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Friday, June 19, 2020

El Rama Zetas leader tells Semar human rights president is on the payroll

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat    Source

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas .- A video circulating on social networks shows Ramiro Pérez Moreno, alias 'El Rama', leader of Los Zetas, denouncing Jesús Raymundo Ramos Vazquez president of the National Commission of Human Rights ( CNDH ) of Nuevo Laredo , Tamaulipas.

In the footage, 'El Rama' reveals to elements of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) the arrangement he has with Ramos Vazquez.

Said pact consists of protecting, in exchange for money, members and relatives of Los Zetas and the Northeast Cartel (CDN), as well as organizing protests and filing complaints against elements of the federal forces.

Ramiro Pérez Moreno (A) "Rama" Leader of the Zetas, tells elements of the @SEMAR_mx how much he pays Jesús @raymundoramos Vazquez president of the @CNDH of #NuevoLaredo to make complaints against the federal forces, demonstrations, protection of the Z / Northeast Cartel.

Note: Long been knowledge of the corruption of this president.  Although the tweet doesn’t indicate the date, Rama was captured in 2015.


  1. That is 100percent true US and MEX govt know it Z40 and Ramas long used the Humanos Derechos to manipulate the press and both governments. It was so bad that they hid Valle Valle (In their offices) and others from Govt capture ops on several occasions.

  2. El famoso Comandante Rama y su 35


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