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Friday, July 17, 2020

Former Pemex Chief lands in Mexico from Spain but is admitted to hospital not prison

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that if the investigation of Emilio Lozoya reaches the former President Enrique Peña Nieto, he will not stop it

After a stopover in Canada, the extradited former PEMEX chief landed in Mexico at 46 minutes after midnight, where there began a media blitz of images and video footage of a convoy traveling to a Mexico City Prison.

However, the Attorney General's Office transferred Emilio Lozoya to a hospital to be treated for anemia, esophagus problems and “general weakness”.

According to officials from the Federal Government and the Federal JudicialAgencies, the former director of Pemex was not in the convoy that this morning that traveled from the FGR hangar at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) to the North Prison, apparently as a decoy.

Lozoya was never admitted to the prison and rather was transferred directly from the AICM to the hospital.  Meaning the press followed the convoy of four trucks assuming they were escorting Lozoya.

Here is the word:

"The FGR medical expert carried out the corresponding physical and medical review of Lozoya and found he had developed anemia and painful esophagus problems, as well as general overall weakness, for which he was admitted to a hospital.” Said the A.G.

“The family was given permission that a private doctor also examined Lozoya, which the same diagnosis was made. Due to these facts, the Federal Public Ministry ordered his transfer to a hospital, where he will remain as detained under strict police surveillance. "


  1. What's that smell? Mexican corruption? reminds me of La Chucky who never actually spent a night in prison. Surely that cannot happen in this case. Right?

    1. No doubt. Blatant corruption.

    2. Duh sick folks aren't allowed on commercial fights!
      Obviously commercial or why routed through Canada! Flight number?

    3. It was a Bombardier Challenger 605 plane of the Attorney General's Office (FGR) that flew to spain and picked him up.

    4. so, why routed through canada???? according to your report?

    5. I wondered the same...WHY?

    6. Chivis it still doesn't smell as much as Chicago corruption

    7. I mean this in seriousness bc with the Mex gob who knows...
      Do you think they even brought him to Mexico? Could he be at a Canadian hospital? Or none at all, wouldn't surprise me.

  2. Pinche almo es un titere

  3. My blood boils when I hear about these corrupt little weasels. They are the worse of the worst down there with pedophiles. God forgive him and his family for they will suffer on the other side.

  4. PAT on the BACK for stabbing Mexico in the BACK.. That's the reason MEXICANS are poor, BECAUSE of FILTH such as HIM who ROB the PEOPLE MONEY.. Every RANCHITO to cities to STATE are ALL to GET rich of the funds intended to go to THE PEOPLE.. 🇲🇽 sucks and THAT'S why there is so many migration to U.S and AROUND the 🌎

  5. Some “higher ups” had to have a little discussion with him first, much easier in the hospital!!

  6. This asshole is going to empty out his hidden bank accounts and assets to someone that is going to extort him and he will still end up in jail

  7. Give the MONEY back to the peoples of Mexico
    Dam it If these ass hole stop stealing from the people the farmers nurses schools etc
    No one would want to leave Mexico
    People of Mexico Demand to STOP CURRUPTION


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