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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Gunmen Attack Family in Tamaulipas, Grandfather and Grandson Killed

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat (formerly "MX")
Mexican Army personnel arrive at the scene in Miguel Aleman Municipality
The narco-war in La Frontera Chica, a border region in Tamaulipas, left two people dead on Tuesday evening. In the rural community of Los Guerra in Miguel Aleman Municipality, gunmen attacked a family that was driving through a road.

They were driving back home from the hospital after Leonardo Benitez Tavarez, one of their family members, had died from natural causes. 18-year old Leonardo Benitez Cano and his grandfather Ricardo Cano Avila were killed, Miguel Aleman mayor Servando Lopez Moreno confirmed.

The teenager's mother, Guadalupe Cano, was wounded in the attack. Her daughter was also in the vehicle but she was not injured because her older brother shielded her with his body. Eye-witnesses said that the gunmen were on foot and attack them from the side of the road. After the shootout, the Mexican Army arrived at the scene and gathered the evidences. They safeguarded the transfer of the wounded passengers to the nearest hospital.
Paramedics arrive at the scene to attend the wounded
The mayor condemned the attack and asked Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to help bring peace to the area. He also condemned the organized crime groups that operate in La Frontera Chica. Since Monday evening, Miguel Aleman Municipality and the other towns in La Frontera Chica had multiple shootouts between rival drug cartels, as reported by several Twitter users in the area.

La Frontera Chica (also known as La Ribereña) is border stretch along Tamaulipas. In the context of the Mexican Drug War, it is a lucrative drug corridor currently under dispute by the Gulf Cartel (CDG) and Zetas faction Cartel del Noreste (CDN).

The CDN, based in Nuevo Laredo, is trying to expand east into La Frontera Chica, which has historically been controlled by the CDG.

It is not clear exactly where the CDN incursions are coming from, but Borderland Beat forum users stated that they are likely coming in from Mier (west of Miguel Aleman) or from Comales, a rural community in Camargo (east of Miguel Aleman).
The municipalities of Guerrero, Mier, Miguel Aleman, Camargo and Diaz Ordaz make up "La Frontera Chica"
The CDG commander in the area is Cesar Morfin Morfin ("El Primito"). There are rumors that El Primito has changed several plaza bosses in the area in efforts to push the CDN out of La Frontera Chica. A lot of the info about Miguel Aleman can be found in the Facebook group named "Los Bloqueados de Miguel Aleman 2", where users often post the latest updates in the area and rumors about the CDG/CDN.

Borderland Beat reported last week that the CDG faction in La Frontera Chica may be working with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). These rumors have been around since at least 2019 but the information is not officially confirmed.

In early June, Borderland Beat reported that at least 25 gunmen were killed in a rival cartel shootout in La Frontera Chica. A week later, five people (including two minors) were abducted from their homes during the night by unknown assailants.


  1. Is Comandante Viejito still active?


  3. Sounds like mistaken identify, fools were tweaked out, they shot at the wrong car, to the people that continue to insist, Mexico is safe...give me a break...these innocent people were minding thier own business and they get shot up.


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