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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Audio: Payoff in exhange of freedom for José Ángel Casarrubias Salgado aka Mochomo after his arrest in Iguala 43 case

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Update: Judge was "suspended today.....
The mother of the Guerreros Unidos leader brokers a deal on audiotape.  Money in exchange for her son’s freedom.  He was freed, then recaptures, now a new federal order says he will be free again.  Just like his brothers.

José Ángel Casarrubias Salgado, (el Mochomo) was arrested on June 29th for his role in the kidnapping and death of 43 normalistas (student teachers) in Iguala Guerrero. 

He is the alleged leader of the Guerreros Unidos criminal group, in Metepec, State of Mexico. “GU” is based out of Guerrero and are pointed to as being responsible for the disappearance of the 43 in the Iguala case in 2014.

Federal government officials reported that elements of the Federal Ministerial Police complied with the arrest warrant issued by a federal judge for his probable responsibility for the crime of organized crime.

They transferred “El Mochomo” to the federal maximum-security prison in the Altiplano, in the State of Mexico.

José Ángel Casarrubias is the brother of the former leaders of Guerreros Unidos, Sidronio and Adán Zenen, who were detained and released in the last administration by the events of Iguala. In both cases the release was ruled because of legal process irregularities.

In an audio the mother of José Ángel spoke to the family lawyer about delivering something in exchange for her son's freedom. Reports of how much was delivered say "millions".

“As we are, giving and giving. We don’t want to look bad.", you hear the woman say on the footage.’ We are serious people. We will not look bad.", she added.

The attorney answered; “They're going to let us know what time it's signed, if the judge already signed it and the exchanges are done.”

“Come on, we're already on the phone! Would you present the minutes in which release is already signed?”, the woman asked.

“He will inform us what time he's signing tomorrow. When he advises us, I'll let you know.” the lawyer answered.

On July 1st he was released.

Socorro Castillo, Second District Judge in Federal Criminal Proceedings of Toluca, ordered Casarrubias to be released for lack of evidence for organized crime, but was recaptured with another arrest warrant.

Subsequently, the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) determined that, in the release of Casarrubias, by the Second Court, there were bribes for several million pesos.

Wait….not over.

On Monday night, A federal judge granted a provisional suspension to José Ángel, the alleged leader of GU and who apparently linked to the disappearance of the 43 normalistas.

This was granted by the third district judge for the protection of criminal matters in Mexico City, Augusto Octavio Mejía, ruled that the arrest was carried out illegally. Therefore, he urged the FGR to release him or send him to a criminal judge within 48 to 96 hours

 This is a go-to legal tactic judges use to release narcos. Those that can afford bribes.

Despite the suspension and release being granted, he will remain in custody at the Federal Investigation Center of the FGR, since a 40-day arraigo order was imposed.  This must be completed before he is released.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador claims that there is progress in the Ayotzinapa cases, with this detainee who is key is the case to know the truth of what happened to the 43 normalistas. There have been scores of arrests in the case and no one brought to justice, all quietly released.

Yes, I know, confusing, and outlandish Mexican injustice.

Note: One of the brothers, Carlos Salgado, worked as a bodyguard for Maria, the mother in law, and mother of the Iguala mayor and his wife, Jose Luis Abarca and Maria de Los Angeles Pineda.

Use this link to read details of the ends being connected.  The mother-in-law was kidnapped and in her interrogation video, she is asked who funded the campaigns of the mayor and that of Guerrero Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero.  (Aguirre was governor from  January 2011, until 2014 when he resigned during a funds scandal and the investigation of the 43 case). 

She answered that both were funded by Arturo Beltran Leyva (BLO).

She also said that the governor is the cousin of Victor Hugo Aguirre Garsol, one of the founders of Independent Cartel of Acapulco.  The Independent group is a splinter group of BLO.  After the death of Arturo Beltran, there was an internal struggle for control, between Edgar Valdez alias ‘La Barbie’ and Hector Beltran Leyva.  This resulted in Valdez and his loyalists leaving and creating their group.


  1. Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch is being accused of orchestrating his ambush and of being an old hand at it, he practicado all of it before then he served genarco garcia luna during the FECALATO.
    THEN HE SERVED EPN as federal police chef in Guerrero when 43 Ayotzinapos were disappeared by his federal police and military, but who qould the Guerreros Unidos have Harfuch's phone number and why would harfuch get this "mochomo" released?...
    People say his own police staged the attack 9n harfuch, who also served Luis Cárdenas palomino, see Cárdenas Palomino's Expediente Secreto on YouTube..

  2. The casarrubias also had a relationship with argentinian carlos Ahumada Kurtz who trafficked on Guerrero Uranium and whose phone # the Casarrubias has also.

    1. The mother and father of the pineda villas María de Los Ángeles de Abarca and her brothers was kidnapped and their father too, by the BLO, they were released but one or two brothers got killed...i never read anywhere the mother of José Luis Abarca, the former mayor of Iguala was involved on any of this.

    2. María de Los Ángeles Pineda Villa de Abarca used to go and meet governor Ángel Rivera in a secret house, she used to be banged by Arturo Beltran Leyva and governor rivera, she wanted to become mayor of Iguala.


    3. the part about Arturo could be true, as it came about in testimony of el Grande. but he said he 'thought' it happened
      .....👀...once at a Christmas party in Cuernavaca when the mayor did not attend.

  3. Dirty judges should be hanged for treason. Putos traicioneros. Los policías y militares perdiendo la vida para capturarlos y los juez corruptos los sueltan.

    1. This. Mexican judges will get the rope first.

    2. De acuerdo. My respect for those police, military personnel, and all the judges staying true and standing firm no matter how hot it gets nor how much shit hits the fan...

    3. Entonces los policias no son coruptos? Wow no lo sabia, como le dije a mi primo cuando le sako hielo a un paquete que le ayaron a un malandro, "no que la marina no es corupta? La marina no, pero yo si🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. The Mexico City "Metropolitan Police" are heirs of La Hermandad Policiaca, the most corrupt police ever in Mexico, Harfuch usted them to infiltrate policía federal and demand they surrender to him and get under military comanders in the Guardia Nacional and to former about rank and salary and seniority in the Policía Federal, he also attacked the federales wit gas and batons for not alignin themselves with the new "guardia nacional".
      Harfuch is a Bullshit staging artist, who has done it again with his attack...

  4. And this is exactly why there is no justice in Mexico and never will be. Everything is for sale by every judge for the right price.

    1. Yeah and the judge not taking the money will take a bullet (or his wife/son/daughter etc will)

  5. I never cease to be amazed at the unbelievable corruption in the Mexican justice system. If Epstein had been in Mexico he would be a free man now. How can the Mexican judiciary get away with such blatant corruption? Is there not just one person in authority who can do something about this.

    1. There are plenty of people doing something about it: they pump those refusing the money full of bullets!

    2. Epstein got suicided by the shadow government officials he had dirt on, and him being in Mexico would have just made it all the easier to murk him, though they did do a bang up job in the NYC jail to kill him.

    3. Unfortunately, he's deceased.
      Many have lost their lives fighting for change. Political assassinations and the killings of municipal officials in Mexico rank top among other countries.
      Criticism & exposure against those " " aren't taken lightly. Hasn't been for decades now.
      Corruption exists with impunity everywhere. Just not as blatantly as Mexico. Chapos multiple prison fiasco escapes clearly demonstrate the magnitude of corruption.


    4. The status quo is the status quo for a reason

    5. Spoiler: Epstein is a freeman

    6. 9:41 Ghislaine Maxwell IS talking...she was Epstein's enabler and accomplice pimp.

  6. This is jaw dropping to hear even while knowing it exists.

  7. chivas you are on top of your game.

    This is another quality post that reaches into the cesspool of corruption and exemplifies how it is done. Corrupt lawyers and judges negotiate so confidently, not giving rise to a rejection of the offer. A done deal.

    To think in this one family of criminals, three brothers, leaders of a deadly criminal group were arrested for a unbelievable crime that drew global attention, but all three were able to buy their freedom.

  8. Is it fair to say things were much more stable in Mexico during the “Blood Federation”?

    It seems like things were quieter when BLO was expanding, on the behalf of CDS..

    1. BLO was never expanding,
      it was just getting fattened like a PIG before slaughter,
      and slaughtered it got, by the War on Drugs accomplices in government.


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