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Friday, July 24, 2020

Lozoya reveals EPN and Videgaray ordered bribes to PAN Party members for the passing of 'Pact for Mexico'

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma

The singing has begun from Emilio Lozoya, who informed the federal government that he paid bribes of 52 million 380 thousand pesos to PAN legislators, to approve reforms of the ‘Pact for Mexico’.

The then President Enrique Peña and the Secretary of the Treasury, Luis Videgaray, directly led the strategy.

According to his statement, Videgaray asked him to send 6.8 million pesos [apx 270k usd] to Ricardo Anaya.

Anaya, of PAN,  was president of the Chamber of Deputies when the energy reform was discussed, from 2013 to March 2014, and in May of that year he assumed the position of PAN general secretary.

That money would have been delivered on August 8, 2014, to a person, whose identity has not been specified, although he made it known that there are two telephone numbers with which there was communication to make the delivery.

                                                         Cabeza de Vaca with EPN

Anaya was president of the PAN from August 2015 to December 2017, when he was appointed presidential candidate.

According to this version, through third parties, between December 11, 2013, and April 21, 2014, Lozoya sent 52 million 380 thousand pesos to PAN legislators.

Other names mentioned as recipients are the then senators Ernesto Cordero, former coordinator of the PAN caucus, and Salvador Vega, and the current Governors of Querétaro, Francisco Domínguez, and the Texas born governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca.

Senator José Luis Lavalle Maury, who was president of the Senate Administration Committee, is also mentioned.


  1. We here in Mexico know that there are no secrets, everyone already knew about de Vaca, and he is always being hounded for other alleged white-collar crimes. You see, we know about the alleged crimes before they are broadcast publicly, we just do not do anything because that is our way. The people have always said "just wait" in regard to the alleged criminal EPN. "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

    1. just your way **
      well maybe you should change your ways
      because hows doing it your way working out ??
      iys getting worse not better
      I resent your way of thinking
      Millions upon millions are taking taking taking
      Your gonna wait Until what
      until you and all good people are in the Grave ?
      shame on you Just Shame on you

      Your way hasnt worked and never gets it done a few small fish maybe Not the ones that matter
      while you wait the others get away
      your way of thinking take Food kill innocents
      Shame On You

      Fight Now No more

    2. Anonymous July 24 10:38, if you indeed had knowledge and did nothing, you are a criminal as well. Please repent and stop hiding whatever bribes you have personally taken. And no, not everybody is guilty simply because you are, that is just what your type always says, lying to yourselves as well and everyone around you to in order to get away with treason. I regret the fact there are simply too many of you for justice to ever be served to each and every of you - but there is a silent majority that are not your accomplices, just your victims.

    3. I:12 your "way" Kills a lot of people, mexicans are not cowards, and they have finally a president, elected by themselves against all odds AMD against the will of the US and other colony exploiting partners.
      Videgqray has been forced to quit his professorship in Yale by unknown plebes protesting his presence there, but FECAL and zedillo's jundillos still are protected for their services as lackeys of the Great Satan's...
      --Some US políticos are applying for Russia Professorships right now.

  2. ¿Cabeza de Vaca?
    Ijole, ahora entiendo todo.


    1. Cabeza de Cagadotas de Vaca.

    2. 10:55 US BORN...cabeza de cagadas de vacas, Godfather Osiel Cardenas Guillen financed his first political moves, Like Pablo Escobar gave Alvaro Uribe Velez his first job as aeronáutica civil comecacas in Colombia, only to get betrayed and murdered by el Ubérrimo and Co.

  3. Taking bribes does not land you in jail in Mexico.
    Failure to pay bribes does.

  4. Can’t wait for Cow head to show up in a federal court in Texas

  5. Hold up. Cabeza de vaca is a texan born citizen? I thought in Mexico a us citizen cant govern a state. Just like they can't join the mexican army and police. No wonder he's been tough on crime in Tamaulipas and yes I read the corrupted stuff of his ass. Dam a US citizen governing a state thst is full of gangs. Only he's corrupted

    1. Dual citizenship. Stole a gun (federal arrest) that some dummy had in their car parked at the mall (CDV was a teenager) in McAllen Texas. Dropped to a misdemeanor or pre-trial diverted. Perhaps even expunged later. Not a big deal.

    2. A U.S. citizen of Mexican descent can join the Army with permission (if I'm correct) as long as their rank is below an NCO.

  6. So lemme get this straight AMLO is going after politicians, extraditing criminals to the U.S, stopping fuel theft, creating schools, starting federal funded projects, expanding Mexico's transportation system and some how 🤔 people are calling him incompetent? 🤨.... Where are those who always bring up the over 🙄 used phrase "but but but AMLO wants to hug criminals! "

    1. Lol 9:36 is an ALMO nut hugger

    2. MF from the safety of their momma's basement want him to go killing all the cartel heads that will fracture those groups and cause more killings not realizing that those corrupted politicians steal more public funds, land, natural resources and sell the plazas to multiple criminal groups that further cause many more killings...

    3. Lol, 11:29 must be the tonto who always comments "but but but AMLO wants to hug criminals"

  7. Cabeza de Vaca next President of Mexico Baby!!!

    1. 10:33 after a few years, cabeza de cagadas de vacas can't even start being governor of the state of Tamaulipas, he has been too busy killing all the witnesses and partners to his criminal life and kissing ass in hopes of joining the US of A, at least as a free "estado asociado" like the "free and sovereign republic" of tejas stolen for intrigues of hungry pilgrims once helped by the mexican government, like the Mormons too...

  8. This is why they will defend el fuero to the death


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