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Thursday, August 13, 2020

August 2020 Border Busts Between BC and CA, Tons and Tons and More Tons

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: AFNTJ/ NBCsd

CBP seizes nearly seven tons of marijuana and other drugs:

14,880 Pounds of Marijuana in Tractor Trailer at Otay Mesa /Tijuana BC East/ Commercial POE:

He added that again at the Otay Mesa cargo crossing, CBP officers sent another tractor-trailer to the dock for further inspection after discovering anomalies during an X-ray imaging system scan.

Opening the boxes found large packages wrapped in duct tape inside the many boxes that manifested as files. He added that again at the Otay Mesa cargo crossing, CBP officers sent another tractor-trailer to the dock for further inspection after discovering anomalies during an X-ray imaging system scan.

622 large packages wrapped in adhesive tape were found inside the boxes, containing 14,880 pounds of marijuana (six tons, 500 kilos); the shipment was valued at $60 million USD.

For the second time in less than a week, CBP agents located hundreds of pounds of meth hidden within a shipment of cactus, ie edible nopales. (Aug. 11, 2020)

Hidden in a shipment of nopales, limes, jalapenos and hidden in vehicle compartments, 303 kilos of methamphetamine, fentanyl and heroin, were seized by Customs and Border Protection officials of the United States (CBP for its acronym in English).
In separate actions, federal elements seized these drug shipments, in San Diego and Imperial Valley counties.

Pete Flores, director of CBP field operations in San Diego, reported through a press release the results of the agents deployed to the southern California border, adding that the trafficking gangs have resorted to the mechanisms and means here to for unpublished to smuggle. 
In the second seizure on August 11, a drug inspection at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry located about 1,464 pounds of meth estimated to be worth $3.3 million on the streets, CBP said. A U.S. Citizen was taken into custody.

He reported that at the Otay Mesa Cargo Port, ie Tijuana East Commercial POE, in the shipping area, officers carried out an intensive inspection, and upon reviewing the boxes of pads (used to transport nopales , jalapenos, tunas, etc ), they found packages, wrapped with green tape.

In total, agents found 590 packages containing approximately 668 pounds of methamphetamine (303), which would have a market value of more than $ 1.5 million, according to CBP.
At the Calexico Port of Entry ( Opposite Mexicali on the California side ) later that day, fentanyl, heroin and dozens of pounds of meth were located in a spare tire, CBP said. In this  action, a 35-year-old man, a US citizen, the driver of a white Ford F-150 arriving through the Calexico port of entry, was arrested. 

When passing the unit in the X-ray imaging system, abnormalities were observed in the spare tire, in which a fentanyl package weighing 2.43 pounds, a heroin package weighing 2.56 pounds and 41 methamphetamine packages weighing 67.20 pounds.
An SUV stopped at an I-8 checkpoint in East County San Diego was storing about 100 pounds of meth in it’s body, CBP agents discovered. The drugs were estimated to have a street value of nearly $230,000. (Aug. 8, 2020)
The drugs, in 98 vacuum-sealed baggies, were stuffed in the SUV’s doors and in a spare tire. A Mexican man legally living in the U.S. was arrested and charged. (Aug. 8, 2020)
CBP said they seized nearly 1,500 pounds of drugs in about 14 hours on Saturday. Agents first stopped a panga loaded with about 600 pounds of meth that rammed into USCG and CBP vessels before being stopped. Four people were arrested. (Aug. 8, 2020)
Less than a day later, a suspicious fishing boat was spotted on San Diego Bay. On it was 2 people without documentation that were in the U.S. and about 800 pounds of marijuana. (Aug. 8, 2020) Drugs from both incidents were seized.
A 26-year-old Mexico citizen was arrested Wednesday in Escondido (Southern California) for allegedly trafficking nearly $1 million in cash inside the gas tank of his Volkswagen SUV via Interstate 15, according to U.S. Border Patrol.
Agents were alerted to the smuggling attempt via K-9, the agency said. Inside the gas tank, agents found 65 plastic-wrapped bundles of cash totaling more than $967,000. The money was seized and the man was arrested and turned over to Homeland Security Investigations, US Border Patrol said.
On July 19, 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found 614 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in a shipment of green onions in a trailer being pulled by a tractor at the Otay Mesa commercial/ cross border shipping Point of Entry facility. The meth was wrapped among 40 packages, mixed into boxes carrying green onions, and was worth approximately $1.4 million.

OK, that is only going back a couple of weeks ago.......I could go back further......the steady never ending ant crawl.


  1. There have always been tons of drugs crossing over from baja to so Cal thru Tijuana and never these kinda of busts.
    The thing is now legal marijuana growers are putting pokitical pressure on the feds to do these to eliminate the competition and their own prifits won't diminish.

  2. Its getting bad, payoffs are hard when a certain cartel is spending a war chest fighting on 30 fronts.

  3. As long as there is a demand the suppliers are hardly going to retire. Keep it legal but tightly controlled: clinics where addicts can obtain a dose of the unadulterated drug they desperately seek. Counseling. Support. Funding. It's not going to change anything overnight, but it's a step in the right direction. Smugglers? Life in prison with no chance of parole.

  4. Damn....bro rolling around with almost a milly, and no pipe on him?.

  5. Ugh ha
    So once a week cars travel from back east to South Cali for their share of drugs Seen way to many out a state cars from east coast on our quite hwy in Az .main freeways are a bust !

    I dont understand the pot Its everywhere Why take a chance on lil profit and huge risk
    Anyway they are gonna start watching for out state east coast plates cars running to S calif to Delaware Ya bettter change routes
    new Constrution on roads have cameras
    that reads plates


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