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Thursday, June 11, 2020

San Luis Potosi: 3 executed men and 5 narco messages in different parts of the state

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  AgenciasDeNoticiasSLP images from @vigilantehuaste

By 9AM there were the bodies of 3 murdered men, and a least 5 narco-messages discovered early today in  San Luis Potosí.   By  9 o'clock, the bodies and the narco messages were discovered in different parts of the state.

A few meters from the office of the PAN mayor of the capital, Xavier Nava Palacios, the bodies of two men were tied hand and foot, with visible signs of torture, with a plastic bag covering their heads and torsos.

Although municipal police officers sought to prevent journalists from taking photographs and video of the discovery, the news spread to the media, who spread the news.

Later, in the Juan Pablo II neighborhood, a man died from gunshots.


Graphic images below


at overpasses of the Río Santiago, Periférico and El Aguaje, Periférico and Prados, appeared narcomantas attributed to the Gulf Cartel, in which they warn that they started a  cleaning and send a warning to  "the filthy rats and kidnappers”, that  their time has come. " These messages also appeared in the municipalities of Charcas and Cerritos.


  1. When they say kidnapper. They mean like people trafficking kids or just another excuse to kill them?

    1. Etymology says it's old metaphor for stealing from your herd. Like stealing baby goats from a shepherd, secuestrado. Usually means adults for ransom money in English.


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