though. Someone's using the plane tracks, might as well be the locals. And that's as good a reason to lay down one's life as any other.

  12. 9 12
    Thanks Your the only one that answered our ???
    Its really hard to understand storys that dont tell the whole story
    Like this one
    We want to think a Good Group of Innocents no ties to anything illegal is fighting against the gangs
    but I guess they are all in the game
    but use words ( Names that defelct the true cause of fighting back
    So they just dont want outsiders coming in taking over their own drug routes
    Thank You

  13. There are no more "Autodefensas" the people mentioned are members of LFM/FM/Viagras that paid off the news media to portray them as Autodefensas in order to gain sympathy and hide their true allegiances


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