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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Violence south of Veracruz; 6 bodies found on the border with Tabasco all given "coup de grâce"

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat    Source

Six bodies were found this Tuesday on the edge of the Coatzacoalcos- Cardenas federal highway, near the bridge that divides Veracruz with the state of Tabasco. Five men and one woman, who presented the "Coup de grace". 

After the discovery, there was a strong mobilization by elements of the National Guard and the Mexican Navy Secretariat (Semar). According to the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) of Veracruz, the investigation will be conducted by the Attorney General's Office of the State of Tabasco and the Secretary of Public Security of the neighboring entity.

However, so far, no authority has hypothesized on the finding, which has caused terror in the southern part of the Veracruz state. In Coatzacoalcos, on Monday night, two people were executed inside the "El Arrecife” bar, located on Juan Osorio López avenue in the Francisco Villa neighborhood.

A commando entered the establishment  directly attacking two customers, a man and a woman, who were celebrating the reopening of the bar, after having closed its doors due to the SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Warning graphic images below no further text


  1. Please tell us Why are their pants pulled down on the men ?
    did they rape them before or after they Murdered them ?

    1. Clothes tends to come off when dragging dead bodies around

    2. My two cents:

      A lot of these people are tortured/beaten before they are killed. The so-called "tablazo" – the act of hitting someone with a "tabla" (board) – is usually done below the belt.

      These people also think it is funny and embarrassing for the victim to be semi-naked. Seeing them begging for mercy while in their underwear is funny for these sick people. A form of psychological torture if you will.

  2. This looks like a throwback photo from 2010 & back, when they use to dump tied up bodies like this before they got more barbaric with the dismembering, suprised they didn’t do that, probably done by some dirty cops/ armed forces of the government

  3. Looks like a hate crime. Or at least what they call it in the USA.
    May their souls rest in peace.

    1. Hate crime is one of many political terms to cow the masses,a new LAW to convict more people.Do as your told and dont dare open your mouth

    2. Say what ? Fuckin hate crimes you been witnessing ?

    3. Look a little closer at the images. The victims were not cartel types. These were more gentle persons. I can't spell it out any more clearly.
      For the record all crime is hate crime in my world. In the USA some crimes based on hate are more seriously prosecuted.

    4. No its not a hate crime and its mexico. No need for you to put BLM or something else on the table.

  4. Just a normal day in Mexico!

    1. 3:30 donde te parió tu puta madre güey...
      Almost nobody did any crimes in the México i grew up in, except for the police and the military. They started hiring to do their drug trafficking in the 60/70s, OF COURSE, CIA puppet DFS and CIA Litempo agent "presidents" at the top of the feeding chain...
      PRESSURE ON THE US for survival of hard headed ideologías have put US and México on this predicamento of intensifying "Low Intensity Conflict" wise men on the US dictated for LatinAmerican policy.
      As the "Benefit of the Doubt?" goes bankrupt, so does the pretense of decency on the land of Big Brother where the Silent Majority is trying to be more outspoken and the loudmouth minority tries to keep their hands on the prize...


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