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Friday, July 3, 2020

Jerécuaro Guanajuato : 5 police killed in attack, 2 wounded

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Reforma

Five Guanajuato Public Security police officers were shot to death this Friday in the Municipality of Jerécuaro.

The justice institution revealed that the attack on the Apaseo El Alto-Jerécuaro highway also left two female officers of the Single Command with gunshot wounds.

"In the face of this, the criminal attack perpetrated by members of Organized Crime, the Secretary of Public Security of the State reiterates that this attack will not go unpunished, which is why at the moment it supports and contributes to everything necessary before the competent authority for the total clarification,  of the facts but also so that all the weight is applied against the alleged perpetrators, "reported the State Public Security.

"The cowardly acts were registered this morning on the Apaseo el Alto-Jerécuaro highway, at the height of the El Chamizal community, when calls to the 911 system reported detonations by a firearm there."


  1. Lmao AMLO should just resign.

    1. Forreals! Guy is absolutely clueless. He spends more than half of his time in office at his morning press conferences lol

  2. Ah, pero ahi andan de calientes metiendose de polesias.

  3. Open hunting season on crooked cops on GTO

  4. Cowards cowardly killing corrupted cowards

  5. Yes and thank you. A couple of you followers sent the vids in. there are 3 parts with 2 already up on TY but on FB it is in full...however I began listening and taking notes and my computer crashed. I am not sure I have time to check it out agin but will try over the weekend.

    If any of you have time please help us. CHeck out the video and send an overview of what is said. not sure the authenticity but what I heard sounds interesting.

    send via comments or email

    I may not be able to access internet tomorrow ...again. so I am posting as mujch as I can today.............Paz

  6. I wonder who is el comandante P2?

  7. Hombre del overol
    ty for the other video. i will see if someone can see it and give an overview but today is holiday in the states so may be difficult.

    so 19 is commuicating over the radio that they have negro aza but they are giving him another chance. this goes into the story that negro was kidnapped and jumped sides.....very interesting. the negro in the VERY short video does look like the image I was sent. so it all fits.

    1. It is like a soap opera, and Marro is the one keeping it going. Crazy perhaps, but he is local and the population will never support outsiders.


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