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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Unbridled Drug Violence: New Confrontations in Teloloapan, Guerrero

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                               Confrontation in Teloloapan leaves an injured police officer.

Security elements were shot to death by civilians, and a state police officer was wounded; he is in stable condition after surgery.

Two people, in possession of weapons, ammunition, a grenade, tactical equipment and four vehicles, were secured yesterday in different actions, in the municipalities of Cocula and Teloloapan, as a result of an operation in which the State Police, the Mexican Army participated. and National Guard.

There was a confrontation between armed men and community police from Tecampana in the community of Mextitlán, in the municipality of Teloloapan , hence the Iguala-Cocula highway was closed for one hour at the height of the community of Metlapa.

According to local residents, around 6.30 in the morning, in the Metlapa community, a group of armed men intercepted the vehicles and then put them across on the road and blocked the passage to Iguala. Video next page:

About two hours later, a contingent from the National Guard , the Army , Ministerial Police and State Police , as well as a helicopter from the Secretary of Public Security , arrived at the scene.

During the tour of the security forces, shootings were reported and a state police officer was wounded, while unofficially there is talk of a detained person.
However, it was in the afternoon when the Secretary of Public Security of Guerrero announced that at 07:00 on Thursday, an emergency call was received to 911 , alerting of the confrontation between two groups of civilians  at a point of the federal highway of Mextitlán.

Guerrero lives in a state of perpetual war. Elements of the National Guard, State Police and Army of this region were attacked on Thursday by an armed group. A uniformed man has been wounded in the shooting.

The authorities confirmed that a confrontation between criminal groups led to the deployment of the armed forces, which upon arrival in the conflict zone were shot and wounded, and a member of the Ministry of Public Security was wounded.

The events occurred in Mextitlán, a municipality of Teloloapan , where alleged members of Los Tlacos and Guerreros Unidos were shot to death, for which residents of the community notified the authorities.

The spokesman of the Table for the Construction of Peace in the entity, Roberto Álvarez Heredia, indicated that the health status of the elements was stable , meanwhile the Sedena corporations and personnel remain at the scene to avoid more fighting.

Guerrero is a mosaic of regional conflicts. At least 40 armed groups - including community police - dispute the control of the entity. A document from the José María Morelos y Pavón Center for Human Rights reports that violence is registered in all communities in the state, but it is most strongly concentrated in Tierra Caliente and the highlands.

The municipalities hardest hit by organized crime are San Miguel Toltolapan, Ajuchitlán del Progreso, Teloloapan, Coyuca de Catalán and Zirándaro.

Several experts warn that there are two main reasons why drug traffickers attack indigenous communities. The first, according to sociologist Aguirre Rojas, is because they want to be in control of where the drugs are produced. The second refers to the fact that in most cases, criminal groups have direct collusion with the State, so the State will let them do whatever it takes.

Also, the residents of the state of Guerrero have warned that the perpetrators of violence are not only the traditional actors , ie narcos, but also paramilitaries, state forces and municipal police participate. For this reason, the community members have reactivated the self-defense system, the autodefenses.

National Guard in the land of drug traffickers:

In recent days, the police force of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been overwhelmed by criminals in the “hot zone”. Just this Thursday a video was released showing elements of the National Guard ambushed by alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

The troops circulated through the site aboard two vans of the Navy and National Guard. Along the way, at least 10 vehicles of the hired killers were already waiting to attack them. Upon detecting law enforcement units, the criminals opened fire on them with assault rifles and .50-caliber Barret rifles.

Given the situation, the officers descended from their units and placed themselves in the rear to protect themselves. As witnessed by a video recorded by the uniformed personnel, they never stopped answering the gunshots of the gunmen.
Four elements were injured; however, two of them lost their lives there. Finally, the troops managed to withdraw the assassins.

Officers César David "R" and Néstor Daniel "S" died in the event , while uniformed officers Sheila Berenice "G" and Flavio Óscar "G" were taken to a hospital.

One person was detained, in addition to two AK 47 rifles, 7.62X39 mm caliber, a fragmentation grenade, 22 magazines and 318 useful cartridges.

Likewise, a pair of handcuffs, a pixelated military-style helmet, a pair of military-style boots, a military-style camisole, two military-style caps, a backpack, jewelry, and two tactical vests with 2 plates were located and four vehicles confiscated.

While, in another event, the Ministerial Police of the State Attorney General's Office located a compact vehicle without traffic signs at the height of the population of Tomás Gómez, municipality of Cocula.

In these events, the officers secured a man with a .09 millimeter caliber pistol with six useful cartridges, while the vehicle had a report of theft in Morelos.

The detainees, the insured instruments and vehicles were made available to the competent authorities.
The emergency call was attended by members of the State Police, accompanied by the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) and the National Guard.

He explained that, when arriving at the place, the officers were attacked by civilians with bullets, and in the event an injured state police officer was found; his status is reported as stable.

State police officers, in coordination with the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) and the National Guard, maintain aerial and ground surveys in the area of ​​the confrontation.
In a third event, the Ministerial Police located a compact vehicle without circulation plates at the height of the town of Tomás Gómez, municipality of Cocula.

Officers secured a man with a 9-millimeter caliber pistol, with six useful cartridges, and the vehicle was reported theft in Morelos state.

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