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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Government removes memorial plaque of Zeta Tijuana Magazine founder, journalist Hector "Gato" Félix, assassinated in 1988

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus  Newsweek espanol

Government removes the memorial...and allows his killer to go free

The memorial plaque was removed with a hammer.

The Tijuana government today removed the lighting pole that held the commemorative plaque of the journalist Héctor “El Gato” Félix Miranda, assassinated in 1988 by Jorge Hank Rhon's chief of bodyguards.

The commemorative plaque was located between Ramón López Velarde and Alba Roja streets, where the journalist co-founder of the weekly Zeta magazine was assassinated 32 years ago. 

The pole was less than a meter away from the access door to the house marked with the number 5613, which is currently under renovation, confirmed a worker at the site, although he said he did not know why the public lighting pole was removed.

Every April 20, journalists from the weekly publication place floral offerings to remember Félix Miranda where the commemorative plaque was found, removed by personnel from the Municipal Public Works Directorate.

Municipality employees hammered the mounted plaque off, as well as a support vehicle with the number 02-284.

"The journalist Héctor Félix Miranda" El Gato "was assassinated here on April 20, 1988. This plaque is a keepsake from his friends from “ZETA”, reads the steel plaque,  which  was removed today.

The journalist was famous in the 1980s for the publication of his column “Un poco de algo” in the weekly Zeta, where he criticized local officials.

                                                                 Palestina walks free

On April 20, 1988, Héctor Félix Miranda was driving in his car when he was killed by shots from a firearm.  For his murder, Antonio Vera Palestina, Jorge Hank Rhon's bodyguard, who is currently free, was sentenced to 25 years inprison.

Since then, Zeta has published a printed page every week requesting the arrest of the mastermind of the murder, with the phrase;

"Jorge Hank, why did your bodyguard Antonio Vera Palestina kill me?"


  1. Hr was a hero. Bad Karma removing his plaque.

  2. Replies
    1. Fuck narcos you are the scum of the earth you ALL worship the devil and sooner or later you’re all gonna get it you corrupt bastards

  3. 2020 is not real. We’re in a movie. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. Exposing Jorge Hank rohn for the piece of shit he is, along with his brother carlos Hank rohn and their father Carlos hank González, the atlacomulca bastard teacher who had no money for bus fare when he started...
    The Hank had ran away to California after their Texas Union bank got closed for their money laundering and to make room for new "banksters", Tijuana zeta also got on their way to becoming Las Vegas "Casino owners", forgetabout their drug trafficking, stolen from GUADALAJARA CARTEL they imprisoned...

  5. I hope the zeta guys setup a new memorial, fck TJ gob.
    If we got luck, they will be killed and we get a video.

  6. Thanks Chivis. When i read pole less than meter from door thought bad planning but picture looks like room to open door. Somebody Link to why he was killed please?.

  7. Was Zeta a good magizine ?
    was this guy a innocent ?
    If so why in the hell remove it and let hos killer go free ?

    If one thing is Good why remove it ?

    1. One of the best they ARE an honrable publication

    2. The presumed mastermind (Jorge Hank Rhon) of his murder was later made mayor of Tijuana. Several relatives of his have long been implicated in his criminal enterprises too. That is the level of corruption we are talking about here, so it's not terribly surprising someone in the municipio now finally took their chance to disturb the memory of sr. Felix. Hopefully the local press will find out who exactly made the decision and it will be crystal clear just for a moment again the nature of municipal corruption in Tj.

    3. You must be new to this if you haven’t heard of Zeta magazine

    4. just as you once were, ditto with me. I love when a new person comes and asks questions to learn. That is what the project is about.

      Be nice, come on I know you can....

  8. Pretty sure everyone in TJ is a criminal. At least in my experience. If you find yourself there, I would recommended getting tf out as soon as possible.

  9. 7:52 maybe, but you will not find 150 million dollars in many of those tijuanos houses...
    --"They finally get, kiko vega (PAN). Corrupt governor of Baja California, Mexico.!! 150 MILLION USD"/King Dragon Kraken


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