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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

In the Lozoya case there are 70 implicated

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma

Torreón, Mexico (August 26, 2020) .- President López Obrador said that there are at least 70 people involved who would have participated in alleged bribes pointed out by the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya.

He reiterated that those involved should be called to testify and the allegations against them must be proven.

It is a matter that corresponds to the Attorney General's Office and they are conducting the investigation as they are carrying out the entire process required by law, surely those involved, who are about 70 people, will be called to testify", he revealed.

"What is denounced must be proven, no one can be blamed without evidence and, in due course, the Prosecutor's Office will inform and send this process to the judiciary, as appropriate and it is the judges who will determine”.

After being questioned at a press conference in Torreón, Coahuila, he indicated that it is up to the Prosecutor's Office to determine whether or not to investigate the former Secretary of the Treasury, Luis Videgaray.

                                                                 Videgaray with EPN

The President commented that so far the FGR has not requested tracking of accounts by the Inspection Unit of those involved.

He insisted that the Prosecutor's Office has autonomy and no longer depends on what the President says.

Likewise, he assured that there will be no revenge or crimes will be fabricated since they will act with rectitude.

"Now there is an authentic rule of law, the Prosecutor is the one who has, in accordance with the law, to do justice, of course without revenge, without fabricating crimes, with evidence, with rectitude and that also keeps me calm because I trust the Prosecutor, "he reiterated.

Cabeza de Vaca is a US born in Texas

He added that it is not his job to speak about the accusations against the Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, about alleged links with organized crime, and that he will meet with the state leader on Friday.


  1. “Meet with the state leader on Friday” AKA sort shit out of court in exchange for political help

    1. Exchanging Hugh amounts of money
      would love to be the fly on the wall listining
      Never mind I would fall of wall laughing my ass off Splat
      we all know this will not have any effect

  2. Pero bien que andava con calentura.

  3. Oh man oh man! The boat is being rocked. I cross my fingers 🤞.

    I remember reading somewhere that AMLO wanted to hide the identities of preciding judges, not a bad idea.

    1. Questions remain? Who will be prosecuted & who will not?
      Future political apprehensions & decisions will indicate who walks.

    2. Let's see how well they hid their tracks. If not, we'll see if AMLO stands by his word and allows the people to vote on it. From the looks of it, we may be talking about the last 2 presidents.

    3. 11:57 muerde el ancla y cierra tus ojitos,
      porque ahi te voy!!!

  4. Cabeza de vaca HA HA. He must have been bullied for sure

    1. It's a Spanish surname with many having it, colorful history at times.

    2. Believers believe they are direct descendants of spaniard Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, but this hijo de su piiinche madre is a Cabeza de Cagadas de Vacas.
      Other descendants of the famous are corrupt PANISTA raul madero and esteban "moctezuma"

  5. Implicated? Wow! This is strong justice! The next thing you know they will be officially CENSORED

    1. 12:13 BB had early warnings about this motherfacker, but the state of tejas dismissed the claims and his record, and proclaimed their friendly relationship with the narco-governor, now what do you think happened to the Fuerza Tamaulipas that fought like a bitch to be the sole police force on the State of Tamaulipas since other governors incorporated it?
      Did cabeza de cagadas de vacas incorporate his own or purgued the last and kept the worst of the worst?


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