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Saturday, August 15, 2020

New Message from "El Azul": Reorganization of CSRL

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Infobae/ Vanguardia

New actors in reorganization of the CSRL:
they found narco-messages signed by "El Azul".

"El Marro" is already in Almoloya, but the legacy continues: a rearrangement of the criminal organization could be underway.

In Guanajuato , violence — at least in the short term — will not abate. On the contrary, it will be more critical. The hitmen of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel are looking for new pacts and a new leader.

The news of the arrest of the leader of said criminal group, José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, el "Marro" , on August 2, has had ambivalent effects in the state. On the one hand, a sense of peace , mainly for those who live in the Laja-Bajío region, is negated by the other: the warning of a new war for the rearrangement of the organization.

"El Marro's" arrest has vacated the throne of a bloodthirsty cartel, which has an important presence in several municipalities of Guanajuato, as well as neighboring areas in the north and south.

"This happened to them for being fucking crooked, assholes sell ranchos, we are coming for you fucking Yeyo joto, and your cholo crooked leg, fuckers kills innocents assholes, and here we are to bump them, now shut up you dick heads, sincerely: "El Azul" reads the message posted in the city of Celaya. (more or less)

The warning could be interpreted as a new leadership within the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.

There is a fear in the authorities that violence will be unleashed which, according to analysts, will not be immediate, because the government has frozen accounts, dismantled properties and captured several members of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.
Currently,  "El Marro" faces charges before the Attorney General of the Republic. However, the criminal inheritance continues. This same week, social media accounts replicated images of a narco-message supposedly from the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel signed by "Azul."

Experts warn that the fall of José Antonio Yépez Ortiz could send a signal to CSRL lieutenants to become independent and form new cells and groups. They believe that there will be an interesting process of restructuring within the organization. We will have to wait and see who stays in their place.

What most worries analysts and authorities, however, is that other criminal groups such as the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, CJNG,  read the capture of  “El Marro” as a sign of weakness of the huachicolero cartel. This could destabilize cities like Celaya, Irapuato and Villagrán.
"I didn't do anything to anyone" says ''El Marro'', but his war against the CJNG caused 10,000 deaths.

"El Marro" unleashed waves of violence after his command in the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, in 2017. "I have nothing against anyone, I did nothing to anyone", were the last words that have circulated from "El Marro", during his hearing in the Altiplano.

The "huachicol", ie fuel theft, was the cause of this great dispute. Both Cartels wanted to extract hydrocarbons from the pipelines of Petróleos Mexicanos , ie Pemex.

José Antonio Yépez, "El Marro" –the huachicolero who went from the mansion to the cave, and from the cave to the prison-. The leaders of these criminal groups sought to control the huachicol triangle, which includes the municipalities of Apaseo el Grande, León, Salamanca, Irapuato and Celaya.

By 2018, deaths from this dispute soared, almost tripled. The year closed with 3,290 homicides. In this year Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has declared war against the huachicol since his arrival, came into office. Despite this, deaths increased in 2019:  3,540 murders were recorded.

So far, from January to June 2020, there are 2,293 deaths from organized crime. Almost double the number of murders recorded in 2017. In total, there are 10,546 deaths due to the war that "El Marro" unleashed.

The residents of San Miguel Octopan protected ''El Marro'' and his family, they paid them to avoid the passage of the military. There they captured Karina, girlfriend of ''El Marro'', then she was released by a federal judge.

The struggle of the CDSL criminals for control of the territory also has other fronts. In Querétaro and Michoacán, the capture could have repercussions in the confrontation between the CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel that seek to control these areas.

The CJNG was formed with gunmen from Sinaloa who moved to Guadalajara (Jalisco), to provide protection to the families of the capos who reside there. In March 2012, relations between the Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco Nueva Generación were broken , but Ismael's organization , “Mayo” Zambada continues to have a lot of influence over them.


  1. Okay, so is El Azul alive or dead? And if he is dead, what happened to his Network? Very low profile people, to be posting Narco Montas.

    Something very interesting, I heard a rumor not too long ago that the Guzman cartel, was moving into the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel territory as backing. So, is it El Azul? Or is it chapitos?

    I keep telling all of you that I'm waiting for something two happened, and you're seeing the beginning of it. There is a restructuring process going on. Now it's going to come down to which network is backing which network.

    El Azul, Los chapitos ?

    El Mayo, RCQ, Juarez, BLO?

    Surprise is going to be more than all of you can handle.

    Are the guzmans going to be out of business 6 months from now?

    The answer is hell no. It's just starting to get interesting.

    1. JJEM died of a heart attack, didn't you know this? Coincidentally he passed less than a year after the release of his compadre. I'm surprised you never met him when you were working? Back to the subject at hand, this "Azul" is some scrub or pretender faking the funk who can't afford to have a manta made that isn't as ambiguous as this BS.

  2. Cds is in guanajuato now the violence of course will not stop.

  3. Could be just another very dark guy that looks blueish. With that nickname. I would expect someone of El Azul's level to have some manta printed. Not written like this.

    Rubio NYC

  4. Now it makes sence who is heating up the plaza, but its ok csrl was weak already and with most soldiers jumping ship to cjng the remaining members are like a little gang it will take till the end of the year to clean guanajuato completilly but the cjng grupo wont even enterfiere anymore, its just gonna take the lower ranking cjng soldiers to clean guanajuato now, guanajuato es del señor mencho!!!!

  5. How crazy would it be if these other guys in CSRL were the ones committing atrocities, in hopes of getting Marro removed from power?

    Anything is possible these days in Mexico..

    1. Sure and im sure you ignored the fact that marro had a woman kidnapped when he was arrested

  6. Cjng was NOT formed with gunmen from SINALOA! 😆
    MAYO does NOT HAVE ANY influence over them either 😆 OMG what a newbie.....
    That manta is signed FOR el CHOLO most likely CJNG put it UP.. El cholo is NUEVA PLAZA WHO mayo helped MAKE finantionally to fight CJNG

    1. Stop with the ceative writing...or I will stop posting them

  7. These cartels accuse each other of killing innocents claiming to be different from one another, when in reality they are all evil and the same.

  8. which azul is this? is it really from sinaloa, or another azul?

    1. It has to be another one or else he would of claim CDS and would of use a real manta

    2. exactly why I asked. twitter followers also asked. I just cjhecked all the usual mainstream who would post this. I mean this would be huge. Azzul faked his death and now jumps out of hiding signing a manta?

      I don't thjink so. No mainstream even has the story. BDN does but refrains from saying it is Juan José Esparragoza Moreno of sinaloa.

      Infobae and vanguardia are not the best. infobae can be good but are not of mexico I always check around first before posting. and vanguardia mostly republishes.

      So I am 99 percent sure it is NOT azul...but it was exciting for a minute :)

    3. I don’t know !
      I looked at many sources, they all basically said the same thing.

    4. El Azul has been out, his sons are moving tons

    5. I agree w Chivis.
      CANNOT really be JJEMoreno of Sinaloa
      esp w that type of hokey manta.

    6. Could you imagine how powerful, and entrenched he'd be if he's been under the radar completely until now? Imo if Azul was still alive and did this I'd say CDSRL or whoever would be on their way to being the most powerful group in Mexico. A guy like Azul having years underground, hed immediately be the most powerful narco. I don't think it's him. It's another Azul imo. He's not gonna announce he's back with a sharpie lol

    7. Even the real Azul could have been named so because he used to be a police officer, they used to be called Azules, cuicos, callentos, chotas, genízaros, tiras and hijos de la chingada.
      regarding JJEM the real big Azul, i believe he naked his death to walk away from all the BS, Like Francisco Sahagun Baca (uncle of Martha Sahagún de Fox former querida del Padre marcial maciel) and el chayo of the CT.

  9. No se quiebren ma cabeza . Ese azul a de ser un narquillo local , ya ven ay aparecio otro mochomo G.U en warrior mexico , jajaja .

  10. This can't be OG El Azul, its not his style, and someone copied his name, how lame.

  11. who is this " El Azul ". if he really is someone high ranking we never heard about within cdsl why would he throw jabs at marro and to people of his orginization. it makes no sense if anthing he killed his chances of getting the same toype loyalty and trust from cdsl. and el cholo was he taking jabs at neva plaza boss who marked his arrival. if anything that narco manta is mencho trying to use the same tactic he used on the templarios confuse its members, spread lies which caused cells to break ties to the main templarios who are still around hold up in the sierra in the avocado farms.

  12. whjen I said infobae can be good but not the best. I always get at least one other reliable source to back up the claim. we use infobae they are fine, but have to cross check. and we do that anyway.

    1. The Vanguardia info I used about El Marro came from LSR.

    2. TY Yaqui, exactly what I said...vanguardia usually republishes

  13. Faked his death just to do mantas lol(sarcasm)

  14. Wouldnt you think going after the lil gun tooting gang members would be better then just going after the Main boss ?
    A guy cant lead if his lil gang bangers army are all caught, He wont have a an army cant fight alone

    I dont mean Dont go after the boss, Do
    But take away his soldiers he stands alone.

    I still dont understand why any gang member would want to die to make his Boss'es rich.
    Fight for your Country Your children Your friends family Your own,
    not to make millions for others or some drug lord or politican.

  15. el azul is a fake person made up identity, this new leder wants to stay under the raydar. and he goes by the name la magia " mr magic" so who is this magic el magia well its the brother of the mayor of villagran lara something forgot his name not sure if hes arrested he hsould be but magia is also dousins to 2 of marros right hand men and 2nd in command who are locked up already. el puma, y la viej. so he was more financiero than a sikario. they are still strong they still have all of thier financers and money laundering people operating.


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