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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Problems with google account registration

I have received a few emails that BB followers have registered but their comments are not being posted.  

I asked that they send me a comment saying "Chivis this is a test"

Still not receiving the test comment.

I have asked that if this happens to delete the account and create an email to be used just for the google account.

That has not worked either.

I am at a loss as to what is happening. If this is happening to you please send me an email.  I would like to get an idea of how many times this is occurring.

Another issue is users thinking their email address is shown.  Only you see the email address no one else.  There has never been a case in my 8 years as blog administrator that an email address appears.  Clearly we would not post something like that.

Thank you!!



  1. mine works fine I think 👍

    007uk sacario number uno

  2. Chivis, I followed Borderland Beat from the very beginning and now you want us to register through Google to remain anonymous and comment on your website as someone who lived in Mexico and is an American I will never do it, the reason your site was so great it's because you could remain anonymous and comment you have gone the way of Twitter and the rest.... and I do not wish to have my email published with this I only wanted to let you know how I and I think many others feel

    1. No one single person's email is getting published... You are still anonymous... It just says unknown now instead of anonymous... That's it.

  3. does this show my email address???

  4. Dear worries it was not anything political being posted, we usually just ax that unless it is directly linked to the post.


  5. People...I will answer the emails sent to me but prob tomorrow. My daughters SoCal beach city was hit real hard last night. Long Beach.

    Can't concentrate very well. I hope where you are it is safe. Stay in, obey curfews, protest peacefully honor George Floyd's life by doing so. These are unprecedented times. Today my friends mother died of covid she is the first person I knew that died of it.

    She was in a nursing home. she beat many things including stage 4 cancer, had parkinsons but could not beat covid 19

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend and your daughter. Is she ok? It was nuts over here Chivis. Que DIOS bendiga a todos tus seres queridos. Que descanse en Paz tu amiga. Saludos y un fuerte abrazo desde Los Angeles- El Nemesis

    2. Hey Nemesis..
      She is fine. My autistic grandbaby was confused and sensory overload with the sirens and helicopters. Helicopters and sirens all night, she had to give Pickles the Yorkie a sedative ;)
      many of her fave stores gone for now. The Pike, downtown and the shores all very bad.

      ..I saw Santa Monica on the news...just awful.

      I saw antifas getting ready to break in a store and a little gal maybe 110 pounds peacefully protesting stood in front they threw her aside she went back asking them to please not ruin the protest with violence. They threw her and hit her. My daughter and friends say they are very organized, a group scouts first, another group follows breaking in and another comes to clean out stock. No lic plates.

      Paz Nemesis...stay safe my friend

    3. Chivis if it's not the Covid19 taking lives in America, it's the Antifa taking advantage of the protests to loot stores in broad daylight, yes I saw the young lady with a guy, he had a placard stating End all violence. It was surely coordinated, as you also had a guy throw her a soda bottle, unfortunately 2 hours later, that business got looted. I understand the protesters, but the looters are taking advantage of G. Floyd situation.

  6. Yea Chivis my son lives in Costa Mesa and even that little 'burb is having issues. I live in NYC and it is flat out insane here. First covid forced the closure of the subway for the first time ever (didn't even shut down after 9/11) and starting tonite the entire city is under curfew from 11p-5a. I wont get into specifics surrounding George Floyd's death. All i have to say is this. 9 minutes. How the f@ck do ya kneel on a persons neck for 9 minutes while 3 others stand by and do nothing!! 9 friggin minutes!! I set up a time clock on my phone and set it for 9 minutes. If you want perspective on this situation try it yourself. 9 minutes...Wow.

    1. Costa Mesa? wow. I heard Newport and HB are boarded up with 6PM curfew. I am thinking what the what?

    2. ok about the murder of George Floyd. Here is what is even more relevant. He is charged with 3rd degree...

      I believe it is first degree and here is why. I know it is a though climb but there was conscious intent to kill before committing the murder evident when the officer close to the killer bent down took the pulse prob after seeing George stopped moving. He announced "There is no pulse" the killer continued FOR ANOTHER 2.5 MINS!!! it is those 2.5 mins that made it first degree.

      All of those there should be charged. They did nothing to stop the actual killer.

      The killers wife filed for divorce.

  7. Mine never has worked...I used to try and post sicario006 for President! Does anyone remember that?!

  8. POSSIBLE FIX FOR I PHONE received this from frank:

    Hi Chivis,
    The issue with the Google sign in is browser related. I had the same issue and here is the resolution. Safari on iPhone is no longer a supported browser with Blogger, the underlining infrastructure. If I use Chrome on my iPhone the issue goes away. Hope this helps others.

    Sent from my iPhone

  9. This is a test comment. I followed Frank’s advice of using chrome while on an iPhone.

    El Fulano

  10. Hola, use NordVPN or build UCaaS platform with multiple decks to create Encrypted DIDs. Actually very easy and you can learn on youtube. Tor Browser or Brave very secure. Or just make up a gmail account and use Chrome to post on BB....100.


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