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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Veracruz: He survived the attack that killed his father, CJNG leader Francisco Navarrete, but he was killed in a second attack

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus La Silla Rota

Francisco Navarrete Abraham survived the attack on May 29 last where his father and 6 others died in the YemanYa room

Xalapa, Ver. - Francisco Navarrete Abraham was shot to death on June 7 inside a van on Federal Highway 145, in the municipality of Tierra Blanca.

The young man was the son of Francisco Navarrete Serna, the alleged leader of the Jalisco Cartel who was also shot on May 29 along with six other people during a private concert at the YemanYa bar.

In 2016, Navarrete Abraham, his father Francisco Navarrete , alias "El Primo" and Junior Alarcón, were arrested and charged with organized crime under criminal case 45/2016 and linked to the forced disappearance of five young people from Playa Vicente committed on 11 January 2016, during the government of Javier Duarte.

However, on August 3, 2019, Francisco Navarrete and his father left the Gómez Palacio maximum security prison in Durango, due to “errors” made by the then Attorney General of the Republic.

According to the Zona Info TB website, the young man was attacked by armed people who surprised him in his champagne-colored Toyota van,  on the edge of the federal Tinaja-Ciudad Alemán highway.

A source told this newspaper that Navarrete Abraham was with his father on the night of May 29, where there was an attack that killed seven people. He was in the restroom when the attack occurred.

The source says, "When he heard the detonations, he left the bathroom and jumped a fence. Later - when the area was cordoned off - he returned smoking a cigarette and spoke with other survivors."

On June 1, Governor Cuitláhuac García said that the events where seven people lost their lives and two more were injured are being investigated. However, he attributed the attack with settling of accounts between criminal groups.

Those killed: Two members of the musical group La Calle, a keyboard player, a young businessman and a former municipal official, were the five collateral victims in the attack in which Francisco Navarrete alias “El Primo”, an alleged leader of  CJNG was killed in Tierra Blanca ..



  1. So sonnyboy is in the head when the sh!t starts. Then he climbs out a window and jumps a fence. First off if narcos are tryin to kill your father and you lam it leaving others behind to die and only shows up when the police were on site. I assume by the story and pictures of jrs dad being armed and runnimg off stage with a pistol in his hand. I see it as the kid goimg self protection leaving his compadres and his father to fight on with out him. Then hs drives around in a champagne colored vehicle. Much harder to track if junior drives a white van or a green van....ya get my drift. At least now father and son can burn in hell together foreveeerrrrr

    1. Awesome point of view. I didn't know anything about the situation or that young man.


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