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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Video: Valle de San Pedro, Baja, Ca: 15 Decomposing Bodies Found, Search Still On

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: cadenanoticias / / pnsi / zeta
The members of the State Movement for the Disappeared of Baja California, in recent days have found in Valle de San Pedro, more than a dozen bodies, as of today, now 15 bodies have been discovered and the searchers vow to continue. It is thought there could be as many as 50 bodies.

There are already 15 bodies found in a clandestine grave in Valle de San Pedro, after groups dedicated to searching for missing people found other bone remains yesterday in the same area  around 1:40 p.m. on Monday. The body was half-buried, in a state of decomposition, still showing clothes, such as tennis, pants and a shirt.

From very early on, people from various groups left the facilities of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), accompanied by elements of the National Guard and Juan Manuel León Martínez, State Commissioner of Missing Persons, belonging to the Office of the Attorney General of the State ( FGE).  VIDEO report next page

Last week the discovery of two bodies was made, 10 days ago a total of nine, but months before there were three. It is an area where a home builder threw rubble.

José Fernando Ortigoza, president of the BC State Movement for the Disappeared, indicated that so far three bodies have been identified and four are pending results.
The bodies that were just identified correspond to victims who disappeared no more than a year ago, José Fernando said. Since July 6, search expeditions were reactivated, in coordination with the authorities of the State Attorney General's Office, he indicated.

He explained that once the bodies are located, they are exhumed and DNA samples are obtained to be compared with the database.

Valle San Pedro is located more than 30 kilometers from downtown Tijuana, near the Valle de las Palmas housing development, in the eastern area of ​​Tijuana.

José Fernando Ortigoza, indicated that it had been several years since there was a "massive" discovery of bodies in the region.

The secretary of the association, José Fernando Ortigoza, stated that thanks to the information they have gathered, today they found a body and that is possible there are up to 50 decomposing bodies in the area.
"The information we have is that there are more bodies here than the fifteen we found, they tell us that there are around 40, 50, but we cannot assure you either, but we are going to look to the very last, to the last corner of all this San Pedro Valley ”, he expressed.
Fernando Ortigoza said that so far this year they have located 80 bodies, of which they could only identify 10, so they added to their functions to find the relatives of the bodies.

The secretary of "United for the Disappeared of Baja California" pointed out that the majority of the reports they receive are from young disappeared persons who do not exceed the age of 30.

Fernando Ocegueda, operational director of the Commission for the Search for Disappeared Persons, another citizen group, said that the bodies have between six and 12 months of being buried in the cavities discovered in that valley located east of Tijuana, in the vicinity of Tecate.
The search, he explained, began last Monday, based on the complaint of a resident of the San Pedro Valley who said she had reliable information about the fate of her son, who disappeared in mid-June. She confided that she had reports that he was buried near her house, located between hills.

The first corpse detected in this area was precisely that of this young man. The second was found a few meters away, already in a state of putrefaction that, according to forensic studies, has been buried for over a year.
Another mother who began a search a decade ago for her missing son in Tijuana, highlighted the difficulties in locating bodies in large areas, as is the case of the San Pedro Valley, although she assured that the effort is worth it because certainty is given to families who suffer from the disappearance of a person. She stressed that the state authority has a great responsibility, having to investigate the identity of people located in clandestine graves.

The first 12 corpses were in as many clandestine graves in the same area and he announced that the search will be reinforced in the coming days.

Juan Manuel León Martínez, described the findings in the San Pedro Valley as relevant for the number of bodies found, so this week more points will be inspected, and more bodies are expected to be located.
"They still insist that in the surroundings we can find more human remains," said León Martínez.

While people were digging a point where a resident anonymously told them where there could be more bodies, another group of the collective shouted: "positive!"

The lifeless body of a man in an advanced state of putrefaction was found, wearing dark puma tennis clothing and still carrying his wallet.

After unearthing the body, the families then hand the scene over to the authorities to carry out the work of collecting evidence so that investigations can begin.

Erick Carrillo, president of the collective "Todos Somos Erick Carrillo" reported that in the year there are around 700 disappeared in Tijuana, and this is simply due to insecurity, there is no punishment for criminals. He argued that the support of the authorities is minimal and the example is that it is the citizens who have to be doing the searches.


  1. BB needs a rule for abbreviation in titles. I understand if you want to abbreviate "CJNG", but "W", c'mon. No major outlet does that. Also, readers in Asia or Europe may not know what the hell "Baja" is. Spell out the state. Also, no need to cap VIDEO. Looks unprofessional and poorly written.

    Cleaner title: "15 Decomposing Bodies Found in Baja California, Search Still Ongoing"


    1. What's wrong with it? Honestly took me one read and I can figure it out... Also im pretty sure readers in Asia and Europe will have no problem reading this..

    2. Being from Europe and knowing what baja means. Not everyone is a gringo :)

      Keep on chivis

    3. Why don't you show us how it's done? Translate 5-7 articles every week

    4. well i usually see the abbreviations and change them. I miss once in a while.

      I agree Baja is a slang. I did the same yars ago and someone wrote in "what's Baja?" which goes to your point. I wonder if most people in the U.S. even know the BAJA reference? I mean like Mid west or back east?

      But this is not my article, it is Yaqui and I will take the help however, whenever!!!! Paz

    5. Good Heavens, I am sorry the title was improper in your view.
      Can we get back to the subject at hand now ?
      People POKING around the dirt for hideous smells indicating rotting flesh.
      maybe THAT should have been the Title.

  2. I cant imagine what these families go through, and then having to do the work themselves.
    I would say we need to stop calling the gov't officials "authorities", they are leeches, the lechusa.
    The real "authorities" are the ones organizing and doing the coordinating and digging. They are the authors of the situation while the Mex govt officials play both sides of the deck.

  3. 21 full bodies found in Salto Jalisco a couple days ago

    1. 86 bags full of body parts found, WHERE?

    2. Yes, I found it, I will post it.

    3. Yaqui, you found the article not the bags I hope.

  4. Brave Mexicans doing work authorities should do. Much more pressure on Mexican gob. is needed to change things for good not guns.
    If US wanna help, arrest and seize more mx gob officials living a good live in El norte

  5. What I don’t understand is how new people keep joining these Narco gangs.

    1. You know that they look for drug addicts from rehab centers or bring 'em from Guatemala, Colombia, read up bro

  6. "The civilians hand the bodies over to the authorities so that investigations can begin" yeah rite.

  7. With less than a 1% resolution in prosecuting the murders what is the big deal? "Hi! We found your family member's skeleton?"

  8. You might find 40 more but who has the money to pay For all this?? Fifteen plus two thousand more means more overtime..


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