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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

8 CJNG Members Arrested in Veracruz

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from : Infobae/ unotv
The Secretary of Public Security of the state of Veracruz announced that they carried out the arrest of eight alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) , captured for alleged crimes against health, illegal carrying of a firearm and outrages against the authority.  

Those arrested by Civil Force personnel from that entity were identified as Andrés Emiliano "N", Francisco Javier "N", Pedro "N", Tolentino "N", Jonathan "N", Alberto "N"; Víctor Manuel “N” and Abigail “N”, who had weapons, drugs and tactical equipment at the time of their arrest .

Authorities also reported that these arrests were made following a report to 911 about gunmen aboard two vehicles: a Nissan Versa and a Ford-branded taxi number 2862, plates YAJ507A and A995XFC, respectively, found at the entrance to the Tajín residential subdivision, Papantla municipality.

The security elements moved to the area, however the detainees, noticing the police presence, escaped. At the same time that those in the taxi reportedly fired at the elements, so they were chased and intercepted in the La Victoria neighborhood, Kilometer 47.

Subsequently, according to the security authorities, the detainees were seized with four weapons: a 7.62 caliber ATM rifle, without registration; a squad type, Colt brand, super 38 caliber, registration 120736; a 22 caliber, non-marking weapon and a Smith & Wesson 9-caliber marking, registration VCZ4610; four magazines, 44 useful cartridges, 386 doses of crystal meth with the CJNG legend, 91 doses of ecstasy, 60 doses of cocaine, 27 doses of marijuana, 1,500 kilograms of marijuana and tactical equipment. The detainees and the insured were placed at the disposal of the competent authority for the corresponding inquiries.
In addition, the SSP of Veracruz emphasizes that these actions take place within the framework of the "United for the Construction of Peace" program, in which the secretariats of National Defense (SEDENA), Navy-Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) and Security participate Public, along with the National Guard (GN).

This is the second arrest of alleged CJNG members in Veracruz in less than a week.

Last Tuesday, July 21 , the  Veracruz Public Security Secretariat confirmed the apprehension of six alleged members of  the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel  in the municipality of  Oteapan.
The detainees were then identified as Alejandro “N” alias “ El Perri ”, José Luis “N” alias “ El Chupas ”, Édgar “N” alias “ El Iglesia ” or “ El Bubulubu ”, Víctor José “N” alias “ El Rapper ”, Pedro Alberto“ N ”alias“ El Chirris ”or“ El Chiro ”and Manuel“ N ”alias“ El Carnes ”.

According to the official version, these people were seen circulating on board a  van  in the  Oteapan-El Porvenir highway section  and pointed out that the men were armed, which is why they proceeded with the arrest.

It should be remembered that last Friday, July 17, a video appeared on Twitter and WhatsApp  in which an undetermined number of alleged CJNG hitmen are shown with armored vehicles, tactical equipment and high-caliber weapons.

In the audiovisual material you can see at the beginning an  armored truck of the so-called "monster"  that impresses with its dimensions. In the past, other cartels such as Los Rojos and criminal cells such as La Tropa del Infierno, have already tried to show muscle with these types of trucks to which they add armor and accessories to give the impression of being military tanks.

After the images went viral, many 4T detractors criticized President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's "hugs, not bullets" policy ; However,  the head of the federal executive said that he will not stop fighting the causes of the violence.

He also presented the analysis of the  clip , where he asserted that no war will be declared on organized crime, as in the past; however, it does not rule out judicial persecution against antisocial practices.


  1. Este es el grupo elite del señor gallina

  2. "outrages against the authority" LOL


    1. 8:23 actually it is funny 🤣🤣😂😂🖕

    2. Rueben and Jessica are done. When your dad ‘thinks’ he’s a bad a** , watch how they get treated. Mencho has no authority, absolutely zero. He has a bunch clowns running around with their tactical gear on forgetting it’s not Halloween yet. CDS run Mexico and this industry. Mencho is soft.

    3. Someone is big mad

    4. 6:48 one thing you said is right "cds runs all over mexico" when they see any rival cartel, and when i say any cartel i really mean any and every cartel

    5. Jessica and el Menchito won't be in prison forever.
      The are not the first Juniors to receive a few ill gotten laundered millions from daddy, and daddy did not make his money from government largesse for Corporate Welfare Queens with excrementicious poolitical ties, better luck next time Murky Marc.

  4. If they are cjng they should have been shot. CJNG are baby killers

  5. Where have you been, they have been called Baby Killer Cartel, over a year ago, they kill anything that moves. Government receive bribes that they look the other way.

  6. Again.....why arrested? Found dead to Covid 19.

  7. Let this guys go they ain’t done nofin

  8. Veracruz's finest...
    Said no one.

  9. 5:38 and you are an absolute pendejo for wrongfully insulting the first mexican Presidente the mexicans have elected in the last 38 years,
    --AMLO still has more support than all the last 5 presidents put together, go tell your mama.

  10. 5:04 your lips ALMO has done nada to lower the criminals homicides, he has been in office more than a year, he is an enpt president, your blind as a bat.

  11. 9:13 Inept Commenter, compare AMLO's fight against corruption and corrupt políticos to before he arrived to power.
    Those politicos were in cahoots with the cartels and murdering innocent people and cartel members and stealing from Mexico and selling the country and assets cheap to all comers, AMLO IS NOT GETTING CRIMINALS MURDERED BY GOVERNMENT FORCES, and if they want to kill each other that is a state problem, or municipal, not a matter for the Executive.
    --By the way, you can't even learn to write the name right, AMLO, for Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador....not "ALMO"

  12. 9:13 jajahaha que pendejo estas piensas que estas biendo plaza sesamo o que pedo? ALMO? Jaja nomas te falto la E al principio ps que dijiera ELMO


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