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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Celaya: at least 6 killed in confrontation between police and bad guys in Guanajuato

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Source

Six dead criminals was the result of a chase and confrontation with municipal, state and federal police corporations on the Celaya-Salvatierra highway in the first minutes of this Saturday.

The events occurred at approximately 12:20 am when the Municipal Police received a report of vehicles with armed people moving south, for which the support of FSPE, National Guard and SEDENA was requested, alerting the State Attorney General's Office (FGE).

It was in the section between Santa María del Refugio and Rincón de Tamayo where a chase  began and the civilians opened fire on the uniformed men, who in turn repelled the attack.

In the first community, a vehicle overturned and two of the armed men were killed, one in the vehicle and the other in the vicinity.

Then, under the Rincón de Tamayo bridge, the exchange of fire continued and the crew of a black pickup truck were gunned  down and were killed, counting four bodies at the site.

Some wore tactical vests and long weapons, including among the signs a fragmentation grenade was found and one of the bodies was wearing a helmet, like those used by corporations.

The people in other vehicles were able to escape and a search operation continued.

Warning below includes graphic images---no further text


  1. ANIMO ,GN

    1. 7:47 rifan? or they just chose the winners of the lotto of death.
      No wounded and no prisoners means extra-judiciary executions.
      Falsos Positivos, they barely had time to make them wear the vests before.sending them ru ning flor their lives...
      governor Diego Sinhue IS desperate to save his ass, specially after AMLO had to defend him in a recent public event, AMLO said he did not come to accuse anybody, he was only trying to work things out peacefully.

  2. They used to be bad guys lol

  3. Face down ass up. The way they all wanna go. since ever message they hang off bridges say some thing about gays.

  4. Anoche en SM de A pasando las 12:00 hubo 3 ráfagas de metralleta x la salida a Celaya. No sé si coincidencia.. Tal vez relacionado o una distracción?

  5. The fortunes seemed to be turning against the criminals up north. Being ambushed does that.

  6. Shoot out in piedras few days ago, no official report though. Reporter also picked up by piedras police and died in custody (Piedras Negras)

  7. El Azul should bend the knee, he's no Marro. Without the finances and skills, Pandilla de Santa Lima has no chance against El Senor Mencho.

    1. So much for the 56 cartulinas el azul left and the grand introduction, he has suffered his first casualties.

  8. El azul men already getting killed. No que muy vergas.

  9. New video from el azul of Santa Rosa de Lima

  10. Need higher body counts!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Massacre in Colombia attributed to CJNG -


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