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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Video San Luis Colorado Sonora: Police extrajudicial execution caught on videotape

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Proceso/twitter

Neighbors captured the moment when police began their attack that killed a 21-year-old man in an apparent extrajudicial execution. 

Municipal elements of San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, with the protection of the state police and the National Guard, allegedly committed an extrajudicial execution against Jesús Faustino Fierro Sarabia, 21, inside his home. 

According to María Belén Sarabia Medrano, one of her son's alleged murderers, is her neighbor, and friend of Jesús Faustino, the municipal police officer Luis Fernando Ulloa, alias “El Blaki”, with whom he had differences. 

On the day of the killing, María Belén was inside the home; her husband, Alfredo Sandoval Jauregui, and her other son, José Francisco, 15 years old, all who witnessed the alleged extrajudicial execution of Jesús Faustino, by three elements. Their neighbor, “El Blaki”, shot Jesús Faustino in the head in front of María Belén when the boy was kneeling and had his hands up. 

video below

She screamed "El Blaki". The other two municipal elements then shot the young man in the back. 

The execution occurred on February 1 at 4713 Kino Street. In a video it is observed that the policemen fired at the house, some of them were on the roof, and others knocked on the door to enter. It is also heard that they shout at him: “surrender! Open you motherfucker?”. After they enter, a shot is heard and the lady's scream. More shots. Minutes later, a white van with tinted windows drives away, seven policemen walk behind, followed by a municipal patrol.


  1. More facts are needed, could the young man killed, have been a a cartel member? Could it be that he owed money to a cartel, and police is in cahoots with the cartel?

    1. 8:14 the only thing here you have to check is your being on the side of these Policuicos and their making themselves into hanging judges.
      --The Mexican Constitution does not have the Death Penalty for anybody for any reason, but these cuicos deserve it...
      --You are wrong for trying to cloud the facts with suppositories and BS.

    2. 8:14 No Mames Güey!
      Well, OK, if you insist,
      lemme drop the fly

  2. No smoking gun video. Anyone can say anything.

  3. there as a long investigation after dozens of witnesses came forth. on the federal level for months.

  4. Old mother justice got murdered and dissolved in a vat acid since Hernán Cortés the Spanish conquistador landed on the Aztec's shores!

  5. 8:46 un the times of Hernàn Cortéz, (or in the times of the Stone Age) it was Normal and Just being a troglodyte...
    --In our times, extra-judiciary renderings are OK for bounty hunters or citizens' arrests, but if somebody gets killed, it should be investigated and the results should be made PUBLIC, and if there is a crime it can't be covered up.
    Extra-Judiciary Killings are a crime of State, and have been for a long time even as the state times to desperately cover it all up...
    others discovered some time ago that LYNCHINGS are not all that funny or legal


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