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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Oaxaca buries US teen killed by Mexican Police

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Below the anguished mother cries out "look what they done to my son!!" as she throws a cover off to reveal his dead body.." She says "He came here to play futbol, and look what they've done! My son was just getting something to drink because I had ordered a pizza for him and his friends. I was waiting for him at home. How can this be? They have destroyed me...."  Heartbreaking footage

Alexander Martínez Gómez is dead.

He was 16, an American Citizen, a resident of Willow Springs North Carolina.  He was passionate about Futbol, he wanted to become a professional player and wanted to play and train in Mexico, where he also had family.  For that reason, the family left N.C. and moved to Acatlan de Perez Figueroa, Oaxaca.

His mother said the group of friends had stopped to buy something to drink because she bought pizza for the group.

They were on the way to the house, all riding two on each bike, when shots rang out, this according to friends with Gomez.

Alexander and the friend riding with him on the bike were shot.  Alexander died instantly from a shot to the head, his friend who was also shot, survived.

The first story from the state prosecutor, the mother addressed to the press, “They said my son was carrying a weapon, that he shot himself. There are lots of lies,” she said. “I want the culprits behind bars. I want justice. I want them to pay.”

Later the official story changed.  Oaxaca state prosecutor (FGE) stated, “A shot was fired directly at nine youths who were riding on motorcycles (bikes also have been reported , and since he was at the front of the group of people, he died immediately.”

Virginia, Alexander’s mother reported that municipal police have gone into hiding, and that no one, the police, the state government, have apologized for the initial lies issued in an attempt to defame her son.

Alexander and his older sister Alexis, 19, were born in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The family came to the U.S. from northern Oaxaca, in search of the American Dream.

The father, Teodoro, worked in landscaping.  The family saved and were able to build a small home back in Oaxaca.

The family moved back to Mexico in order for Alexander to fulfil his dream. At the time of his murder, Alexis had moved back to North Carolina.

Alexander attended college in Veracruz.  He received a full scholarship and played semi-pro with Rayados de Tierra Blanca, a third division affiliate of a pro team in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Another moving video of his teamates at the funeral.  The team allows Alexander to score a final goal.  A teamate "passed" the ball to the coffin, it bounces off into the net.  First cheers rang out, and then the sobs.


  1. That breaks my ❤️. These 🐖 COPS ALL HAVE GONE TO FAR

  2. Rip... My friend Also a U.S citizen who lived in México all his life was killed yesterday in México. Dep

  3. My deepest condolences to Her, The rest of the family and All affected by this tragic loss/situation! These videos are heartbreaking.

  4. Justice in México must start from the top, not the other way around. There are far too many mordelones who wish nothing more than collect their share of mordida from transito underlings.

  5. Oh, Dios Mio!
    Heartbreaking is right, that poor mother!
    I had already read the story but those videos, omg.

    1. Gurrrrrl....BOTH vids kill. I was sobbing watching the mothers video, intense, feel her pain. And when she throws off the cover to expose his broken body....

  6. I'm not defending the cops but possible mistaken identity perhaps?

    1. Yes the police thought they were ANOTHER group of kids who were just riding bikes and opened fire..I guess that explains why you shoot UNARMED kids,mistaken identity...smh

  7. Anyone that voluntarily returns to the murder capitol country of the world should understand the inherent risks involved. The police are corrupted. The judges are corrupted. The politicians are corrupted. It is a third world country run by narco bosses and the Mexican population just ignores their predicament. Sad.

  8. I never comment on this site but seeing poor child murdered by the police. I don't care where you are in the world you expect that when you come into contact with the police you are safe, now I understand that if your a criminal coming into contact with the police is a different situation, but if you've done nothing wrong the police are the last people you should be afraid of, but sadly that's not what's been happening these days. I hope this young man is in a better place now at least there's no more pain. RIP young man, and I hope the best for his family I hope they can find peace.

  9. Some people I know are close to his family here in the US.

  10. The Phoenix Police killed an innocent man a month ago. Two of the shots were in his back. The police need to stop killing people.

    Justice for Ryan Whitaker

    1. Wheres the Justice for Alexander M. Gomez, the prosecutor said he shot himself, talk about saving police, luckily there are witness , to show he was shot, for no reason at all. Lol the police are now in hiding.

  11. My condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. This is heartbreaking. Prayers to the family.


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