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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Big Mama a main distributor of drugs in CDMX, released after 20 days in custody..

Stevectpa  Borderland Beat  El Universal

Lized Yuridia, alias "Big Mama" or "La Chofis", -who according to police authorities- was the right arm of "El Lunares", one of the leaders of the Tepito Union was released after neither the Public Ministry of the Capital Prosecutor's Office, nor the investigation of the Citizen Security Secretariat charged her with any crime.

The woman was arrested on August 3 and 20 days later she was released when the judge considered that the evidence presented was not enough to charge her with organized crime, money laundering and drug dealing. [basis often used to justify releasing drug-related criminal, also “human rights violations”]

According to the investigations, "Big Mama" gave security to Óscar Andrés Flores, "El Lunares"  and was in charge of the coordination, distribution, and sale of drugs, in the Peralvillo 33 neighborhood, in the Morelos neighborhood.

Lized Yuridia 'N', alias "Big Mama", is designated as the link, connecting police elements of which she corrupted, giving money in exchange for protection and leakage of information.

"Big Mama" coordinated her children to pack, deliver and transport the drugs, as well as collect the proceeds.

After the arrest of  "El Lunares" [above] and "El Junior," "Big Mama," evaded the authorities, moving to Michoacán, and later relocated to Guanajuato, where she was detained. However, the Prosecutor's Office reported that "Big Mama" continued with the distribution and sale of drugs through her children.

"Big Mama" has arrest records from 2005 (held in Santa Martha) and 2013 for crimes against life, against bodily integrity, serious injuries and crimes against public service.


  1. Disgusting "woman."

  2. These are the people that had a house raided by marines and had rooms for satanic rituals. It’s sad that nobody seems to see the spiritual side of what’s going on in Mexico. The satanic politicians are trying to stray the youth from God. I grew up in mexico and in the us and came from that lifestyle so I tell it how it is.

    1. All that cartel crap is now here in the US too, its sucks but its happening.

    2. 5:22 do not believe everything Satanic intelligence police CHIEF of Mexico City stages...
      Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch is real famous since he begged in writing to genarco garcia luna to hire his putas nalgas, he went on to stage his absence from Guerrero State whenbhis federal police and mexican "military" abducted and disappeared the Ayotzinapos, he is now the Ghost of Ayotzinapa, but he is also "TRUCUTÚ" THE TROGLODYTE CAVEMAN...his das a drug trafficking director of DFS.
      HIS GRAMPAS the butcher of Tlatelolco, giniral Marcelino Garcia Barragán

  3. What is the going price for a judge in Mexico these days?

    1. 6:40 you have to find out in person, but some mexican judges are finding lately that their ass is on the line of they are found guilty of selling out, their offshoted investments are not safe either...

  4. Cant find proof or refuse to see proof
    why even arrest her then ?
    if the police dont know what will be a good case Wait till you catch her red handed Stupid corupt lawless
    waste of time

  5. Mexico needs a Charles Bronson vigilante type to kill these people poisoning our children. Law and Order just does not work.

    1. That would be great! But there are actual laws that protect these pushers of poison. And the $ involved buys some many people off easily. If it ever does come down to actual justice it would have to affect the political elite first. Until then it won’t matter much. Just my opinion though. - Sol Prendido

  6. She probably bringing in 20 to 40 thousand pesos a week I’d pay for that release


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