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Sunday, July 12, 2020

"El Vicentillo" son of El Mayo, is denied Covid-19 release request

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Mexico City.-  Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla “El Vicentillo” was denied freedom by a court in Illinois, United States, who had requested it by means of a motion.

The son of  Ismael  " El Mayo "  Zambada García  had argued through his defense that he was in danger from the  Covid-19 pandemic, for which he had requested that the reduction in a sentence be transferred into an immediate release.

The United States authorities   indicated that no extraordinary and convincing reasons were established to justify their request.

Zambada Niebla  was captured in March 2009 and  in 2019 he was sentenced to 15 years in Illinois federal court.
In February 2010, he was extradited to the United States, where he eventually made a deal for a favorable sentence, witness protection for information.  He testified against El Chapo whom he kept referring to as "My compa Chapo". 

The son of  “El Mayo Zambada” is expected to serve his sentence until 2024, the year in which he could be released.


  1. man this story is all over the place....below are two quotes that confuse the hell out of me....

    "Zambada Niebla was captured in March 2009 and in that same month, but in 2019 he was sentenced to 15 years in Illinois federal court."

    "The son of “El Mayo Zambada” is expected to serve his sentence in 2024, the year in which he could be released."


    1. The 15 year sentence don't start from when he was sentenced bruh it's starts from 2009

    2. Being in jail since 2009 and sentenced to 15 years in 2019 is not a problem in the land of the free. He got credit for being incarcerated since 2009

    3. I believe he has sentenced for 15 years but the years he had already served in prison counted towards that sentence?

    4. 2009-2024 is 15 years, time starts the day your in custody. He will be out by next year if dude wasn’t catching write ups in his protective custody unit

    5. 10:52
      Captured march 2009
      Sentenced march 2019
      Release date 2024
      --Good behavior mat get him out sooner if the Fat Lady sings so.

    6. It mean he has 10 years time served so he has 4 years to go which is the 2024 release....what are you confused about

    7. yes 1:45 that is correct

      and he will go into the witness protection program. He comes out a millionaire with the money he and his family were allowed to keep. His family were moved to the U.S. by U.S. government as part of the program.

      No one has ever been killed after going into the program

      Witness Security Program or WITSEC gives a particiapant new identities. Rules of the program is: Must not make contact with former associates or unprotected family members. They also must not return to the town from which they were relocated.

      a story of a girl, MS13 member who didn't follow the rules:

    8. i have read that there has been cases of people in the program that have been killed, not speakig of cases based only in the USA, but just a few cases that involved low level criminals from Mexico, and in every case case that the protected witness was killed was because they did not followed the rules. Most thought that adter a while they where safe, couldnt handled a new life away from everyone and everything they knew and started talking to family and friends again and even went back to Mexico.

      what people dont understand is how hard it is being a protected witness. they think they move away change their name get money and thats it. one, starting all over is already hard enough, in a new place surrounded by new people. and second you gotta realize, understand and accept that youre pretty much dead to your friends and family, theres no going back, youre a new person ,your past family is no longer your family is no longer your family your friends are strangers you never met
      and another thing is hard to start under a new identity and many jobs aint easy many things to apply for isnt easy either as this new person doesnt have a background, records to look up for reference or things like that. the government helps to get a new start but theres alot it doesnt do and its up to you to figure out.

    9. He will most likely end up in Pico Rivera with serafin

    10. Chivis i was actually locked up in the feds with one of the kids who killed that girl. He did 8 years and decided to start snitching and went to witseg. One of the other ms members said he was offered citizenship to tell.

    11. 12:25 that's crazy! So dude decided to do the exact thing he helped murder a young girl for doing? Seems like everyone is sooooo tough... until faced with never leaving a cell.

  2. All that snitching and he still ain’t gonna be free?He got the shitty end of the stick look at Sammy the bull and the rainbow haired rapper it helped them

    1. Pleading guilty to charges does not mean snitching...
      Fighting the Charles in court may lead to freedom like OJ's or to a life behind bars, without parole por hijo de la chingada.
      --You gamble with YOUR life.
      --Other grown men may chose not to gamble more with theirs

    2. 2:45 pleading guilty to charges without talking to the feds is called doing a SOLID. Pleading guilty while also helping the FEDS take down cartel operations in the US and also testifying in court against his fathers Compadre El Chapo, well that’s just straight snitching to save his own ass. To the average citizen not involved in crime, his actions could be considered “heroic” for standing & testifying against the head honcho of the cartel.
      But to his crew and former allies he’s a snitch & ratta.

    3. @2:45 he testified in court again chapo and other he snitched.

    4. He did snitch on chapo in court. Hence the witness protection

    5. 245 no but testifying against another criminal is snitching pendejo

    6. nope, snitching didnt get him an early release but he still got a good deal. He was facing life in prison. If he would've kept his mouth shut, he would be there for life but snitching got him a 15 year sentence instead, and he has 4 more to go before being released, thats a huge difference,so of course no early release since thats already a huge break.

  3. Good NEWS. but he will be out SOON anyways if he behaves he could GO out in parole and be out in a YEAR or TWO with good behavior
    He's practically ALMOST OUT

    1. There is no good time on a federal beef.

    2. You have to serve at least 85% of your time. So yeah you can be released a bit early.

  4. The rainbow haired freak is nowhere on the level of this guy, Sammy the Bull put an end to New York City violence by Gotti & brought down the organization and it’s structure as the number 2 man
    El Chapo had many high level Columbians & El Mayos brother( El Rey) testifying as well. So the Government probably used that as leverage in there negotiations for his Plea Deal. & he got a great deal for who he is. He could of joined Chapo in ADX for the rest of his life but now serving 15 yrs or possibly less with good behaviour.

  5. Typically, with good behavior time and release into a half way house, a Federal prisoner will serve 80 percent of their sentence. Doing the math, 15 x 80 percent equals 12 years. Vincentillo has 11 years already completed. It is not that far of a reach to ask for early release in the light of a pandemic. Specially when prisons are recognized as Hot Spots of the virus spread. Vincentillo was not given a death sentence. Which is a real possibility in a close proximity prison environment.
    I vote to release him.

    1. I vote for him to slip and fall
      and break his neck
      Makes me sick to think of crimes and shit he has committed and to get only 15 teen yrs
      He talked He made a deal
      Chapo was the Jewel for the feds
      No more deals for these guys
      I hope his family is stuck in some cold horriable place

      In my book of Justice Chapo would be hung This guy would hang next to him
      Familys go back where they came from if they were not in the drug trade If they were in the drug trade etc They do their time if they ordered any killings they also hang Period

      Too many deals made FBI DEA should not rely on these pigs to sing in court to make their cases. ONCE free this garbage
      still have black hearts and minds

  6. this man lasted 10 years in prison before getting a sentence which was based on his cooperation mostly against Chapo. He was arrested and extradited years before Chapo and still didnt received a sentenced until Chapo was arrested for the last time and extradited almost as if they already knew Chapo was gonna fall and they where just waiting on that in order to continue with vicentes case. If Chapo wouldnt had fallen, would Vicente still be without a sentence? or have already been sentenced without that 15 year deal he got?

    either way sitting in a cell not knowing how long you'll be there, waiting, wondering daily how much time will the judge say not having a clue for a whole 10 years, must be crazy.

  7. Im very curious to see if he follows with the Witness Protection Program or decide to go back once he sees him self free. Maybe he will follow it for some time and then decide to give up on it and go back. It was easy for Chino to make that choice, if he wasnt as powerful as zambada and yet still felt confident enough, I see no reason why Vicente wouldnt feel confident that being Mayos son would allow him to go back and be under his fathers protection.

  8. If he was to abandon the witness protection program and decide to return to Mexico, this could probably be what really starts a Zambada vs Guzman war that we expected from the current Ruso VS NiNi problems but didnt happen. Vicente did infact snitched on Chapo and contributed to his life sentence so its normal for Chapitos to feel angry if he returns, or maybe even by the fact that hes out. This is when we will really see who has more power and calls the shots. If the Chapitos dont do shit or say anything and are ok with zambada being out or even if he returns, then we know Zambada is who calls the shots.

  9. Will the real Vicentillo please stand up.

  10. The First Step Act (FSA) is a law, signed on December 21, 2018, with provisions that impact Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmates and their families. The law:

    gives judges greater latitude in imposing mandatory minimum sentences,
    allows inmates to earn increased good conduct time,
    increases BOP recidivism reduction programming to address inmate's needs,
    offers earned time credits for completion of recidivism reduction programs and/or productive activities, and
    expands opportunities for inmate placement into residential reentry centers or home confinement.

    It is now 54 days per year [15%]

  11. Lol he wants to be set free because of the virus, should have not killed people, time to pay the price.

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