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Friday, August 7, 2020

Santa Ana Police Commander Executed

 By Buggs for Borderland Beat

On July 30, 2020 a group of sicarios ambushed and killed the Santa Ana state police commander, Daniel Hernández.

The incident happened at Estacion Llano, a place located between Santa Ana and Benjamin Hill.

It is reported that the commander, due to the violent acts registered in that area in recent days, was conducting an air patrol aboard the state police helicopter, when he descended in Estacion Llano, they were attacked with gunfire and the commander was subsequently killed.

This attack has already been attributed to the group that operates in that region and was carried out by the armed group commanded by the "El Soldado" and another man known as "Cirilo" who are the sicario bosses of Leonardo López "El 20" of Nogales and Felipe de Jesus Sosa Canizalez "El Yiyo".

They were also supported by another man who's nicknamed is "El Coyotito," this is the same man who is suspected of robbing several families of their vehicles on the international highway, a section in Benjamin Hill, Santa Ana.

At this time, a strong operation is being carried out by the three levels of government, in search for the attackers.

Recently, the Sonora state police were rated as one of the best prepared and effective police departments in the country, so they are expected to provide good results and arrest the culprits, in honor of their fallen officer in the line of duty.


  1. Hey guys from Mexico! I just wonder and interesting: is it correct in your police authorities to cut the surname on chevron from Hernández to Hdez?

  2. Mexican "state police" are STATES' DEATH SQUADS at the orders of the governors...
    it started in Antioquia when Álvaro Uribe Velez got elected governor (now he is under arrest and being prosecuted for his Mass murders, crimes of state, deals with paracos and milicos and drug traffickers and guerrillas)
    Uribe condecorated FECAL and other members of his FECAL regime for their deals with the mexican narcos and its facade of War on drugs...
    Mexican States' police are not all saints and they have chosen sides, they hire mostly criminals working as private security expertos that are not below the level of the GESTAPO.

  3. Rest in Peace Sir, so very sad. Is THIS what you wanted AMLO? What will your hugs do now?

    1. 7:59 you are killing ME with your constant Mamadas Asesinas.
      Luckily you can't like bite with your toothless comments about Presidente AMLO.

    2. Dear dear 10:52 AM, jajaja, cojo/coja/lame. Actually the first time that I have entered the AMLO fray; AMLO a deity/deidad, pathetic nonsense; and now I feel invigorated and fun-filled by lame challenges, which will be easy to argue. Wishing you the best of good dental health amigo, jajaja, how fun. But what is not funny is that you did not pay your respects to the deceased here, and that is what the faithful BB article brought from some whom are respectful of this one officer's life. Bad form amigo, bad form truly.

  4. I wish death to the criminals that did this. Viva mexico.

  5. He must be avenged

  6. Lo que ven no es... lo que dicen tampoco... lo que callan eso es lo que tiene peso. No por ensuciar la vida del sr. Pero en mx todos tienen precio y a veces cobran x los dos lados y siempre va haber consecuencias. For every action there’s a reaction... saludos a BB ✌️

    1. wow que conocimiento tan mas .... Mr Einstei.. y los valientes que les dan piso??.a andaban chuecos..
      Att. a Real Mexican

  7. Mexico, when will you decide enough is enough?


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