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Sunday, August 9, 2020

El Marro’s father and brother may take control the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

What will happen to Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel?

Sunday, August 2, federal and state authorities announced El Marro’s arrest.

Juan Rodolfo Yépez Godoy and Rodolfo Yépez Ortiz, his father and brother, could take over the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel and continue the turf war the local cartel launched against the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) in Guanajuato.

Federal forces and state authorities arrested “El Marro”. The infamous cartel boss vowed to wreak havoc in Guanajuato after authorities arrested his mother and sister. He threatened President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on two occasions.

According to an intelligence report from the navy and army, federal authorities have arrested the majority of El Marro’s inner circle, including Fabián “El Vieja” Lara Barman and Noé “El Puma” Lara Barman. “El Puma” joined the CJNG after co-founding the CSRL Cartel.

According to the documents, remaining in the local cartel include El Marro’s family, inner circle, financial operators, and others. They carry out fuel theft and drug sell operations, as well as surveillance.

El Marro’s inner circle is formed by Fernando Juárez Morelos, “El Pantera;” Eliseo Gutiérrez Belman, “Titis;” Fabián Lara Belman, “El Vieja;” Noé Israel Lara Belman, “El Puma;” Jesús Eduardo Linares, “El Triste;” José Manuel Félix Azueta, “El Meño;” Israel Lara Ruiz Castro, “El Nacaro.”

Authorities have arrested all of them.

Nevertheless, authorities haven’t arrested José Mario Lara Mendoza, aka “El Magia.” Lara Mendoza’s brother is Juan Lara Mendoza, the Villagrán mayor. 

The intelligence report indicates Angélica Mora Villalobos, “Angie;” Adán González Ochoa, “El Payki” or “El Gordo,” and María Guadalupe Ruiz Lara, “Pilly” are the cartel’s main financial operations.

It adds that El Marro’s sister Juana,  is in charge of purchasing properties. Eduardo Aguado, Jorge Enrique Peña Cuevas, “El Hulk,” and Mauricio Garcés Sotelo, “El Sotelo,” worked as straw-men.

The reports also includes the cartel boss’ love life.

It explains El Marro had relationships with four different women: María Luisa Cervantes, Karen Molina Villalobos, Andrea Magdalena Cervantes Ariza, and Elsa Marisol Martínez Prieto.

They all worked as financial operators.

The war against the CJNG

David Rogel Figueroa , alias “ El Güero ”, a former commander of the State Preventive Police in Chiapas originally linked to “Los Zetas” founded the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima  and the main criminal activity was fuel theft.

According to federal authorities, the criminal organization gained notoriety when “El Marro” became the cartel boss. In 2017, it launched a war against CJNG to control fuel theft, drug sales, kidnapping, and extortion in the area.

The cartel was named after the Santa Rosa de Lima community where its leaders hail from. It has control over clandestine fuel taps and illegal fuel sales in the state.

Guanajuato state Security Commissioner Sofia Huett said earlier this year the gang may have called itself a cartel, but largely operated only in Guanajuato, jumping from one illegal activity to another.

"At one time they were a gang, not a cartel, that robbed trains," Huett said.

After security forces cracked down on that, the gang started to drill illegal taps into fuel pipelines and allowed locals to fill plastic tanks with gasoline or diesel. Always known for a propensity for violence, the Santa Rosa de Lima gang started stealing fuel directly from government oil refineries by the truckload; the smaller-scale pipeline taps were largely a way to win support from the local population. But when the government began stepping up security, they turned to other crimes.

Approximately 2 years ago the cartel diversified into extortion, kidnapping, train robberies, auto theft, and retail drug sales.

The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel operates in Celaya, Salamanca, Santa Cruz, Juventino Rosas, Irapuato, Valle de Santiago, and Villagrán.

According to recent intelligence reports, the CJNG operates in Guanajuato municipalities, including León and Salamanca. It is fighting to control Cortazar, Celaya, Apaseo el Grande, and Apaseo el Alto.

Federal and state authorities indicated that the CJNG is involved drug sales, kidnapping, and extortion in León, Silao, Guanajuato, Irapuato, and Salamanca.

Investigations suggest the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel tried to forge alliances with Los Viagras and the Sinaloa Cartel to defeat the CJNG.

There are reports that in 2017 EL Mencho leader of CJNG,  sent a nephew to Guanajuato to broker a deal with El Marro, which would allow CJNG  to traffic drugs in the state while CSRL would keep the fuel theft business.*

Supposedly El Marro sent Menchos nephew back with the message that he vowed never to let in CJNG from neighboring Jalisco state.  Allegedly, that instigated the feud and the deadly violence that followed.

"They have very little capacity for constructing criminal alliances and that gives rise to internal divisions and confrontations with outside groups that at one time sought to collaborate in criminal activities, but with who they could not reach a deal." Huett said.

One can be assured, if true if the agreement had been entered into, true to form of Mencho’s historical method of operation and advancement, he would ultimately break the agreement and would be the beneficiary of the plaza and all that goes with it.

*Radio Formula and Reforma had this report which differed from El Universal: "the negotiation ended with the murder of “El Mencho's” nephew, since “El Marro” was not willing to be anyone's subordinate. Oseguera's relative was killed in a cafeteria in Irapuato, where the meeting took place.

Material from: The Yucatan Times, Proceso, El Universal, AM.Com.Mx 


  1. Well, some names just got added to the chopping block. Make all the hearings on marro public if those attending are in the game.

  2. C'mon by the way marro was caught you can tell csrl is done

  3. Marro going to miss his father n Brothers funeral from hail.

  4. como dice.??

    According to recent intelligence reports, the CJNG operates in Guanajuato municipalities, including León and Salamanca. It is fighting to control Cortazar, Celaya, Apaseo el Grande, and Apaseo el Alto.

    Federal and state authorities indicated that the (CJNG is involved drug sales, kidnapping, and extortion) in León, Silao, Guanajuato, Irapuato, and Salamanca.

    1. I heard cjng stopped quotas and derecho de piso when they took out union de Leon

    2. obvio ahora a ellos les toca hacer eso.

    3. 8:01 of course, the governor Diego Sinhue and fiscal Carlos Zamarripa need their money punctually on time, if one can't do the job somebody else will...
      But AMLO IS FLOODING ALL THE PROBLEM AREAS with guardia Nacional polesia federal, army and navy VS Munis and estatales and their local cartel franchises, guerrero, Michoacán, Quintana Roo, Tamaulipas, Morelos, jalisco, Chihuahua, coahuila, and both BC to follow Sonora and Sinaloa.

  5. They better what do they have to loose.

  6. I was under the impression that Marros sister was killed.

    1. yes me also, but it was never confirmed, either way I thought it is juana that took care of the properties.

    2. Somebody can have more than one sista.
      People have found proof that El Marro bought $400 000.00 worth of cattle, fighting cocks and chicken from chihuahueño governor Cesar "el capulina" Duarte...
      no rememba peisos or dollars.
      The Huachicol stolen directly from the refinery of Salamanca was just moving it for the politicians, Fox, sinhue, zamarripa, fecal, epn's delegates...a man has obligations to the overlords.

    3. universal named the sister that is supposed to be dead. Juana is jhis other sister

    4. Thanks for the info Chivis.

  7. Good report Chivis. Funny reading about a guy named 'El Puma' submitting to arrest.
    In the prison he's now called 'El Kitten'.
    More fitting.

  8. Taking over Marro’s position is a suicide mission, no?

    1. That was also my first thought when I read this. I don't think anyone but Marro could have taken that heat. He was under terrible immense pressure for a long time. The guys who rise to the top of these organizations are usually the most bad ass/crazy. Hard to replace with family members.

  9. It was reported before Menchos nephew was killed at that meeting.. Its hard to trust any of these narco journalists anymore. All we hear is contradicting info.

    1. Ok i added that version but here is why i question it.
      In 2017 I am not able to find a report that this happened. Or a manta alluded to the killing. Only in 2020, and recently was the report initiated by radio formula after the capture of marro.

      If anyone can find a news report from 2017 please send me the link, because I am confused also. But it seems in one of the videos or mantas mencho would have addressed it.
      Send any links to a manta, video or article from the time it supposedly occurred. also his name.

      the security commissioner doesn't mention the end happening that way either.

    2. Can't confirm it was Mencho's sobrino, but the supposed attack took place at an Italian Coffee in Irapuato. The victims were Refugio Muñoz Bueno, 40 años and Paulo Orozco Velázquez, 29 años. Some reports say another guy got kidnapped.

    3. The guy who the gunmen took with them was apparently Hector Sánchez Ledezma. Here's the FB of one of the guys who was killed....

  10. Todo guanajoto es del señor de los cocks.

  11. Bt who am I to talk csrl might be regrouping

  12. They take charge they both will be dead give or take 2 weeks.

  13. His brother and father? NOT a CHANCE!

  14. Hmm CSRL must have been letting other groups in to the plaza in exchange they leave them alone and make money together doing shit for each other. No other way they could’ve sustained this war at this intensity for so long.


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