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Monday, August 17, 2020

Nava Coahuila: Firefighter injured and Police officer killed at "Covid19" wellness stop, suspect CDN

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat   Zocalo

In Nava, several Covid filters are installed where normally a municipal patrol, and an  ambulance is present and during the night a police officer and firefighter stay on duty, in at least three points of the city, where they take the temperature of those who drive through those roads.

The incident occurred around 1:00 a.m. when several subjects aboard a pickup truck arrived at the Covid wellness checkpoint, located in front of the Nava Sports Unit and at the time they were going to take their temperature, they fired at the officer and the firefighter in charge of the filter.

CDN (Zetas) have long controlled the Nava (5 springs) region.
Luis Coronado killed in the attack
Given the facts, the State Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reports:

1.- Today at 12:50 am, in the preventive filter located on Ramón Cerda Boulevard, at the height of the Sports Unit, in this municipal seat, a gray old model Suburban-type vehicle of arrived, circulating from west to east.

2.- Four people with firearms were traveling in the vehicle, who from the inside began to shoot at an element of the Municipal Police and at a Firemen who were at the stop.

3.- After the attack, the vehicle returned and headed towards the Municipality of Morelos, on Boulevard Leónides Guadarrama.

4.- After the call for help, elements of Public Security, Firefighters and aid arrived at the place, where they gave medical attention to the Firefighter and the police officer was found without vital signs.

5.- The Security and Armed Forces corporations maintain an operation to track and capture those responsible both on roads and in gaps in the region.


  1. CDN the scum of the earth killing innocents as usual

    1. There are NO innocent cops in Mex. Especially municipales

    2. 3:51 the pendejos are usually inocente, look in the mirror...
      Blame the police brass for this one more pendejada putting officers at risk all by themselves

  2. Fucking cockroaches need to be eliminated or executed by any means possible.

  3. I do not condone the shootings but let me say that those filters are a waste of time and only serve one purpose to rob and take money from the citizens going through. I had an incident where the officer asked license, id, he thought I was mexican, insurance, title of vehicle, so I just happen to keep everything in a folder and provided everything he asked for. He then said you are going to Barandilla, thats a local jail... and i asked on what charges.... you look suspicious.... ok and whats going to happen there,.. he said we are going to administer a drug test,.. what.. yes drug test... mmmmmm OK,.. i said call your boss, and he continued are you sure I won't find nothing in your truck, obsolutley nothing officer,.. i got nervous but as time clicked i started overcoming my emotions and began asking questions, and I never said ok lets go... and i also asked lets talk to your supervisor, he kept asking sure i won't find a thing,.. and me Sure you will not,... I then asked do you do drug tests to all suspicious persons that come through your filter checkpoint .... and then my fiancee called her cousin that is a licenciado lawyer... and he said on my way... she asked the officer are you sure we are going to barandilla the jail and he said yes... then I asked why can't you do your checks via radio or cell phone, by then I was regaining some confidence and the tide had turned .... he said sure I can and as soon as he said that he said... tell you what I am just going to give you the attention verbatim darte la atencion...means let you go,.. so he said you can go.... I NEVER offered money and never said no I'm not going to barandilla I was cooperating with every question and request.... so don't offer bribes if you do all you are doing is making these situations worst for the next citizen.. we left and had a better day full of laughs and giggles because after we left I told her he'll i wouldnhave kicked his ass... she said mmm now you talk all that smack.. so filtros check points by locals useless ... check points on federal roads with military and federal police much much much better and help with the insecurities... my opinion.. i frequent Mexico on weekends and travel by road south... 2ntimes a year...

    1. cool lil story con todo respecto no seas bobo donde chingados piensas que estavas. i get iget it i really do no one wants to get taken advantage of but no seas bobo. u can get sick and that place could save ur life or some one u love lifes. i dont have to worry about that because im young brown and gifted live in a 2 story mansion with jacoozi swimming pool gazeebo a 3 car garage whicdh i converted to a lil gym to keep that body of soldado espartano. there peoole who get sick cuz there old and have bad immune sytems,
      T was mexico not usa. things could of went wrong quick. especially with ones who are rowdy they could of hogg tied your ass and turn you over to secuestradores to leave ur family broke. next time do ur family a favorite stop trying to be rambo and give the cop a secret hand shake unos pesos and go about your day.

  4. Cdn only brave on surprise attacks. But we saw how they got shredded like dogs weeks ago. Fuck every single one of them.

  5. Chivis, I am hearing about the body of a female found near the border with teeth pulled i.e. torture. Just saw this little bit on Parler...have you heard anything?



  6. Yes, I remembered that story...BB was on it from the start. Poor lady...who did she get crossed with? Some brutal suckers for sure...RIP. Thank you.


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