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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

VIDEO: Chase and shooting leaves detainees and 3 injured in Guadalupe Nuevo Leon

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat PostaMxNuevoLeon
NUEVO LEÓN.- A foiled abduction of a businessman in Guadalupe, (Monterrey), Nuevo Leon,  ended with the arrest of alleged kidnappers.

Various reports reported a chase and shooting in Paseo de las Américas and Eloy Cavazos Avenue in Guadalupe.

In videos circulating on social networks, you can see how elements of the police and armed civilians exchanged fire on Paseo de las Américas just in front of the Río la Silla park.

The persecution ended at Blvd Miguel de la Madrid near the Marbella Motel.

It was reported that it was an operation of ministerial elements and the Civil Force who managed to arrest alleged criminals.

It was revealed that the operation left three people with injuries.


  1. Sometimes its OK to change "civilian" to more defining " criminal"

    1. Exactly. It makes the police sound like the criminals when worded as such. Although maybe that is the point...

    2. 6:37 this Fuerza Civil made more arrests than murders,
      that is civility, something most other "law enforcement" have none of.
      I am sure you sorepussy know the difference, not everybody is a criminal in law enforcement.

  2. Lol @ “Armed Civilians”....

  3. Que el pueblo y el gobierno respeten los derechos de todos. Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.
    Love these words by Benito Juarez pero cuando va pasar quien sabe?? Who ever this was the saved their boss may they get a nice bonus.
    Lowridin Eastsidn

  4. Jajajajaja es la doña del call of duty mexicano...tirarle no names.

  5. Armed civilians lol, how about armed comandos, in the end it should say armed criminals. Glad they caught the criminals, the victim should be Happy to be alive another day.


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