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Friday, August 14, 2020

Ensenada BC: 6 Murdered in 6 hours , Tijuana: 4 Murdered Overnight Plus 7 More Bodies Dug Up

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta/ AFN
Six homicides were registered in six hours in Ensenada:

During the early morning hours of this Thursday, August 13, in Ensenada, three incidents were registered in different neighborhoods, where police agents located six lifeless bodies with signs of violence, two of them were found "entambado".

The first call to C4 was made at 00:00 hours about a person who died from a firearm injury on Miguel Alemán and Guadalupe Victoria streets in the Ampliación Reforma neighborhood.

At 5:40 am it was reported that a package was found in the Los Encinos social interest subdivision, within the Cañón de Doña Petra ecological park. Upon arrival, the officers found the body of a person, handcuffed and with traces of violence.

Another violent act occurred at 05:38 am on the presence of lifeless bodies between Emiliano Zapata and Martín Robles streets of the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, next to the batteries of the Ensenada State Public Services Commission (CESPE ).

Information revealed to ZETA indicates that there are four people, including a woman, who were tied hands and feet and with visible firearm injuries.

In the three violent incidents, elements of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) arrived in the areas to cordon off and initiate an investigation.

Last Monday, August 11, Mayor Armando Ayala Robles reactivated the west station of the Loma Linda neighborhood, which is located about eight blocks from where the four bodies were dumped this morning.

So far in 2020, 227 murders have been registered in the port, of which 18 correspond to homicides committed in the first thirteen days of August.
Report four executed in Tijuana:

In different cases, two people were found dead inside plastic containers. With these events, there are 70 homicides in August, and 1,244 victims so far in 2020.

The first finding was reported in Popocatepetl street on the corner of Malinche, next to the Jardin pantheon, in the Santa Rosa neighborhood,   where a blue plastic garbage can with a lifeless person was found. Due to the conditions of the body, neither sex nor age has been determined.

Then on one side of the hill at Carlos V street , Colinas de Cortez neighborhood, a blue dairy farm bin was found, with a lifeless body inside. The deceased was tied by his arms.

Also on Wednesday in the area of ​​stairs located between Maclovio Herrera Street and Article 123 Street, Francisco Villa neighborhood, a man was killed with a shot to the head. Two 40 caliber shells, a 40 caliber organized ammunition, and 1 9mm caliber organized ammunition were counted at the site.

Lastly, this Thursday morning, the murder of a man was registered in a vacant lot located on Casiopea and Hidra avenue in the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood. The victim, so far unidentified, was shot several times.
In Addition Seven More Bodies Located:

Tijuana BC:  A total of seven bodies were found in the last forty-eight hours in this city, as part of the coordinated effort between the state administration and families of missing persons, confirmed Amador Rodríguez Lozano, Secretary General of Government.

The seven bodies were located in different parts of the city, explained the official, who reports to the State Search Commission. Four of the victims were burned and the remains located in the “Nuevo Milenio” neighborhood, belonging to the Playas de Tijuana delegation, according to a report from the “Érick Carrillo” civil association, which is collaborating in the search efforts.

One of the bodies was still smoking, said Erick Carrillo, father of a young man of the same name, also disappeared two years ago, and in whose honor the Civil Association was named.

This finding adds to the discovery of a new clandestine grave in the Valle de Las Palmas community, last Sunday, which was located by relatives of victims of enforced disappearances. At that site, skeletal remains and garments of at least eight people were found, according to the organization “Una Nación Looking For You”.

In a statement, Rodríguez Lozano assured that “although it is news that we do not like to communicate, it is important that the people know that the Government is interested in supporting many families on this sensitive issue, at least the mothers and relatives of these people already they will not have the uncertainty of not knowing anything about their missing loved ones ”.

He explained that on Monday two charred skulls were found in the area called Las Carretas Canyon, in the Salvatierra neighborhood, Tijuana; and on Tuesday, August 11, two incomplete bodies were found in the Nuevo Milenio neighborhood, Delegación Playas de Tijuana.


  1. Chivis. Give me presidential powers to publish articles on BB.

  2. What does it amount to? 350.000 mts of yellow cinta policia per solved case.

  3. Municipales and estatales usually disappear their victims,
    no body no case,
    But money is hard to disappear, former governor of BC North "Whatsisname" de la madrid had about 200 million dollars in one of his houses, i doubt AMLO planted it, He needs all his money to pay for his 3rd class plane ticket and a torta y soda to go.


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