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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Los Delta, the armed wing of Los Cuinis, is there a rupture between CJNG and Cuinis?

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Source

The rupture within the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), a criminal organization that Omar García Harfuch indicated prematurely as those responsible for the attack against him, is added as the third line of investigation into the reasons for the attack.

The investigation indicates that the armed wing of Los Cuinis, identified as Los Deltas, were the intellectual and material authors of the attack that caused the death of three people.

This hypothesis, confirmed by sources with inside knowledge in the investigations, shows the rupture,  between the organization led by Nemesio Oseguera, alias El Mencho, with his in-laws, particularly his brothers-in-law, the González Valencia brothers, identified as Los Cuinis, considered until now by the authorities as the commercial and money laundering area of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

But, according to the information under investigation, that alliance came to an end.

According to the intelligence sources consulted, this breakdown would have had, among the triggers, the lack of support that El Mencho expected to receive from his brothers-in-law, the González Valencia in the legal situation of their children, Jessica Oseguera and Rubén Oseguera alias El Menchito, both prisoners in the United States.

Recognized for their extensive financial capacity, Los Cuinis have been the target of various investigations, since at least the year 2000, by the United States authorities, who in search of operational weakening of this organization have achieved, through the Office of Control of Foreign Assets (OFAC) of the Treasury Department, sanctioning companies related to the organization whose founder leader is identified as Abigael González Valencia "El Cuini", brother of Rosalinda González Valencia, wife of Nemesio Oseguera. Abigael was detained by federal forces in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco on February 8, 2015.

Research includes four lines

Injured, just three hours after the attack in which at least 30 subjects with tactical rifles participated, the secretary Omar García Harfuch stated prematurely on his Twitter account: “This morning we were cowardly attacked by the CJNG, two colleagues and friends of mine lost their life, I have three bullet holes and several shards. Our Nation must continue to confront the cowardly organized crime. We will continue working”.

The official wrote, after having survived the onslaught with hundreds of shots to which the Suburban van was subjected, in which the officer and his escorts were transported.

Because of  having a level 5 Plus armor, from the company Abate Autos Blindados, It gave the unit greater resistance to the standard needed to protect his life.

At the same time as the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum was offering a press conference to publicize the scarce data on the attack that hours before had suffered her security secretary and assured that there were no cartels in the capital. of the country, the official simultaneously launched his accusation on social networks.

Discomfort within the A.G. Office

The comments written by García Harfuch immediately caused discomfort within the federal and local government, especially in the Armed Forces and the Attorney General's Office, where the mechanics of the attack are reviewed, as there are discrepancies between the pattern of shots, the marks of the truck and the injuries of the capital's security secretary.

This does not rule out that, at the same time, possible officials are being investigated within the Ministry of Citizen Security as a consequence of an internal investigation that García Harfuch initiated; secondly, the possible participation of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación together with the Tláhuac Cartel, and Anti Unión de Tepito, and the possible relationship with the crime org  of judge Uriel Villegas Ortiz, which occurred in Colima two weeks ago; as well as the responsibility of Los Cuinis, through its armed group Los Deltas.

Additionally, the Attorney General's Office does not rule out the hypothesis about Guerreros Unidos and that members of that criminal group had on their agenda the name and personal telephone number of the then delegate of the Attorney General's Office in Guerrero.

Four key characters

In the progress of the investigations, it is stated that the intellectual and material authorship of the attack would not have fallen on the CJNG, but on a group identified as “Los Deltas”.

It would be four characters behind Los Cuinis and the operation of his armed group on the morning of Friday, June 26.

The investigations point to Juan Carlos González Valencia alias “El 3”, stepson of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, who was identified as head of the CJNG plaza in Michoacán and Guanajuato.

But that in reality he would have been the founding leader of the group of Los Deltas, at the service of the Cuinis, once they separated from El Mencho.

According to verified information, Rosalinda González Valencia, sister of the Cuinis, had a romantic relationship with Armando Valencia Cornelio alias “Maradona”, identified as the founder of the Milenio cartel.

Juan Carlos Valencia González alias «El 03» or «El JP», is the son of Armando and Rosalinda, who from his childhood was under the care of his stepfather, Nemesio Oseguera, who raised him as if he were his own son, because after Rosalinda's separation with Armando Cornelio, Nemesio and Rosalinda married.

However, after the internal rupture at the Jalisco Cartel, Juan Carlos Valencia turned his back on El Mencho; forming his own group of the Deltas, from the hand of his uncles "Los Cuinis".

Under the orders of Juan Carlos, nephew of Abigael González Valencia, maximum leader of Los Cuinis, the consulted intelligence sources identify Julio César Moreno Pinzón, nicknamed “El Tarjetas”, indicated as head of Los Deltas, having been in charge of plan the attack against García Harfuch, in which SCAR, AR15, and Barret 50 caliber rifles were used.

According to the statements of José Armando "N", alias "La Vaca", who was arrested by agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security the night of the same Friday that the attack was registered and was preliminarily indicated by the authorities as the alleged in charge of orchestrating the attack against the official, he pointed out to Moreno Pinzón, as the one who actually ordered the attack on García Harfuch.

The ministerial testimonies revealed in the initial hearing of José Armando "La Vaca", who is identified by the sources consulted as a "coordinator", but not as the person in charge of forging the attack, point out that "El Tarjetas" is also linked as the mastermind of the killings of Benjamin Yeshurun Sutchi and Alon Azulay, the two Israelis linked to a long criminal history in their country of origin, who were killed on July 24, 2019 in Plaza Artz Pedregal.

In the restructuring of the criminal group, Carlos Andrés Rivera Varela, known by the aliases of “La Firma”, “El Morro”, or “El Colombiano”, is a Colombian citizen, who until a few months ago was considered one El Mencho's trusted men, and is being investigated as the one who allegedly recruited a large number of the gunmen who attacked the official.

Rivera Varela and Christian alias “La Gallina”, alleged head of the Plaza de los Cuinis in Puerto Vallarta, and head of Los Deltas in Guadalajara, as the coordinators of the attack.

This line of inquiry points to the alleged responsibility of Los Deltas, the armed wing of Los
Cuinis, under the leadership of Juan Carlos González Valencia, and the coordination of Julio César Moreno Pinzón.

This was  supported by the recruitment of around thirty gunmen with provided logistics by Carlos Andrés Rivera Varela, and Christian "La Gallina", in which the authorities include possible retaliation by Nemesio Oseguera for the attacks, with arrests and operations, that García Harfuch has carried out against their organization, as well as in the groups that are considered as their allies: the Tláhuac cartel, and Antiunión de Tepito.

So far, the authorities have not established a clear motive, except for revenge for the attacks against criminal groups in the country's capital and the CJNG; The rest of the lines of investigation does not specify what might have caused the attack.


  1. You know what, just legalize drugs. The cartels and violence will never be dismantled. It will never end.

    1. @10:50 you can't just legalize drugs!

      You have to legalize drugs
      take the profit out of the drugs!

      If there is NO profit in drugs, there will be NO supply and if there is NO supply there will be NO demand!

      It requires a complete paradigm shift, but it is possible!

    2. They will then move into more valuable areas such as kidnapping, sex trafficking and other Sunday atrocities - and I mean on a much larger scale than today. Much much larger.

    3. The mark of the beast (666) is going stop about 90% of the crime but life will never be the same again

    4. They will just start focusing more on extortion and human trafficking maybe even fake goods like union Tepic

    5. @1:40, 2:25 so just keep doing the same shit expecting a different result? Are yous LEOs?

    6. It's a pipe dream, to think that legalizing drugs will solve the Mexican crime problem. To come up with such a childish solution, just shows the ignorance one must have to the whole problem. Corruption is deeply rooted in the Mexican government and the police forces of every city. They sell the plazas to the highest bidders. Money changes hands and people become richer for it. So why mess with a good thing.

    7. @10:50 it's simplistic and naive to believe that legalizing drugs will somehow prove to be a silver bullet that will solve the issues regarding drug-related violence. In virtually every jurisdiction in which drugs have been legalized, drug trafficking, dealing, and consumption have continued. This is because people who use/sell/traffic drugs have already proven themselves to be incapable of following the laws and rules of society, and naturally they always tend to find the taxes/regulations imposed on legal drugs to be too much of a burden for their addictions and therefore many will continue to prefer obtaining their product from the black market. That's precisely why U.S. states that have legalized marijuana have not seen the tax revenue increases that were promised because so many marijuana producers/providers/users are not willing to abide by the regulations placed on legal weed. It's also why in places like the Netherlands where there is a distinction between "hard" and "soft" drugs, many jurisdictions have rolled back the lax policies on drug usage, and places with the most liberal drug laws like Portugal continue to vigorously prosecute drug trafficking and whose authorities have a strong partnership with DEA, because drug legalization is not the panacea that it is often made out to be. Btw, I'm not a LEO, just a citizen that actively resists the growing "group-think" in our society.

  2. IDK this story is convoluted in its reasoning regarding the supposed split. La Patrona must have been kicked out of the family since her children aren't being supported according to those reporters. Must be an "INFOBAE" article...JK.

  3. This mf don't play around!

  4. If there really was a split, we would be seeing Mencho hung out to dry. Don’t forget that he worked for Los Valencias since the beginning, starting with being their gofer.

  5. This article is just trying to cause news its bs in the video before in the video with menchos army you can clearly hear the hitmen give a shoutout to el 3 and mencho the cuinis and menchos are family abigael is like menchos brother

    1. You stole my words, plus if there was a split trust me jalisco would get worse than ciudad juarez, tijuana and nuevo laredo mixed together at their worse! These guys got money for decades of war

  6. If true it explains why Mencho has lost ground in Michoacán, plazas to CDN, and unable to full crush Marros cartel. This business is a den of snakes and eventually you’ll get betrayed. Como decía mi compadre Chalino “en fin todos alacranes otro les ha de picar”

    1. To CDN? Which plazas? lol

    2. Try cancun Veracruz currently fighting in zac and SLP

    3. I think Cancun or Acapulco? CJNG put a cartulina crying to the gov saying they switched sides on them

    4. Cjng first took Yucatan Peninsula from CDS who DOÑA Left worked FOR a few years BACK and now she's locked UP..
      Recently CDN entered that PLAZA that cjng paid FOR but government let THEM in TOO..
      MEXICAN governor in every STATE in 🇲🇽 are KNOWN to take MONEY from ANY CARTEL and switch if OTHER CARTEL pays MORE.. Those MEXICAN GOV officials are DIRTY rats that are money hungry and STEAL and take any money they can get THEIR HANDS on.. CJNG is still in that plaza but are UPSET because government let CDN in TOO

  7. Of course there was a rupture, there always will be with types of groups. Psychopaths and sociopaths are not known for their capacity to understand another's perspective.

  8. Did El Mencho marry his wife to get close to her brothers?

    1. In this business sometimes men do that. It's actually very smart, if you want to solidify your bloodlines and get backing from the top dogs. Mencho without the brother law connection, it becomes harder to climb the cartel ladder as a boss.

      In the Sinaloa cartel, lots of men marry daughters from fellow cartel men to solidify their bloodlines.
      As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water.

    2. Menchos sister was dating carlos rosales and then she left him for a valencia which started the rosales and cdg vs the milenio valencia cartel war that ultimately saw the valencias get expelled from michoacan. So the mencho valencia relationship goes deeper than just his wife being a cuini. Blood is thicker than water so i find it hard to believe the cuinis wld split from cjng. Also at this point we dont ecen know if erck valencia el 85 is with mencho or against mencho. If he is with mencho its sad to say mencho wont fall anytime soon unless the mexican gov goes after him for real.

  9. Ok I’ll admit these cjng are getting pretty powerful I have just received a top secret e mail from our great messiah z40 to send the Loch Ness monster over to Nuevo Laredo to hold the front lines


    1. Sicario 006... You are Not.

    2. No chinges wey.

      Mejor mandales libros para que estudien los estupidos. Que nisiquiera contar a de saber.

    3. 😂👏🏽😂

    4. 1:27 there you go! Now you are starting to sound like sicario 006! You only need to exagerate a little more, like the sinaloan corridos

  10. This is propaganda Mencho trying to shake off the heat and put it on somebody else. How come he hasnt put out a video like when el Abuelo split?

  11. Now the cartels of televisa and El America will be discovered to have orchestrated this, one more MONTAJE,
    (Staged Attack)...
    The truth is Harfuch created this "attack" even before he comisioned the "level 5+ amor" vehicle paid for by the mexican government for his pantominas...
    Of.course, harfuch did not think there would benquestions about his "wounds" and how he got them, the billetes did not get into the vehicle, and the .50 Cal Barrets were not used, apparently.
    Harfuch is a famous member of the genarco Garcia Luna Cartel along with many other very experienced evidencie planters who also stage arrests and crimes and murders of Garcia Luna's commanders who "knew too much".
    "Harfuch denies he worked with garcia luna" (says only 30 seconds, or minutes) not because he is a Judas but because the shit is on his face, and then he was chef of the federal police in Guerrero the night the federal police helped kidnap the 43 AYOTZINAPOS, which he denies too, and says he was anywhere near the state of Guerrero... like his grampa general Marcelino Garcia Barragán "the Butcher of Tlatelolco" died crying and denying his carnicería Tlatelolco...
    Harfuch's THICK ASS and beard also denies attacking peaceful federal police officers demanding their benefits and to retire from the corporación due to the government intenta to put them under military or former military commands where they were also promised no opportunities for promotions or seniority, Harfuch told them "o se joden o se chingan", after getting hired and promoted by higher under musterious "orders from somebody", harfuch is management who never worked a day as a police officer
    and i suspect Plataforma Slim behind the push to elevate Harfuch's corrupt ass to Sainthood, some say the positión of Mexico's first civilian Secretary of Defense is his goal...
    --I hope "Los Petricciolis" did not participate on this attack, why miss the oppertunitry of using that cartel name, also el Mochaorejas...wuuuh!!!

  12. CJNG and Los Cunis are two separate organisations..They have just been allied together from the start..One organisation deciding not to work with the other organisation happens all the time, just look at the sinaloa cartel..What is happening with CJNG and Los Cunis is that Los Cunis have always been the more polished organisation of the two having more money,political ties,whole sale buyers and having the better colombian contacts..What El Mencho and the CJNG brought to the table that Los Cunis could not match were sheer man power and strong militant cells that were willing to go into battle over turf and drug routes or when it came to protecting el mencho during raids(i.e. the downing of a military helicopter)..So both organisations working together made them very dominant and a fast growing cartel..Los Cunis were backing el mencho with vast amounts of money and drugs and mencho in turn supplied the american market with drugs(Sinaloa still today dominates the US drug market,but CJNG still non the less sells massive loads of drugs into the US Market),while Los Cunis dominates the European Drug Market and make much more money than CJNG does in the US drug market..So fast forward to this past few years and Los Cunis just decided they didnt need el mencho and CJNG anymore and created Los Deltas..Now Los Deltas are getting the same backing from Los Cunis that CJNG used to have and now does not..And not having that kind of backing makes a huge difference..El Mencho still has the man power as seen from yesterdays video,but does he have the wealth to sustain such man power now that Los Cunis isnt backing him?? only time will tell..but in my opinion Los Cunis are the ones who are in a much better position with much more money and many more political ties..i dont see Los Cunis losing a step..El Mencho on the other hand is gonna struggle being spread so thin without that huge amount of money and political protection that used to be flowing to him and his forces that is now gone with Los Cunis breaking away and taking it all with them..El Mencho days could be numbered..

    1. Cuinis is or was the most profitable cartel because they didnt take any big hits and because they were the least violent. War costs money.

  13. Los cuinis still with CJNG

  14. Los deltas son el grupo del cjng que eran los que dan los levantones y las ejecuciones, y ya sub grupos como los huachitos en su momento el grupo armado que tenia el 04


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